No Orange Hair, Short-Shorts For Lake County Kids

TAVARES (CBSMiami) – Florida schools have lots of problems. The state cut budgets to the bone, and local taxpayers are hard pressed to make up the difference. Teachers are being fired. Programs are being cut. And in Lake County, in the heart of the state, the response from the school board is to ban students from wearing orange hair, bangs, and make-up that hides their eyes.

The Lake County School Board used a special meeting to vote on the policy, to make sure a final vote can be held to get the rules into place for the start of the school year August 22nd.

School board members originally changed the dress code to bring the district in line with a new law approved this spring by the Florida legislature. As lawmakers were cutting funds for school programs, they found time to pass what’s widely known as the “droopy drawers” law. That law made schools safe from students wearing sagging pants that show their underwear, an urban fashion trend that riled legislators enough put kids’ pants into the Florida Statutes.

But in adjusting policy to include the law, school board members went a step further. According to the Lake County Schools website, students will be banned from using “extreme” hair styles, including bangs in some cases, “unnatural” hair colors, and extreme makeup that is, “disruptive or does not allow direct eye contact”.

The code also sets rules for, “hemlines for dresses, skorts, skirts, and/or shorts”, which can be no more than 2 inches above the knee.

The dress code even provides instructions on how to use clothing, telling students, “Clothes shall be worn as designed while on the grounds of a public school during the regular school day.”

School officials told reporters they needed to act because “extreme” styles can be “dangerous”, saying it comes down a “safety thing.”

The policy doesn’t really say what’s unnatural or extreme, and leaves it up to the school principal to make the call or assign someone as the school’s clothing cop. Students who don’t get the message could face escalating punishment up to a 30 day ban on taking part in extra-curricular activities.

Students upset with the changes will get one last chance to complain. The school board will take a final vote on the new policy August 22nd, the same day it’s supposed to take effect.

  • Dan

    If tea party wants a small government this is the opposite. Tell your beloved Eick Scott to stay out of our business. Tea party compains about how the government is to big but then they want the government to tell people they can’t have abortions or force us to wear certin clothes. Republicans say let’s cut taxes for companies and they will hire new people or lower their cost. Congress just let the taxes expire for airlines and they just keep the same price and pocket the 15% they could send on to the consumers. This is proof lowering taxes won’t help

    • Michael

      When talking about a small gov’t, that means the federal government. States have the right to govern their people as they please, as long as it’s not contrary to the state and fed. constitutions. It’s the fed. gov’t that intrudes on states’ and individual rights by sticking its nose in every aspect of our lives, which the U.S. Constitution forbids. Fed. gov’t authorized to do 18 things according to Constitution. Read it, why don’t you. Start with the Declaration of Independence. That lists the grievances, and the Constitution addresses those grievances.

    • Holly Broton

      Dan this has nothing to do with the tea party. This is about respect, not only for themselves but for others around them. Kids today get away with murder. That is what is wrong with this generation. The government told parents not to spank their little butts when they deserved it. Now we have a whole generation that has no rules. I truly fear for our country once these brats get a hold on the country. So get your head out of the sand and see what really is going on with the world.

      • mixplix

        Love your post and may I please add to it by saying when your child is standing in front of you in an orange jump suit, it’s too late. Guess who replaces mommy and daddy when the child leaves home? Yup! The police.

      • Dee

        Totally agree! If I left the house in booty shorts or an extremely short skirt, my mother would have kicked my butt and then made me change. She bought every piece of clothing in my closet. Parents are not buying the clothes anymore? They are not seeing their kids all day? Parents have to take responsibility for their children! It’s our JOB.

    • John

      If you really want freedom, then consider a voucher system. One in which all the local, state, and federal monies in a district are divided by the total number of school age children, and each kid’s parent(s) or guardian(s) get an equal share. That in the form of a voucher, to go to whatever private school, religious or not, is desired, with no strings attached from the state, at all.

