New Video Of Troopers Speeding Shows Growing Inter-Agency War

MIAMI (CBS4) – Recently released amateur video of two Florida Highway Patrol troopers apparently speeding down a highway appears to be the latest jab thrown at FHP.

CBS4 News partners Univision say the video was shot by an unidentified police officer, allegedly last Thursday on the Florida Turnpike and given to the press.

It appears to be a direct response to the video leaked last month of FHP Trooper Donna Watts pulling over and briefly detaining Miami Police officer Fausto Lopez at gunpoint for reckless driving while he sped to an off-duty job.

FHP Trooper’s Radio Calls Over Speeding Cop

Law enforcement sources say that incident caused major friction between the agencies, and the new video of the speeding troopers appears to be the latest in the slugfest.

Miami Police Chief Calls For End To Retaliatory Acts

Complete Coverage Of Miami Police & FHP Dispute

FHP Union President Bill Smith told CBS4’s Natalia Zea that his agency would investigate the speeding troopers, if the officer who shot the video would come forward with more information.

“Are your guys being targeted on the street by other officers?” Zea asked Trooper Smith.

“Well you start to get that feeling. You start to get that impression because troopers are not going out looking for police officers in marked cars or unmarked cars, that’s not our goal,” said Trooper Smith.

New Traffic Stop Adds To Tension Between Police & FHP

Rumors of street cops giving payback to FHP troopers abound, and in at least one case an FHP patrol car was vandalized.

Over the weekend, Miami City Commissioner-turned-trooper Joe Sanchez left his Miami home and later discovered his patrol car had human excrement all over the windshield and the side of the car.   Click Here To See The Pictures
It appeared to have come from a Port-O-Potty.

“I think it’s just some disgruntled employees of other agencies, hopefully it’s not the City of Miami, I don’t know,” said Trooper Smith, adding that the incident is still under investigation.

Despite this brewing battle, Trooper Smith says everyone behind a badge will help each other when it counts.

“They might glare at each other but I really honestly think they’ll be back there to back each other up.”

More from Natalia Zea

    Yup! the uneducated fools from Miami are at it again. Two thumbs up for the FHP!

    • Jack

      Wasn’t it the FHP that was writing tickets for an infraction that did not exist, i.e. flashing headlights to warn aproaching drivers of a speed trap. Hard to feel sorry for either group. Both are power hungry sob’s.

      • JWM

        I always give the flashing headlights warning to other drivers. Speed traps need to avoided and this helps. Remember, it is us against the police out there. So help out your fellow drivers by flashing your headlights. If asked by a cop, say you were just testing them.

      • 1Bullet

        Don’t remember this episode on the Andy Griffith show.

        Would Barney wipe poo on Andy’s car?

      • Splat

        Jack…try to stay on subject.

        ADHD much?

      • TONY

        JACK IS RIGHT..


    • Mike

      I cant believe the Trooper would act like that. Pulling a police officer in uniform from a marked police vehilce. And doing it at GUN point. Come on is the POLICE OFFICER really a threat. Its FHP acting out and needs to stop this kind of behavior from a Trooper

      • DrK

        The gun I don’t get but the rest is spot on. Do I get a pass if I get pulled over going 80 and tell the officer “Sorry I’m late for work?”. Then can I deface city property (your tax dollars at work) and act like 10 year olds instead of the law respecting employees of the city and state? Have you ever been to traffic court? It’s a kangaroo court with a 99% conviction rate. No matter if it’s a speed trap, no matter if your cruise control was on at 65 and he hit the wrong car, it’s always your word against his and you always lose. So I’m not shedding ONE tear for this jagoff and his buddies who think they’re above they law. They should all be caught and disciplined. WTF is up with our country?

      • above the law

        Police are extremely dangerous people. Not only will they speed 140 mph down the highway because they think they are above the law, but they will also shoot you in the face if you look at them funny…for the same reason.

        I’m just shocked that a cop would pull over another cop. Apparently she didn’t get the memo during academy that police are above the law and subject to no authority on Earth.

      • Steve Green

        Well this is the problem. The trooper says she wasnt sure if that was a cop behind the wheel or if the vehicle was stolen. Push the egos aside and think about it. She WAS correct in having her weapon out. If that cop had been on the side of the road somewhere and his unit stolen and in the hands of a criminal, what would we be saying about that trooper then?

