2nd Shooting Rocks NW Dade Neighborhood

MIAMI (CBS4) – A second shooting in little more than 24 hours has rocked a northwest Miami-Dade neighborhood.

Sunday afternoon two people, a male and a female, were shot inside a store at 5828 NW 22nd Street. Miami-Dade police spokesman Det. Roy Rutland said both were rushed to the hospital; the male is in critical condition, the female is listed as serious.

Rutland confirmed that the shooter is on the loose.

Early Saturday, two people were killed and four others were injured when a gunman opened fire in the Frontier Lounge which is across the street and about a block away from the scene of Sunday’s shooting.   Police have not released the names of the wounded.

Police do not believe the shootings are related. Investigators believe Sunday’s shooting may have been part of a robbery.

  • Playa

    get rid of drugs and you will get rid of violence

    but this is something that we all need to agree on

    there are lots of people that drive into poor communities to buy but are far away when the shootings go down

  • Head in the Sand

    I bet the suspects aren’t black…or hispanic.

    • Carol

      Then I think you would be wrong.

  • Angela Singleton

    Every day the violence gets worse & worse… God help us all!!

    • me


  • José

    Wrong address, in the middle of the airport. it was probably NW 22 Avenue. Please correct you typo.

  • tim 3500

    Investigators believe it may have been a robbery? Great investigation

  • Carol

    The sad thing is innocent people who have nothing to do with this get hurt but the thing is if cops get involved before the shooting then it is their fault if someone dies when the shooting start.

    Another thing the parents don’t seem to have any control of their children and they are walking lose even if they are under age and then they blame the police if their children are killed or hurt.

    The blame game is really getting old.

    I thought there was a time limit as far as children being out in the streets but maybe I am wrong.

  • Rafael Bocanegra

    Mayor Regalado wants this to be his constituents and fired the police chief.

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