      Then parents can send their children to whatever school they want. Secular/ humanistic/, evolutionistic, Baptist, AG, Islamic, even devil worshipping if they want. That would be freedom. It costs alot to send a kid to school. People are already paying sizable school taxes. Why shouldn’t they be able to send their kids to whatever school they want? And not just a government school, operated by the philosophies of whoever happens to be in control in a given time.

      Many school districts spend over $10,000 per kid per year. 20 kids would have enough voucher money to rent a nice building, hire two teachers, and buy books, computers, supplies, etc., and have a 1 to 10 student-teacher ratio.

      And, be able to not only teach the basics with excellence, and all the other things kids need to know, but to not waste their potential. Instead of a one-size-fits-all system which wastes most kids potential by squeezing them through the same 13 year mold, it would be possible to teach to each child’s natural interests, early on, and as these may change over the years.

      I think that currently about two years of K-12 is wasted and that a good school could get kids out two years earlier. Then the money for those two years could be used for the first two years of college, trade, or other vocational school.

      This would be the ideal in American education. It would generate positive and astounding results. There’d be abuses, but the whole system is abusive as it is now. The current public school system wastes most of a kid’s learning years, potential, intellect, sexuality, and spirit before they grow up.

      The only people who’d be opposed to this would be the ones who really don’t want freedom, they want to impose a melting pot of the lowest common denominators of human behavior on children and waste the potential of their lives before they even get out of school. They want to indoctrinate them to be hedonists, environmental whackos, liberal Democrats, abortionists, etc. And there might be some for whom doing away with a collective high school and junior year-senior year, blah, blah, blah, might be too much for their traditional sheeple minds to grasp.

    • John C

      The Tea Party isn’t a political party, it’s a group of people that represent and support traditional American values, and is made up of traditional Americans of all races, ages, income levels, professions, and both political parties. Their influence derives from American traditions of freedom of speech demonstrations, and democratic principles of majority rule. Their agenda is smaller government, a balanced budget, and less government intrusion unless it is by the will of the majority of The People.

      I would guess that the new rules banning outlandish hairstyles, hair cuts, and pants pulled down to your butt cheeks, are the result of public pressure in general (including teachers who are often liberals), and a majority vote by the state legislature. If you don’t like it, you should get off your butt and run for office.

      • Lauren

        You’re right, John, they are not a politucal party. They are corporate tools who’ve been hoodwinked by the corporations to do their bidding. The Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of racist, nativist, Islamaphobic, fear-mongering fools who want nothing more than to hasten the End Times and the return of Jesus. They are religious wackos who claim to follow the Bible, but wouldn’t know a “Christian” value from a corporate-sponsered propaganda tool if it reached up and slapped them on the face.

      • Chicago Nick

        You just can’t explain the “tea party’ concept to these people just like they don’t get the difference between social political commentators and news anchors and delivery. That would be because the sources they choose blur the line so much they can’t tell the difference anymore if they ever could. They prefer ‘outlets’ who pay child killers for interviews and their other ‘news’ and just make it up when there isn’t enough to fill the 4,5,6 and 10 broadcasts each day.

        As for the dress code, when we had them as kids the world and country was a 20 times better place to live then the crumbling third world dump it’s been turned into over the past three years. You have 50 million kids going in 40 million directions and no singular purpose anymore as Americans and that’s why the nation is in terminal velocity free fall in every category.

      • proudnot2bliberal

        Lauren YOURE AN IDIOT no use trying use common scense or logic with a brain dead or explain anything to someone who has their head so far up thier obama tehy have ring around the collar. Now go back to watcching PMNBC or teh cartoon network no difference

    • johno

      Your an idiot get off the couch make something off yourself (the government can’t do that for you)

    • Karen

      Dan, there’s no contradiction between saying the FEDERAL government has no auhority to invoive itself in 90% of the things it does and then support LOCAL government involvement in those same issues.