      • JP

        Cops are probably the biggest threat to everyone’s safety in most communities, bullies with badges, cowards hiding behind guns. They are the ones most likely driving and talking on the phone , they are the ones most likely speeding without reason. They are the ones generating revenue. Almost all departments need to be renovated. Remember when a cop was your friend, someone you could trust, someone that was there to help, to protect and serve? Now they are just cops, the real threat…

      • Randy Bobandy

        Uhh, what about the cop doing over 120 while off-duty racing to a off-duty job in a county patrol car…… Endangering countless civ’s weaving in and out of traffic. Come on, everyone has seen these jack booted thugs doing this and finally someone with the authority to do something about it did. They should give this trooper a raise and promotion.

      • Brian

        How does the trooper know the person driving the vehicle is an officer? She had every right to think it was stolen. Cop car flying down the interstate without lights on, passing in the slow lanes, etc. The trooper did the right thing.

      • rich

        yeah big time threat. good job to that trooper. that cop that was speeding should be fired. period. and all those cop shows are a violation of peoples rights and being a cop isn’t a tv show or a game. it’s clear they don’t deserve any respect. clean up your act or we will beat that badge off of you.

      • Cyndi

        A few years ago there were two young girls in Illinois killed when an “on duty” police officer lost control of his vehicle while traveling over 110MPH to a non-emergency incident while texting & talking on the phone. The use of the gun may have been overkill, but good officers must keep us safe and if it takes his/her peers to force the issue, I’m all for it.

      • Allrise

        FHP is wrong on this one and that officer is a good example of what is wrong with a woman doing the job. The result is no respect for the fellow brother with the badge.

      • Chief Willie

        The cop was OFF DUTY and had neither lights nor siren on. He was clocked at 120 mph going to his OFF DUTY JOB !! The HighWay Patrol Office who pulled her gun probably thought no real policeman would have driven a patrol car that recklessly and the driver might have stolen the car. There are weapons in the car (shot guns, etc) and she wanted to be safe. This speeder should not have been using city property for his own, personal use and especially not in such a stupid and reckless manner. The State Trooper did her job in a commendable manner. It might have ruffled some Miami Cop’s feathers but……how many people did the idiot endanger with his 120 MPH commute???

      • Jim

        You sir are a fool. No one should be above the law. When that hero rear ends a family car and creates some orphans, who are we going to blame? The trooper apprehended an armed man who was acting in an insane manner. What his job is does not matter. What else was she to do? I think she should have had him face down and cuffed.

      • Mike D

        Police Officers are not infallable.
        if we just let police officers do whatever they feel like and recklessly endanger the lives of citizens. there are rules and laws, and when a police officer breaks a law (reckless driving, rape, battery, murder) they deserve to face the same consequences that any citizen would face.

      • Nick099

        Watts is a moron. I understand the speeding issue. If she wanted to pull him over and talk to him about it…whatever. But taking the guy out at gunpoint. What was her justification????? She appeared fearful when there was no cause and acted inappropriately, which in my opinion shows poor judgement under pressure. What if this was a real crisis that she was facing??? What if she was facing a speeding citizen who happened to be legally armed. Would she have raised the bar even further and used deadly force without provocation????? Something iswrong with her.

      • Deven

        I am with u on that

      • Get Real

        Mike, how does the trooper know it’s a cop driving the car. She stated that she thought it was stolen. My guess is that if you pull over what you belive to be a stolen cruiser, you approach with your gun drawn. I would have jumped to the saem conclusion if I saw a cruiser driver over 100MPH recklessly all over the road.

      • BettyO

        So, it is ok to use your position as an officer to break the law in order to get to a second job? Uhm… so then, tell any officer who pulls you over for speeding that you are on your way to a second job! Idiot! The officer???? was breaking the law and evading an officer. What part of it do you not understand? Are you stupid? No need to answer that, your comment shows it!

      • johnny5

        Guy was “late for work” so he drove Lights Off at 120+ mph, weaving through traffic, and didn’t pull over for like 8 minutes even though the FHP lit him up.

