The Broward Teacher’s Union just announced that they’ve reached a tentative contract agreement with the Broward County School District for the first time in 3 years.

The union is crowing because their 14,470 teachers will receive $500 bonuses and will not have to take furlough days. A victory indeed.

In the Union’s news release, they also appear to take a swipe at recently retired Schools Superintendent Jim Notter.

The release reads in part, “Prior to his resignation, Superintendent Jim Notter had declared an impasse in contract negotiations for the second year in a row.”

The release points out that “with the cooperation of (Notter’s) temporary replacement, Acting Superintendent Donnie Carter” the district appointed a new chief negotiator. The union also appointed a new chief negotiator. The pair were able to reach agreement just before the start of school.

The timing is interesting — as the agreement comes just months after Notter left the district. It seems as if Notter were the roadblock to a deal or at least that appears to be the inference.

Broward’s teachers are taking two days off with pay during Thanksgiving week. In exchange, they’ll have to complete training mandated by the federal Race to the Top program.

Riding on the agreement were millions of dollars in federal funding. That also could have been the impetus to get a deal done.


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