      Those “Tea Party types” are being entirely consistent.

    • pgerard

      Tea Party does not say an abortion can not be had, just that the Federal Gov should not be paying for it.

  • RogerCfromSD

    Dan, your :proof” that lowering taxes won’t help is not proof. Try again.

    I do agree that less government is a good thing, however.

    Still, society has certain expectations of its participants. And, if there are participants who want to wear their pants around their ankles among normal citizens, it behooves the collective to tell the weirdos to straiten out.

    • Jeff

      Funny, your parents said the same thing about your fashion choices as you did about today’s youth. How quickly you forget. Then again, your parents forgot about their fights to dress as they wanted as did their parents before them and so on and so on

    • Ozlanthos

      What is wrong with you? Who cares how people dress? Who are any of us to judge the self-expression of another? Who are any of us to determine what is “right” for anyone else? Since the prohibition of alcohol, there has been a disturbing trend of busy bodies trying to legislate morality and propriety… I just wish you people would mind your own business and leave the rest of us alone!


      • USMC5053

        Morality and propriety have been legislated for thousands of years.It’s called civilization. It’s how ‘we people’ keep ‘the rest of you’ from destroying the nation.

      • Colleen

        Amen OZ!!

      • Alex

        Great comment!

      • Yup

        Does your view of others not having a right to judge the morality of those around them move into all areas of life- or just dress? Cause if it is all areas, I could kill your kid and tell you that you have no right to judge what morality is for me. If it is just the dress of kids in school- then what you say is invalid anyway. Is this post an extreme? Yes. But how far does your view go? What stops it? Who comes up with the levels? You? Me? Each to their own? Then quit whining about people judging.

      • Carol

        ‘morality’. You’ve got to be kidding. These little creeps can’t even spell the word let alone practice it. They have no role models. Parents and relatives are byproducts of the 1960s, the ‘if it feels good, do it’ generation. Morality requires self-discipline. Have you seen any of that lately?

      • Fed up

        Great! Another genius!! So if the little creeps want to go to school naked I suppose an idiot like you would say that’s fine, too. Get a life – buddy.

      • Mitchell F.

        Well in your well thought out opinion, I guess school children should have the right to walk around nude. After all the are just “excercising their self-expression”. Oh yeah, everyone should mind their own business and leave the rest of you alone……to what do whatever you want to do with no repercussions for your actions? I think you need to grow up because when you do you will find that the real world has rules and expectations of its citizens. Would you go to a job interview with your pants hanging down to your knees? When the interviewer asks you about why you wear your pants like that are you going to answer “I am just excercising my right to self-expression”? Honestly if these kids dress this way it is no wonder that the unemployment rate among certain people is triple what it is for other groups. Grow up and show a little bit of self respect and responsibility.

      • RogerCfromSD

        If people in a civilized society want to see freaks, they go to a freak show. Your question can be asked of you: Why don’t you remove yourselves from normal society if you wish to dress freakishly?

      • Ghostsouls

        Certainly uncivilized people would not care, anything goes. Looking at your post and that picture, is why morality needs to be legislated unfortunately, no self respect, no respect for others, and a total break down of morals in our society. So, if a parent whop is a nudist wants to send their little boys and girls naked to school that is ok? If someone wants to shave their head to look like female sexual parts, just peachy keen. If gay boys want to wear dresses to school, or a 2 piece girls bikini, just fine, eh? Adult society at large is for your social experiments, not underage children in schools. There are a LOT of people who care, those would be the people who have morals, which apparently you don’t. Your signature says it all…LOL Morality doesn’t just cover how people dress, but how they act also. Which is why people cannot call the president, “that word”, that is legislating morality. That is why parents and adults cannot give 13 year olds alcoholic beverages…legislating morality… go back to school and learn something, and if you are out of school, sorry the educational system failed you…perhaps if you dressed properly you would have gotten a decent education.

