SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office released the photographs from inside the home of Jorge and Carmen Barahona.

It was this past valentine’s day when police discovered a truck along I-95 in West Palm Beach. Inside the truck were Jorge Barahona and his 10-year-old adopted son, Victor. Both were alive but Victor had bad chemical burns.

In the back of the truck, police found the decomposing body of Victor’s twin sister, Nubia.

Now, for the first time, we are getting a look inside the Barahona home, where police say the two children were beaten and abused.

barahonabathtub Prosecutors Release Photos From Inside Barahona Home

This bathtub in the Barahona home is where prosecutors say Jorge and Carmen Barahona abused their adopted children Nubia and Victor. (Source: Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office)

Police photographed the bathtub where investigators say the Barahonas tied up the children. Police say the adoptive parents kept Victor and Nubia locked in the bathroom for days.

We also see little Nubia’s bedroom, decorated in pink and green, with stuffed animals everywhere.

The photos were shot just two days after police discovered Nubia’s body.

Investigators paid close attention to the stains on the mattress, and in one instance, even cut out a piece for evidence.

The photos also show a child’s stained shirt, and more stains on the floor in what appears to be the Barahona bedroom.

Police say Nubia was beaten to death in the Barahona bedroom as Victor listened to her screaming and crying until she was dead.

Police also found rolls of tape throughout the house. Prosecutors say the children’s hands and feet were regularly bound with tape.

Investigators also photographed a child protection pamphlet, nearly two dozen soda bottles, and a red tank.

And right at the entrance to the house: barricade doors. The words above the door read, “with God, all things are possible.”

  1. Veronica Marti says:

    Anything short of the death penalty will be a travesty to the suffering of those children that ultimately resulted in the death of that little child. Shame on us for condoning such a despiciable act with a life sentences that include warm beds to sleep in, three meals a day and medical attention…these acts continue to happen because our justice system is sending out the wrong messages to these evil inhuman parasites. Our justice system is broken, the criminals know that. They use it to their advantage, they know how to work it…but there is no one who will speak for the victims outside the courtrooms, someone with enough balls to change these laws. Once you have been convicted of murder for any reason other than self defense you forfeit your life, that is the bottom line. If you are determined to take a life then you must be ready to give up yours.

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