By Carey Codd

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Two children are in state custody after investigators say they were found living in a filthy home. The mother of the children — Lindsay Wallin, 22 — is in jail charged with child neglect.

Investigators say Wallin lived inside a filthy home in Pompano Beach with her two children, ages 5 and 6 months.

An arrest reports says investigators found disgusting conditions inside the home, including mold on the walls, piles of trash on the floor, rotting food, moldy water and cockroaches everywhere, even in the children’s crib and bed.

The Department of Children and Families took custody of the children Tuesday evening.

A judge told Wallin during a bond court hearing Wednesday that it was for her own good.

“It’s pretty clear right now,” said Judge John Hurley. “You’re not a responsible parent. You shouldn’t have the children in your custody.”

After the court hearing, cameras captured Wallin, walking down a hallway in the Broward County courthouse, crying.

Her father, Jon, said his daughter is working on becoming a better mother and recently put her 5-year-old in preschool and returned to school herself.

“She’s not the best but she’s trying,” he said.

Jon also allowed CBS4 cameras inside the home he shares with his daughter and grandchildren. When we went in, the house appeared organized but with holes in a door and dirt on the walls.

CBS 4’s Carey Codd asked Wallin about the living conditions.

“It looks a little dirty,” Codd commented.

“It is dirty,” Jon said. “I will admit that. I can’t afford to clean it. By the time I get home at night, I sit on my couch.”

Codd asked, “Was it better than for your grandkids to be taken out of here?”

“No,” Jon said. “My grandkids are safe. They’re healthy.”

Our cameras didn’t see any cockroaches on the floor and Jon denied there was an infestation but admitted he had seen some cockroaches in the past.

“Yeah, a couple,” he said. “There was a few.”

Outside of the house, sat a large pile of garbage filled with yard waste, a children’s toy and a mattress. Wallin said they spent an hour cleaning up the place.

Jon blames neighbors for making a noise complaint about the family’s barking dogs that led to his daughter’s arrest and the removal of his grandchildren.

Investigators say they also removed several malnourished and flea-infested dogs from the property.

The one dog CBS 4 cameras saw inside the home appeared healthy.

A spokesperson for DCF said the children are awaiting placement with a foster family. The agency said their goal is to eventually reunite Wallin with her kids but not until they’re confident she can care for them and proves that her home is livable.

Comments (10)
  1. Chucky says:

    …real trash…and the apartment too!

    There’s no excuse for this.

  2. MrsMorales says:

    What the hell is wrong with people nowadays? She had money for marijuana but not to feed her kids. How pathetic.

    1. Michael Withrow says:

      I don’t think she was paying for the weed with cash.

  3. Michael Withrow says:

    hahahaha, the only thing not moldy was the weed.

    1. nessa says:

      How dare you comment on things you know nothing about. This is someones family. Mine! Know all the facts before you trash someone. The cops did not find weed on her at the time they took her in. She got in trouble awhile back for weed in her car that was her ex-bf. he just got out of jail so she said it was hers. they charged her with a p.o vilo. and thanks for asking about where her kids are and how they are doing. thats all the true facts I will give people like you Micheal and MrsMorales.

  4. Dany says:

    Michael u sound like a weedhead hahaha WE nerd!

  5. Care says:

    Instead the negative comments. Let us try to help this family.

    1. nessa says:

      Thank you Care. The news did not put out all the facts because of the short amount of time they have to do a story. My sister did have a messy house and fridg. the dogs are not hers. The kids are healthy and safe as they have always been. the only crime she is guilty of is being messier than alot of people.

  6. Cheryl Denslow says:

    Nessa if you and her father would stop making excuses for her maybe she would learn the right way to parent her children and clean her house. Those kids were not safe living in filth and mold or with flea infested dogs. Educate yourself on the many diseases contracted when living in these conditions. From what the reports discrib, her father is pretty damn dirty and appears to have a phobia for cleaning as well. Leading the reader to beleive this is learned behavior within the family.

    1. nessa says:

      WEll Cheryl I am not making excuses for any one. I am telling the facts. If you read my post you will see i only talked about the untruths with are the post about the weed.I was defending that part of it. As far as the rest I live 1700miles away from them. I found out about this mess over the internet.. Say what you want about the house and it being unclean..I never direspected your father so don’t disrepect mine. My house is clean so clean you can eat out of my trash can. So this is not learned behavior within the family. I am a germ a fob. So there for i am very educated about dieaseses being I work in the medical field.So yet agine know your facts.

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