    • solo_poke

      Certain expectations? Like honest banks perhaps? This is how they distract you from reality with drivel.

      I don’t care how kids look while banks steal homes.

      • Fern

        Haha yes those evil banks forced irresponsible people to take out loans they couldn’t pay back. Unbelievable.

      • Ghostsouls

        The obama, I want free foodstamp, free home, free money, free education, free gasoline, free, car, free education, lines starts on the left. The right line is for those that work, pay taxes, pays their own house note, car loan, educational expenses, and puts bread on their own table, and all YOUR expenses. People should not have bought homes they cannot afford, and Fanny and Freddy should not have forced banks to make those loans. Want to gripe, send an email to Bawney Fwanks and his lover boy. The banks did what they were told to do by the Federal Government. Get your facts straight. Maybey you could take your hand out of the taxpayer’s pockets long enough to look up some facts on the computer, or are you now standing in the I want a free computer and internet line?

  • Joseph Wood

    I don’t know who this Erik Scott guy that you mentioned is but I find it to be HIGHLY UNLIKELY that banning stupid hairdos was a tea party conspiracy. You know that it was a school district. Right?

    Anyways, you used an example in regards to lowering taxes that has only had a few days to go off of in the MOST REGULATED INDUSTRY THAT THERE IS, Dan. The airline market will take care of this.

    Why don’t we tax electronics and regulate them in the manner that you want gasoline to be taxed. Let’s see how it works out.

    Have fun in the 8th grade!

  • Doug

    Land of the free…..hmpf

    • ron

      i agree, doug. dress codes are stupid. and smasher crasher go hang from a damn tree please.

    • arbee40

      Land of the free, yes. As adults. Children are still under the guidance of adults. Obviously you don’t work in a school.

    • Sage

      Sorry Doug. You are free to parade around in your castle/home looking like a freak, but schools do have the power to enforce dress codes.

      • Wyrdless

        Orange hair isn’t a safety issue. The government has no compelling reason to regulate a students speech if it causes no harm.

        Land of the free indeed. The state is going bankrupt and they are worried about orange hair. LOL

      • BiggusSeanus

        Judging by these comments white trailer trash sure doesn’t like ghetto culture. Funny because they are two sides of the same low class coin.

    • Smash Crasher

      Oh Shut up. I guess you wear your pants down around you ankles you Democratic idiot.

      • Right Side

        Small minded comment.

    • rr

      Don’t be silly. Schools have the obligation to discipline the kids.

      • AJA

        Government schools, however, are restricted by the Constitution in their power to regulate expressive conduct like dress.

  • lukuj

    As a former teacher, though it would be nice if it wasn’t true, I can tell you that any clothing or hair that is out of the ordinary makes it so that kids are distracted and can’t concentrate. You would think the effect would wear off after the first few hundred times, but it doesn’t – probably deliberately. So if you object to these rules, please take it upon yourself to observe in a school for a few days, substitute teach, or actually observe it yourself. THEN, and ONLY then, will you be qualified to say the rules are unjustified.

    • Colleen

      If a student can be distracted by a hairstyle and can’t concentrate as you mentioned. I think perhaps that student has some bigger issues and may need to be in a “special school”. I mean what is going to happen when they get in the real world and see a person different than them, fall apart?! School is to prepare a student for the real world. and it is crazy out here!!

      • REALIST

        Colleen, i agree with you completely.

        Lukuj, me being apart of the younger generation, i want to know why this rule is being implemented. We all have freedom of choice to a certain extent and if the clothing is not offensive or exposing, it should be the childs and parents decision as to what the child should wear. Orange hair, bangs, and makeup do not provide a threatining situation what-so-ever and as Colleen had mentioned, if another student is distracted that much by another students clothing, he may have ADD.

      • lukuj

        Believe me, some students actually look for things by which to be distracted. There is no way every attention deficit (often a learned behavior) could be sent to a special school. They have to be mainstreamed by law and the teacher has to make modifications for them. I’m not saying I agree. I’m saying that’s the way it is. Most kids with attention problems can handle a regular classroom, but they don’t need extra distractions that can be avoided.

