Police: Homestead Officer Fired In Self Defense

HOMESTEAD (CBS4) – A Homestead police officer was forced to fire after a man in a stolen pick up truck reportedly tried to run him over.

According to Miami-Dade police spokesman Det. Javier Baez the incident began when an Ford F-150 pick up truck was stolen from a Publix parking lot.   When its owner realized his truck was gone he called police who saturated the area with officers.  One of them spotted the stolen truck area of SW 277th Terrace and 132nd Avenue.  Baez said when the officer approached the vehicle, the driver accelerated toward him.

Taking defensive action, Baez said, the officer fired on the driver; he did not say how many times the man was hit.

The injured man was man was airlifted to Homestead Hospital and then transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition.   The officer was not injured.

Police have not released the injured man’s name.

  • defender

    For those refering to Mexican violence in South Dade, there is a reason for it – drugs.

    But you cannot take drugs, then blame others for violence.

    Some Mexicans come here to make a dollar off the drug trade. If YOU will stop taking drugs, then you will have less violence.

    • BJ McLaughlin

      Of course the poor, innocent Mexicans who are only here to support their families aren’t REALLY responsible for their own criminal behavior. It’s all because of the evil, drug taking Americans. Liberal “stupidspeak” at it’s finest. Give me a break.

    • el buitre

      It’s easy to talk.most of us can’t quit smoking.Misery leads to drugs.go help the miserable like the bible tells you.it’s a feel good thing to stroke yourself.teabaggers are master strokers.You’ll prolly be shoveling coal in the pit.

    • WAKEUP

      Years,ago the Drug in Miami was Ugly(Colombia)

    • Jane Doe

      Drug violence is also behind most of the killings in areas of the City of Miami. Many innocent people in those areas have been shot and/or killed drug those drug related drivebys or gunfights on the street.

  • aim4theT

    good job. next time head shot, cheaper medical bill.

  • Me

    I used to go to that Publix, but go elsewhere now because no one spoke English.

  • Maritza

    It is disgusting how the media can place an undertone of suspicion under ANY STORY that they report on. If i didn’t know any better I’d think they were insinuating that the police office shot without reason.

    This is why i do not watch the news… Media feeds into this need viewers have now a days of drama and violence.

    I think Media should focus more on reporting the true story and less time placing doubt and mischief in peoples head. The man charged his van at a police officer. Police officer acted in self defense. PERIOD…

    I also think a little more time taken in proofing your work would be smart.

  • Carmen Santiago

    Cops are trained to not put themselves in a position to be run run over, even for a regular traffic stop.this was definitely a backup situation.Jose just felt like busting cap.

  • Maria Gill

    Wow ignorance must be bliss. “busting caps”? again wow.

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