        Listen- cops don’t get a second set of laws. This “officer” wasn’t on official business. There was no emergency. You and I don’t drive 120 in traffic when we’re late for work. He was not in a Ferrari on an open road. He was in a Taxpayer-owned vehicle putting taxpayers at *significant* financial risk. What if he slammed a minivan full of kids and put the city on the hook for a multi-million dollar settlement? What if he killed your spouse, because he was “late for work”?


      • Brian

        They know that the car belongs to a Police Officer since their DMV record is flagged. Its a means of keeping an Officers home address also is reported to the Officer when they do a records check when pulling someone over.

      • Tony

        Yea you dimwit he must have over reacted the cop was only driving 120 MPH a real nice speed to run into your wifes car with the kids inside. The officer did the right thing and I applaud him.

      • John Gault

        Really, because the cops are so much better than a regular Joe? Maybe they don’t have to follow laws like we do.

      • Avenger

        It was a woman trooper. What else would you expect from someone with a chip on her shoulder trying to show she’s one of the big-boys?

      • Tom Palermo

        The police officer shouldn’t be treated any differently than an ordinary citizen who is speeding and driving recklessly. The officer shouldn’t be treated any differently than an armed citizen, His police department, should at a minimum, severely reprimand him, if not suspend or fire him!

      • Bill Jones

        Going 120 mph is criminal speeding. Not a civil speeding ticket.

      • Rick

        Police impersonators abound in the Miami area. In 11994, one actually went to another LE agencies briefing and was allowed to speak to an entire shift; some time later the imposter was caught and the duped agency was embarassed. I believe it was Miami PD or then Metro Dade PD.

      • John

        Troopers and off duty officers speed all of the time like the officer video of troopers speeding shows. That doesn’t make it right. But I believe that in light of this fact Miami officers expected some kind of inter agency courtesy.

    • DrK

      The FHS isn’t in the wrong here. It’s the dumb and dumber attitude of the city cops that’s the issue. Anyone involved in defacing a police car should be found and disciplined and fined for the amount of time and material it takes to fix it.
      I was in traffic court , the kangaroo court with the 99% conviction rate and was told there was NO EXCUSE for speeding (even though it was a speed trap) and got 20 dollars off a 200 plus ticket. Hundreds of dollars in higher insurance premiums. So why are we even defending someone who breaks the law while off duty?

    • CTorres

      Two words: Banana Republic

    • Craig Brockman

      You’re an idiot – ever think that IT WASN’T another cop? No, that simple deduction wouldn’t pass through your narrow cranium! F- FHP btw – and yes – I am NYPD Highway Patrol!

    • Mike D

      i see a lot of people who are on the local police union paycheck posting defamatory comments about the troopers. it is very obvious that miami PD is paying officers and unsworn employees to come here and smear the FHP.

      Thank you, unnamed FHP Trooper, for pulling over that miami officer who should be immediately fired, charged with felony endangerment, corruption, inappropriate use of police vehicle for personal gain, have his face posted in the local newspapers and never EVER be allowed to own a firearm or other weapon again for life. he is a danger to the public and deserves to be treated as such.
      if it were a black man pulled over by Miami PD for the same thing, the driver would be facing felonies.

    • gfugfyut

      If I got a $500 ticket from some cop, I think I would like to leave my personal trademark on his face, let alone, his vehicle.

    • Mark

      SHe was just being cautious. She KNEW he had a weapon with him and was speeding for a reason. For all she knew they car could have been stolen by someone.

    • Skeebo

      Turn about id fair play these cops break everyones else’s chops for the same stuff they do all the time, yet think they are above the law. Too bad

    • mark

      What I find so ironic is that they don’t want to be treated equally. . as they say many times. They break the law, blantantly, then want special treatment. Let me ask you. What if it was YOU in any of the instances. Jail my frined. These arrogant, ego starved bullies think they’re above the law and integrity died with the old phrase PIG “pride integrity guts”

    • one of them

      Is there a do not drive fast list I can get on so that when I call for help from a law enforcment agency they will take their time getting to me since I really hate seeing a cop speed, pass in the wrong lane, bust a light without his lights (probly going to a burglary in progress call and not wanting to scare the perp off but who cares) or parks their car all crazy while hurrying to help someone in need?

