MIAMI (CBS4) – CBS4 News has learned more about a senseless crash that took the lives of three vibrant South Florida teenagers.

Alberto De Jesus Coteron Oliva, 19, was behind the wheel in late August, when police say raced another car, lost control and crashed into this concrete pole, slicing his car in half.

His three passengers, Veronica Santiago, 17, Daniel Cardenas, 17, and Isis Jimenez, 15, were all killed. Investigators say Oliva took off on foot.

Court documents released Monday give more details on the hours after the accident.

They show that Oliva waved down oncoming cars to call 911 for his friends.

But when he saw one of his friends had died, he told investigators, “I realized that she had passed away and then the thought that ran through my mind – I thought that I was going to jail for the rest of my life. Three lives are lost. That wasn’t my fault.”

He says he then took off and hid at an intersection about a mile away for hours.

He told police, “I wouldn’t have left, but I don’t know what I was thinking and I left. I thought I was going to go to jail for the rest of my life and I wanted to say bye to my dad.”

He turned himself in the next evening, after speaking with his family.

Court records show witnesses say they saw Oliva racing a Black Infiniti, but Oliva denies that. He says another car cut him off, and clipped him, causing the crash.

Oliva is charged with 3 counts of vehicular homicide. His trial is scheduled for January. He faces a maximum 180-year sentence if he’s convicted.

CBS4’s Natalia Zea spoke briefly with Oliva’s father Monday night. He said Oliva is doing okay and is receiving psychological treatment.

Comments (4)
  1. Tacnacs Ilcd says:

    well he did get one thing right .. he will be going to jail for the rest of his life.,

  2. 0liva says:

    Only cops are allowed to crash and kill and leave and never get the blame.

  3. Jimbo99 says:

    Hard to say since nobody posting comments was actually there. Whether it was a race or whether there were two aggressively speeding drivers that coincided in the wee hours of the AM. Either way he was the driver of record and could’ve avoided the accident by driving slower. Not his fault ? Ran from the scene after one was pretty much a confirmed death. He’ll get quite a bit of time, 180 years, be real reduce it a bit but still X 3, he’s done and it’s game over.

    1. ivxx says:

      All under the age of 20..? There’s a good chance they were racing…

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