MIAMI ( – United States Senator Marco Rubio is dismissing claims that he in any way embellished his family’s history when he claimed repeatedly that his parents were Cuban exiles.

“To suggest my family’s story is embellished for political gain is outrageous,” Rubio said in a statement. “The dates I have given regarding my family’s history have always been based on my parents’ recollections of events that occurred over 55 years ago and which were relayed to me by them more than two decades after they happened.”

According to Rubio’s Senate website, he claimed his parents came to America following Fidel Castro’s Communist takeover in 1959.

But, the Washington Post discovered that Rubio’s parents had come to the U.S. in 1956. His father served as a bartender and came for economic reasons. Castro wasn’t in Cuba when the Rubio’s left the island nation.

“In 1961, my mother and older siblings did in fact return to Cuba while my father stayed behind wrapping up the family’s matters in the U.S.,” Rubio wrote. “After just a few weeks living there, she fully realized the true nature of the direction Castro was taking Cuba and returned to the United States one month later, never to return.”

Rubio said that as a result his parents were exiled from the home country they tried to return to because “they did not want to live under communism.”

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  1. Luis bonilla says:

    Who cares if he or his parents are Cuban exiles. If he used that as a marketing tool to win the elections, he is smart. If the Cuban community voted for him becuase of his lie, too bad, deal with it. How many crooks/corrupted Cuban officials has the Cuban community voted in and later have been a disappointment. Why is this news…..

    1. Manny Lopez says:

      To Luis,
      Hey Luis by your writing I can tell you are not Cuban, don’t hate us just go with the flo, I know your race does not have enough education or brains to be in politics, but don’t critize when you don’t know anything about, oh are you an illegal allien, do us a favor go to school and learn.

  2. JCT says:

    the liberal rats in the lefty media never investigated the Barraca Husein Bobama family. Starting from that Barraca’s father was not even a legal resident of the USA.
    Barraca Hussein Bobama is out in 2012. Keep trying DemocRATS. Waste of time.

    1. Yuan Wa says:

      Wow! you come accross as really well educated.

    2. rmorales says:

      This is not about Obama mister!

  3. nomercy55 says:

    hes a new world order shill,markito eres un descarado

  4. SMDrPepper says:

    HA! Between this and the birthers going after him I will happily assume his days are numbered. Its funny since its his own right wingers who are tearing him down.

  5. Felix El Gato says:

    Well, we don’t want to live under you.

  6. Artie1492 says:

    Marco needs to get his history correct…On January 1, 1961, Castro already had Soviet tanks participating in the 1961 New Year’s Day parade. Was the family going back to participate in the Communist government???
    Did Senator Rubio use the term “Exile” for political expediency or did his parents use it to participate in the “Cuban Loans” (actually grants, never to be paid back) of the 1960’s and 70’s?

  7. Bendecido el Cubano says:

    Marco Rubio is and has always been an opportunist,this man did nothing for floridians while he served in the FL senate and took advantage of his position
    to give preferential treatment (FIU)and give millions of dollars tru his influence with the help of his cronies,and later segure a job (part Time)at $70,000 plus a year (part time),has been investigated for missusing party credit cards(AE) and been elected with only 15%of votes,this guy is a scam artist and a liar,and is not qualified to be a boy scout,i am cuban and cubans should recognize that as long as we vote for cubans that are corrupted base only in the fact that they are cubans is a disservice to this great nation,i am no longer a republican,also Rubio voted against president Obama,job plan that would have created 63,000
    thousands jobs in Florida,he is also against hispanics immigration,and says one thing in spanish and another in ingles,i say this guy is a fraud,and is only out for
    himself!i say lets vote him out off office in 2012.

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