      • Ernest Sharp

        Going to a call is different from speeding to an off duty job. In the original incident, a cop was doing 120+ MPH because he was late for work, and then led the trooper on a 10 mile chase because he said that “I didn’t see you.”

        BTW- in Florida, it is illegal for an emergency vehicle to violate traffic laws, unless sounding a siren or displaying lights, so don’t play the “not wanting to scare the perp” card.

      • PhoneBill

        Yup, you are “one of them” if you can somehow justify ILLEGAL activities. There was no “burglary in progress” no “child endangered” no “drowning” no “man with a gun” in this situation. HAD there been, lights and sirens would have been applicable, HOWEVER, he was LATE, that’s it.

  • domingo


    • Randy Bobandy

      STOP YELLING AT US! Turn off your cap’s lock numb-nutz

    • Cavalryman

      Bienvenidos a Miami – after living there for seven years, it is good to be free of that cesspool. Does it shock me M-D cops would act like spoiled children caught doing something wrong? In a word, no.

      FHP is a professional organization, M-D not so much. Officer Lopez exemplifies M-D police officer behavior.

    • Craig Brockman

      Next time you’re pulled over I am sure you will immediately ask for a ticket!

    • qdc

      Childlike yes — and even more troublingly, these are the officials who wield guns against we the public — and we have nobody to protect us from them when they behave like this.

      • Chicago Nick

        That’s why we’re able to be legally armed. If we weren’t they’d be running roughshod all over the nation willy nilly with no fear whatsoever. SO when the cops don’t do the job we have to do it. I’m always locked and loaded up here in the Chicago burbs. I don’t leave home without it…



    • geoff

      Hey concerned citizen(cop) How about the other drivers put at risk when you meatheads are driving recklessly on our highways.YOU WORK FOR US! Do we get to drive a 120 miles an hour going to work when we are late?He could have stolen the car and the uniform. She took the right action.Would you rather something happens to her and then you can second guess her actions when she is left on the side of the road?You are not above the law. Lead by example. Quit the job if you don’t like it. We would all like the pensions and overtime and job security. Signed Your boss + Taxpayer

    • DrK

      OK Concerned Citizen. Maybe you could be a WEE bit concerned about those citizens who had to deal with that nutjob cop racing to his off duty job? There’s this little thing called the Rule of Law. Look it up.

      Concerned for a cop caught breaking the law more like it.

    • Willaim

      your lying little puck.. Have the guts to admit your Miami PD and don’t hide behind the “concerned Citizen” lie. A real concerned citizen would not want some corrupt A-hole endangering the public trying to get to his Moon Lighting gig at 120 MPH. Miami PD are proving the,selve to bhe a corrupt self centered oraganization. they need to clean house and hire some real protect and serve folks and get rid of the petty crooks tnat now take up the dept.. That includes you you lying dirt bag.

    • Jerry Riter

      How would feel if he were in the military???

    • MIke B

      First of all, the officer was not acting in a lawful way, nor do criminals. So if the shoe fits…but lets get back to the main point here. If the off duty cop was not driving over the speed limit, the two agencies would not be in this mess. I am a LEO and I am a firm believer we lead by example, not because we say so.. The off duty was not engaged in an emergency situation where he needed to travel at such a high rate of speed. He was late to a part time Job. The Miami police department should back off the trooper, and thank her for stopping him before he killed someone. I do have an issue with how she handled it from that point, ie handcuffing the officer, but not with weapon drawn. Who knows who was behind the wheel. A real officer or someone dressed like one to commit a crime., OH WAIT HE WAS COMMITTING A CRIME

    • Ole Sarge

      Con Cerned Citizen (emphasis on CON)!! First you must be a One Delta Ten Tango! Uniform or not doesn’t make him Immune to the law. If he was breaking the Law, BTW which is is sworn to uphold, he is a Common Criminal.; Get over it and face the music.
      It is Loud and Clear. Wrong is wrong and it can’t be justified just because you also have a day job and carry a badge. It is obvious to me which job takes precedence and it isn’t enforcing the law.

    • D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV

      Most cops are common criminals.

    • Larry

      “…TREATING HIM LIKE A COMMOM CRIMANAL.” Perhaps because he was acting like a common criminal?

