OAK HILL (CBS4)-The 84-year-old mayor of a central Florida city said someone tried to ruin her reputation by planting marijuana on her property.

Mayor Mary Lee Cook defended herself during an Oak Hill city commission meeting Monday after narcotics agents found pot growing on her land.

Volusia County Sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson said Cook has not been charged. He said  the incident is under investigation but investigators do not believe the mayor knew the pot was there.

Cook said narcotics agents came to her home two weeks ago to check out reports that she was growing pot. The plants were found near a kicked-in section of fence near her house.

During Monday’s meeting Cook said she would not resign and that she would deal with any further harassment by hiring an attorney.


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Comments (5)
  1. BJ McLaughlin says:

    ‘Mayor “Marijuana” Mary’ OR ‘Granny Ganja’ OR “Mary Jane” Mary Lee. It was reported that the mayor repeatedly said “Dave’s not here, man” and then asked for a box of cookies.

  2. Luis bonilla says:

    wow this is just the latest laugh regarding florida politics. That is why i dont waste my time in voting. Corrupted ass Florida is the USA toilet. Time to leave.

    1. BJ McLaughlin says:

      Losers that don’t vote (or can’t vote because they’re illegal) have no right to complain. If you don’t like it here, there are plenty of wonderful dictatorships that would love to have you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out bonilla.

  3. Susan Marino says:

    The pot wasn’t May Lee Cook’s. It is her son’s David Russell Brown. He is on probation. For what? He is the Oak Hill video veuyer. If she says it is his, not only will she lose her son, she will lose her caregiver. On the same note, she is getting a toofer, (two for one) deal. She’s got beef with the Oak Hill police dept. She is deflecting. Her son, David Russell Brown is a text book sociopath.
    I can sy these things b/c unfortunately, she is my ex-mum-in-law.

  4. FairnessWanted says:

    I thought Florida is the only state that is allowed to convict someone of drug charges even if the accused are unaware that the drugs are present on or in their property. So why isn’t the law applying to the mayor? It sounds to me like a double standard again for politicians getting special treatment where a regular citizen wouldn’t be so fortunate. Readers look into this law, hopefully soon, florida will join “ALL” other states & get rid of this draconian law where “mens rea” or guilty mind doesn’t matter.

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