MIAMI (CBS4)- A map created by Carmen Barahona, the foster mother involved in the abuse of her adopted daughter and adopted son, outlines where the children were abused and where Nubia Barahona was killed.

The new information came from Carmen Barahona. It comes on the heels of disturbing new pictures from inside the house, which were released Wednesday.

The map was not designed on a computer , but instead, drawn by the hand of the woman now charged with murder and aggravated child abuse.

Prosecutors said Carmen Barahona drew the hand-written map for investigators after police discovered her adopted daughter’s body.

The map of the Barahona home appears to outline where the adopted children, 10-year-olds Victor and Nubia, were abused before police found Nubia’s body in the back of Jorge Barahona’s truck on Valentine’s Day.

Jorge Barahona is Carmen Barahona’s husband.

The map also takes investigators room-by-room, each area initialized with “CB” for Carmen Barahona.

Carmen Barahona described how both children being tied up in the kitchen, and tape was found all over the house.

The map shows that Nubia and Victor had a time-out area in the laundry room and another room appeared to be a time out area for Nubia alone.

The document also showed the blood — presumably Nubia’s blood in room after room.

The there’s the master bedroom. Carmen Barahona appeared to have detailed on which side of the bed she and her husband slept.

On Jorge Barahona’s side, she drew figures. One has an “X.” Police said Nubia was beaten to death in that room.

Carmen and Jorge Barahona are now awaiting trial. They both face murder and aggravated child abuse charges, but pleaded not guilty.

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