      • Cavalryman

        A common criminal would have been charged with felony eluding.

    • Pete

      If he was doing 120 they should have spike stripped him and treated him a hell of a lot rougher then then did!!! He is enforcing the law not his own law!

    • Chris in CA

      If they are off duty and have no reason to be speeding then they should be pulled over. why don’t they have to obey the rules? Shouldn’t they be obeying the rules to set an example. In no way is this a “do as I say not as I do” situation. I applaud Officer Watts for pulling over this idiot OFF duty cop on his way to another job. At that point he is a citizen and not a cop. I don’t care what he is driving or wearing, he is a private citizen at this point.

      • NOT RIGHT


    • SineQuaNon

      You mean treated like the common criminal, which i (or you) WOULD BE, had i been speeding at 50+mph OVER the LEGAL limit. Not only would i be humiliated, but had i exended the pursute for over 5min, it is not a stretch of the imagination to assume that while being pulled forcefully (at gun point) from my car, there would probably be half the available force of officers at the scene, NOT ONLY ONE FHP Officer….

    • Joe

      Unbelievable. Doing 120 miles per hour to get to job he was late for, indicates HE IS A COMMON CRIMINAL. Had you, or I, or any other non-law enforcement person done this, not only would he/she been handcuffed, he/she would have been arrested and jailed! BTW, using law enforcement vehicle for personal purposes (flasher on to get somewhere because you arel late) is a FEDERAL offense. This is just another reason to erode trust in those who are supposedly enforcing the laws; they expect the laws to be enforced selectively on people other than themselves. Good on the FSP.

    • Wesley Harris

      Yep, typing in all caps, REALLY makes your point hit home. That you sir are an idiot.
      It’s concerned.

      • Craig Brockman

        Wesley’s nightmare and Chief Willie – Speaking of agreeing with the attack of judging someone because they disagreed with an opinion reflects the ignorance and imbecilic understanding of the subject at hand. Nightmare, your response as it pertains to the argument that you feel that typing with all caps does not negate the opines arguments – when it does. In infers an emotional response, in other words it’s called “INFLECTION” which is not an analytical response – thus leaving no logic as you yourself try to argue. When you use the words “idiocy” and “stupid” it further engages the reader to believe you are just an observer triggering a thesaurus within your spell check, which in turns impeaches your credibility as a critic. Chief Willie, you’re just uneducated PERIOD!

      • Chief Willie

        Wesley’s Nightmare….WOW !!!! You said what so many of us would have liked to say but didn’t have your skills. Well said,Sir !! Well phrased !! Well written !!

      • Wesley's Nightmare

        That non-sequitur response indicates you’re well-versed on the subject of idiocy. Typing in all caps may offend your sense of netiquette, but it in no way obviates the writer’s arguments.

        If you want to criticize the arguments of others, it would behoove you to actually say something logical, instead of offering a logical fallacy. The latter only makes you look more stupid than the target of your misguided criticism.

  • Al

    The FHP did the right thing. This is America, not Cuba.

    • Klaus

      This is like the Sinaloa Cartel vs. Los Zetas.

      Which cops work for which cartel?

      Guns belong in We the People’s hands, not psychos with badges.

  • Dereck Grower

    Why does it matter if your a trooper or a regular street cop no one is above the law even if your in a patrol car if your not going to a call you have no right to speed cop or no cop thats the problem here cops think they are above the law is the concern so maybe both depts need to be looked into.

  • d.g.

    I think the problem is that both troopers and regular cops think there above the law. No One is allowed to speed off duty if your in a patrol car or your own car thats the problem is they think they can get away with it.

  • Candace Lopez

    cops turning on other cops who could ask for more, keep it up maybe they’ll be none left after its all over, bye bye cops, and hey why dont you start leaving your car at the station so we can save all the funds of paying for what amounts to a company car, none of them deserve it…

    • kevin

      When the stupid hall monitors go against each other then We all win. COPS suck

  • noway

    then go back to ny!!!

    • Chicago Nick

      Didn’t YOU know SOUTH FLORIDA is CUBA NORTH? ;(

    • Smoke

      Didn’t you know…Florida IS New York?


    If she dared to pull this stunt in NY, the next time she needed backup, they would be nowhere to be found.

