MIAMI ( – Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne has grown tired of hearing the fans’ chants and constant speculation about his job security. He’s been under center for the Fins for just one full season, but Fins fans dislike him and want a replacement.

The boos for Henne would get to most people, and to a degree the fans actions do get to the Fins’ quarterback.

“Obviously I’m a human being, so I don’t say it doesn’t affect me, it does affect me,” Henne told the press Thursday morning. “You wear it on your sleeve as a person; for me I don’t let a lot of things show.”

Henne said deep-down the constant criticism can get to him, but it’s not going to change how he plays or approaches the job as the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback.

“I’m here for the team,” Henne said. “I’m here to make myself better, help the team be a better team. The biggest thing for us is we were 7-9 last year, that’s last year. We’re 0-0 this year and we’re out here to improve, get to the playoffs, and make things happen in our division.”

Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano said Wednesday that the fans’ chant at Sun Life Stadium Monday night made him “sick.”

Henne is going to get pushed in training camp by backup quarterback Matt Moore, but according to reports, the quarterback playing the best in training camp is rookie Pat Devlin.

But if Devlin gets to the field this season, Coach Sparano and Jeff Ireland may be looking for new jobs by the end of the year.

  1. joesr says:

    I feel for Henne. Booing him at practice is low class by those fans that did so. It’s not Henne’s fault. He is trying his best, but sadly, that’s not enough for the Fins to win consistently. Sporano’s comments about the boos “making him sick” shows his loyalty to Chad. That loyalty will be his demise if Henne is his #1 this year. He should insist on an upgrade at the QB position. It’s not too late.

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