MIAMI ( – While the University of Miami is facing possibly the biggest college sports scandal since SMU, Hurricanes head coach Al Golden revealed Wednesday that he wasn’t told of the NCAA’s ongoing investigation when he took the job as UM’s head coach.

“If they knew this was percolating, I believe they did have a responsibility to tell me,” Golden said. “I believe they have a responsibility to tell Shawn. But look, I’m happy here. My wife is happy here. We have great kids on this team.”

  • Click here to read what Nevin Shapiro told CBS4 about the allegations.

Golden came to “the U” after spending the last five years at Temple. As head coach at Temple, Golden took a laughing-stock of a program and rebuilt it into a bowl team that is competitive with everyone in their conference.

Coach Golden’s ability to rebuild a program may be the best news Canes fans have received in the last 48 hours.

“We’ll get through this. I feel like Temple prepared me for this opportunity,” Golden said. “We had so many issues when we first got there and so many of those were from the previous regime. We stood in there and fixed it.”

Comments (2)
  1. David Ramsey says:

    What a school!

    1. justsayin' says:

      No different from the other major programs in the country. No one would have been the wiser if it wasn’t for a little b!@#h sitting in jail and snitching. It happens in 99% of all major program ask Ohio State , MSU, USC, Forida State and all the rest of them.

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