    • Gunther Zorn

      Yeah, we saw that movie … Serpico.

    • Get Real

      I mean really nobody gives a flying f about NY. Get off your high horse. You are no better than anyone else. Jerk.

    • simplemainer

      stunt??? the miami cop was going over 120. you or me woukd be taken to jail for that speed. The trooper was the only one here that acted professionally. If he was doing 75 or 80 it would be one thing, but over 120?

  • SFla Cop

    Human waste on a patrol car? These are Police officers? Fhp has nothing to be ashamed of. I know it is a minority of morons that pull these stunts. And, not backing up a cop makes you twice the coward hiding behind a badge.

  • Robert Smith

    That FHP Trooper should be thanked for bringing the truth out about oh so too many also.

  • Tax wasted

    Spoiled rotten children ripping off the taxpayers.

  • 4rio

    This clearly illustrates what the police departments of Florida think of the public. It is acceptable for law enforcement to break laws the public must adhere to. In the case of Miami Dade the officer is off duty driving a tax payer funded car! Miami Dade is complaining about the lack of professional courtesy by the FHP, this is one of the most unprofessional comments I have ever heard.

  • Luis bonilla

    Bring out the gloves. Ridiculous. This is what the taxpayers dollars are being used for.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    this goes to show you that all of south florida is a bunch of cowboys, with tin badges, as far as Leo from NYC the most corrupt police force in the US, that why if they dropped a nuke on New York there would be no great loss. i believe we should all go back to being our own law enforcers. you can not count on anyone being there when you need them, they are all playing i’ll get you back and not protecting the public or acting as responsible citizens themselves, The badge does not give a right to break the law any law. the next time an officer is involved in a car accident they should strip them of the right to be a member of law enforcement if they are found at fault, but of course they will not be, the cops cover up for each other. that’s right just look at NYC.

  • B McLaughlin

    Let’s not forget that all of these “children” are on the payroll while this stupidity continues. As the old saying goes: “who’s watching the store?”
    Grow up, and get back to work.

  • Tom

    If it’s questionable for a cop to pull over another cop, then why are we even bothering with speed limit enforcement at all? The limits were established over four decades ago. Let’s bury this out-dated relic.

  • Useless Jerks

    Send them home and save the money. The last time I complained about a guy who came at me in reverse, in a P/U truck, after I pulled off because he was tailgating; the deputy started defending the guy’s actions. Said I was the agressor for pulling off the road! Turns out the guy was a firefighter and they knew each other! They’re just wasting the taxpayers money most of the time. I’ve been robbed off my property several times and the cops say, tough luck. I solved that problem by shooting at the thieves the last time I caught them on my property. So. why do we pay their salaries? Think of how much ammo that tax money could buy.

  • Brian

    Police officers involved in a high speed chase are routinely instructed to back off. An OFF-DUTY police officer driving 120 mph to a part-time job he was late for is absolutely not acceptable. What a class act it is when you hear other officers saying they would delay back up to troopers in need as an act of protest. “to protect and serve..”, of course that’s when it’s only for themselves. Miami police officers should be furious with one of their own, but I see they are taking the Catholic priest route by dismissing the public safety aspect.

  • joe

    Third World.

  • Justin Case

    This is not atypical behavior for law enforcement. Cops are starting to prove to the public that they are the bad guys and are not out the help anyone unless it benefits them directly. There are not good guys left in law enforcement and every time a cop is taken down it is good for the public. Unfortunately just like roaches, for every cop taken down there are ten to replace it.

  • Greycoat

    FHP has done nothing wrong here. A city cop was breaking the law and he got caught for breaking the law. Now he & his buddies, who I bet are UNION, are out to seek revenge. Government workers should NOT be allowed to unionize and/or collective bargain. Unions are thugs who think they are above the law like this city cop.

  • TD

    If the cop was robbing a bank nobody would question his arrest, going 120mph on public roads puts other people’s lives at risk, breaking the law is breaking the law. Hope the judge pulls his license.

  • george macaulay

    Fire the cop and promote the female Highway Patrol officer. Fire any cop involved in harrassing her!

  • John Moser

    Police shenanigans. Thank God no one was offered a large Farva.

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