    • Freedom

      Actually I went to public school for 12 years as most US citizens did, you jerk.
      The assumption that none of us is smart enough to remember our teenage years is a good example of a typical teachers attitude. i.e. “because I have a teaching certificate I am smarter than you”.
      Clothes are only disruptive if they show a lot of skin, make a lot of noise, or if a teacher has no ability to keep discipline in their classroom.
      We had our share of freaks and geeks in the 60’s,70’s,80’s, 90’s, if you are too mentally challenged to remember those decades, then you have a point.
      How about we stop blaming things like clothing distractions for the poor performance of our schools, teachers, and administration?
      How about you guys start doing your job, and if you can’t, find someone who can?
      This kind of stuff is why homeschooling is becoming more and more prevalent. Parents that are smarter then the teachers realize that a blame game does not get the knowledge into the students, only quality teachers do that.

      • lukuj

        Because schools are afraid of lawsuits, most discipline methods are not allowed. For example, taking away recess wasn’t allowed because it limited physical activities and called attention to children who were being punished. Writing”lines” was also outlawed. Teachers can’t keep kids after school because of busses, daycare, etc. Physical punishment, of course, isn’t an option. About the only thing left is calling parents (who often support the child no matter what) and in-school suspension, which really isn’t very effective with younger kids and just takes them away from the learning situation. As for poor performance of teachers and students, I taught at a school that was rated exemplary and where most of the kids scored very well on state and national tests – and teachers didn’t belong to unions, so the bad ones were weeded out as were bad administrators. My own kids went to the school and others in the district, and I had no complaints. They got an excellent education. Therefore I can’t really fairly judge other states and their schools, but from what I hear it is pretty sad in many places, especially because of unions.

      • lukuj

        For those who have attention problems, almost anything can be a distraction – including weird clothing. Most of the distractions can’t be eliminated (air conditioning sounds, other people fidgeting, etc. ) The clothing and body issues can be eliminated, so why not do it? If kids want to go around in weird clothing, etc. they can do it at home and on week ends. They have nothing to lose by doing so, but those around them at school may very well lose out by the distraction. Why is it so horrible to be considerate of others, even if it means a bit of sacrifice on their part? Oh, 30 years in the classroom most likely exposed me to many more students than those you were exposed to unless you also work with young people. Have you ever heard of something called “experience”? It has nothing to do with thinking I’m smarter and everything to so with life experiences and age.

      • Joe Friday

        Discipline is key to learning in the classroom….these punks that ware the drooping drawers need to be suspended for a minimum of 30 days for 1st offense….part of education is teaching kids not to go to there first job interview dressed like a punk……and they are punks…liberals love this kind of “freedom of expression”….Obama is a valid reason stupid people should not be allowed to vote..

      • Lewis Sanborn

        Actually, ‘Freedom’. its you that needs to sit down and shut your hole, jerk.
        You’d do well to assume someone who’s been there, done that, can lecture you.
        Do as the former teacher ‘Lukuj’ suggests and then comment. And don’t bring your simmering prejudice against teachers into it.

      • BinTN

        Poor performance of our schools, teachers, and administration…you left out the students themselves and their parents. I somewhat agree with you but why do so many people never lay any of the blame to the students? Or modern society?

      • Disgusted

        Quality teachers are supposed “to get the knowledge into” students, not freaks.

    • RODOM

      I agree, lukuj. Of course, one can always make the argument that, “well, you were the same way when you were their age.” But he difference is that back then your peers provided a sense of restraint. We could have dyed our hair purple or worn safety pins in our cheeks, but our friends would have laughed us out of school. Now, anything goes. So nothing “looks stupid,” Whatever kids can do to their bodies now–they do it. And so that communal restraint is gone. Way gone. No answers from me here, and while I think a dress code is necessary for a learning environment, it may be about twenty years too late.

