MIAMI ( – Tragedy struck the Miramar High School Patriots football team Tuesday evening.

Offensive lineman Isaiah Laurencin was attending a football conditioning drill at Miramar High. Laurencin told coaches that he wasn’t feeling well, according to Broward Schools public information officer Nadine Drew.

Laurencin was sidelined for the greater part of the session and collapsed when the session was over and everyone was preparing to leave.

He was taken to Memorial West where he died Wednesday at 1:40 a.m. Doctors from Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital came to see Laurencin at Memorial West, CBS4’s Joan Murray reported.

According to his family, Laurencin was experiencing cramps and contacted them. The family was on their way to pick him up. Shortly after, he started vomiting and went into cardiac arrest, the family told Murray.

Laurencin stood 6’3” and weighed 286 pounds, according to his recruiting profile on

The cause of death for Laurencin is unknown.

Comments (6)
  1. ben says:

    What a SAD time !!!. Now we must determine if any policies need to be changed. A 15 year old Kentucky player died a few years back in the hot summer.

  2. clarence brown says:

    damn rip hommie

  3. Aaron Arters says:

    Sounds like heat stroke to me…. cramps are teh begining stage and later on vomiting can occur as well.

  4. rider80 says:

    Maybe if the schools and parents concentrated more on education instead of money and sports kids would not be dying. This is what greed gets you. The parents or parent should have paid more attention to the kids homework instead of how much he will make in the pros!! Sounds like our schools have been dumb down enough for the minorities!

  5. TParrott says:

    @Ben: Policies don’t need to be changed, the human body can handle more than you or I can imagine it. It may not even be from the practice, It’s very sad to see a fellow football player go down, but it’s definitely not worth changing policies and ruining the way high school football is played or practiced. When its your time its your time God has a good reason for everything.

  6. BP says:

    The problem is that kids these days spend most of their time in the A/C playing games, while drinking energy drinks and such. As kids, most of us spent the summers outside playing a variety of games and drinking water (kool-aid at best). These kids are not ready to be out in the heat when the time comes for football practice. The policies that need to be changed are the ones of the parents that allow their kids to basically hibernate indoors during the hot summer months. Grow up and send your kids outside to be kids!!!

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