We’ve seen a brutal slump on Wall Street since earlier in the Summer. The major indexes are all showing across the board losses over the past few weeks.

The Dow alones’ dropped about 1000 points since hitting the 12-8 level earlier this summer. And some forecasters predict continued volatility.

So what’s the problem?

Earlier uncertainty over the deficit and the latest signs of a sluggish economy.

Doral resident Eduardo Perez says he’s nervous about the economy and his investments.

The exporter says “I’m very concerned about my stocks and 401-k’s. I’ve been checking them out lately and they’ve just been going down all the time.”

Coral Gables Financial Planner Matt McGrath of Evensky & Katz says the fall, starting with back-to-school season, usually jump-starts business nationwide.

McGrath adds “I think typically the end of the summer sees a transition to the fall starting woth back to school shopping and it usually carries thru the fall and 4th quarter thru improved consumer-spending activities”.

It turns out “Back to School” season is the retail industry’s second largest season behind end-of -the year Holiday Shopping.

Some retail analysts say Back to School Spending should be better than last year with an estimated $68.8 Billion dollars in sales.

If that happens, it’ll be a big shot in the arm for local retailers. That could go as long way to convince them to start hiring more help for the 4th Quarter and get ready for improved Holiday Sales.

So what’s the bottom line for our investments to deal with the August Slump?

Get the best money-management advice you can afford, including your bank and tax experts.

Double check your investment blends between stocks, bonds and Moneymarket funds.

And remember, last year, the Dow closed at 10-6 over the first week of August trading. So we’re still seeing slow but steady  growth in the markets.

And the Fall’s right around the corner.

  1. BJ McLaughlin says:

    CBS 4, you are a HOOT! A “market” improvement story the DAY before the market FREEFALLS by 500 + points! Classically funny. You can’t make this stuff up. I hope Mr. McGrath has better luck picking the ponies than he does prognosticating the stock market “tea leaves”. HA. You guys crack me up.

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