MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Steve Jobs was the face of Apple. But to millions of others, he was so much more.

“Steve Jobs? An icon, a legend,” said Robert Paulson, who came to Lincoln Road to take a photo of the Apple store on the night a visionary died.

“Steve Jobs passing away right now is basically like the Einstein of 60, 80 years ago when he died. People were devastated,” said Paulson.

As a college dropout, Jobs co-founded Apple in the family garage in 1976. He was just 21 years old. From there, the world would be changed forever.

Jobs revolutionized the music industry with the iPod and iTunes, and made white ear buds fashionable.

SLIDESHOW: Remembering Steve Jobs

He led Apple into the mobile market with one of the most advanced phones ever created: the iPhone.

In fact, the phone was so powerful, we at CBS4 produced the first-ever television news story shot entirely with the iPhone 3GS.

Jobs also became a Hollywood heavyweight when he bought Pixar, the movie studio behind the hit film, Toy Story.

He beat Pancreatic Cancer in 2004, but his gaunt appearance just four years later sparked rumors about his health.

Jobs’ health deteriorated and he had to undergo a liver transplant. It was during a second medical leave of absence that Jobs decided to step down as CEO this past August.

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  1. Neil Singer says:

    I remember taking a basic computer intro course at SHERIDAN VOCATIONAL CENTER in the middle or late 70’s and had to learn off of APPLE I and
    APPLE II…. you had to know command language which was different than PC DOS.. specific to APPLE..this was well before MAC’s came on the scene,,

    BTW (I looked this up –Edison and Graham-Bell were born the same year in 1847….Jobs and Gates were born,,,(yep) the same year 1955…who say God doesn’t have a good sense of timing and humor…

  2. Mike Cohen says:

    I got my first Apple ][ in 1981 and my first Mac in 1984, and since 1986 I’ve been working on Apple computers exclusively. I develop Mac & iOS software, so my life would be very different if Apple didn’t exist.

    I’ve been lucky enough to see several of Steve Jobs’ keynotes at MacWorld Expo and WWDC, including his final appearance this year. I don’t know of any other CEO who could get people to start lining up at 4AM in chilly San Francisco weather to see one of his keynotes. It always felt magical being inside that room in Moscone West watching Steve Jobs and other Apple people show off their latest products.

  3. Nelson says:

    Our hearts & prayers go to the family, friends & colleagues of Mr. Steve Jobs. He was an incredible visionary who helped make apple a huge success, thanks in part to the I-pod’s, I-phones, & The I-pad’s. He truly has changed the face of modern technology.

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