MIAMI ( – Drivers on I-95 in Broward County Friday morning might have thought they were in a science fiction movie.

That’s because a giant Megalodon shark was being driven down the road to the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale.

Megalodon means “giant tooth” and this shark packed quite a punch. It had seven inch long teeth and the most powerful bite of any creature that ever lived, roughly 10-18 tons. So what did the Megalodon chow down on? It turned out the giant shark snacked on prehistoric whales.

You can see an ancestor of the Megalodon if you take a swim in the outer Great Barrier Reef or if you pop in a copy of Jaws. The Great White Shark is the closest living relative to the Megalodon.

The shark will be installed in the Prehistoric Florida exhibit in the new EcoDiscovery Center set to open November 11.

Comments (2)
  1. Phil Landers says:

    I’ll see you a Megalodon and raise you an Architeuthis. Love my Cephalopods. ;-/ (Why yes, I am smarter then you. Now SHUT UP) Btw spell check doesn’t recognize any of those 4 syllable words but I assure you they are real. Dare I go Octosyllabic?

  2. Moreta says:

    Should that be” descendant ” in Jaws?

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