MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Fashion designer Vicky Tiel loves to tell stories.

The woman who created clothing for everyone from Hollywood’s superstars, to royalty, has had quite the adventurous life.

Recently at an Indian Creek  home, Vicky is sharing stories to CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo from her new book “It’s All About the Dress: What I Learned in 40 years About Men, Women, Sex and Fashion”.

The tome contains stories from her wealthy clients, who spilled the beans on their lives, while in her Paris dressing room.

“Naked women tell you everything!” exclaimed Tiel. “As the women tell you everything, I decided there was so much to learn from these stars about fashion , sex, men and the works. So I wanted to share it.”

And dish she does. Vicky was best friends with the late Elizabeth Taylor and jetted around the world with the superstar.

“It was all about the food and what she was going to eat that day and who we are going to invite for lunch,” said Tiel of the late icon. “Elizabeth can beckon world leaders to lunch. She was an eater and a drinker.  It was all about what wine would go with a peanut butter sandwich.”

Movie star Kim Novack taught her to “geisha your man.”

“Geisha your man means, you’re powerful and you run a corporation, but we put him in a bath and you rub oils on his back and his toes,” she said

Tiel and her designing partner took Paris by storm in the 1960s with the never before seen, mini skirt!

“We went to Paris and wore our miniskirts,” says Tiel, “We made the front pages in all the papers.”

“It’s All About the Dress: What I Learned in 40 years About Men, Women, Sex and Fashion” is now out in book stores.


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