  • jobama

    now that is fn good, try to read it


    Yeah, try to read it. All those big words, like comments. And censoring. Whatever that means. You guys are a hoot fest.

  • Marybell

    Seems there are millions of problems throughout Florida- especiallky in the schools. What is going on there?

    • Lamdog

      There is no major problems in Florida schools to speak per se. As a Lake County resident who last child just finished high school this is needed, because some parents fail to do their job.

      • Bill O

        I hope your child was taught English, grammar, and sentence structure. It would seem you were not.

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    Pants are worn at the hip not below the butt and a cap with a bill has the bill in front to block the sun not left right or backwards. You look like a fool when you dress like a fool and one day you will see that hopefully for you. Go to a job interview looking like that and guess how successful you will be in getting the job. Some people just don’t get it and some people never will.


      Would you go to a job interview dressed in pajamas? I hope not. But see that is why most humans have the capability to CHANGE CLOTHES DUM DUM. And style has always varied through culture and race. Im sure when everyone sees you at the mall, they see a fool also.

      • Disgusted

        Most humans have the capability to pull their pants up DUM DUM.

  • jobama

    run by democrats, im from tallahassee

  • annabel

    Implement school UNIFORMS so that clothing is not a distraction – most other countries with far better test scores and behaviour do this – why not the USA?? Take a look at top ranked schools and you will not see students dressed like trash.

    • Sheila

      I agree, Annabel.

      James Trainor, you realize that providing uniforms to your child is much cheaper than buying other clothes, don’t you? My child went to a Catholic school for one year. We went from $1,000 for new school clothes, to only $300. Since the uniforms vary only slightly, one doesn’t need a different outfit for each day. If a student has three uniforms there is always a clean one while another is being worn.

      • Colint

        Good idea. Since children grow out of clothes so quickly the school could have a supply of clean used clothes at low cost or free.

    • kitcole

      Right on! School uniforms are a big help- and create pride in schools and the appearance of students. They replace a lot of rules that can be unenforceable, also.

      • annabel

        Parents and students pay – uniforms do not have to be costly, and they are even required for township schools in South Africa, as well as ‘private’ schools in other countries -e.g. both public and private schools require uniforms. Look at what is happening in other countries – better test scores, educated students, higher standards – and in virtually all cases – they wear uniforms. Not the cure for all problems in our school systems – but it is at least a start.

    • James Trainor

      And who’s going to pay for it? You?

      • Stan Kinder

        The same person that pays for the pants down around their knees, that’s who. Damn you’re dense.

      • annabel

        The students and their parents are responsible for the cost of uniforms. This is done in so many parts of the world – wake up, look around and don’t be so insular and provincial. The cost of basic uniforms is no more expensive, and most of the time less expensive, than ‘normal’ clothing. All public schools in townships in South Africa require uniforms. Educate yourself, you moron.

      • Roni

        What is the difference between buying uniform clothes or just buying school clothes? It is generally cheaper to buy based on uniform code. For instance, a code of tan pants and a black shirt is going to cost a lot less than the new name brand in-style clothes. If you have kids then you have a responsibility to keep them clothed.

    • Ghostsouls

      Unfortunately they would just drop those pants also. The only “up” side to clothing like this, is that when the police chase them, they can’t run fast :P

  • FedUp!

    About time! ALL schools need to have these rules! Who’s in charge anyway – kids or administration??!!

    • Rowdy Boots

      In the LIberal World, children need to be “empowered” like all “victims” of the White Male Oppressor.

      In the Liberal World, children are the victims of too much discipline.

      Now, look what they have created…children who call the police on their parents when they do not like the discipline.




      • whraglyn

        Two thumbs and both big toes ‘up’ on ya, Rowdy!
        4 of my 5 grown kids all the same before they were 30.
        Disciplined Love is what does it, NOT being your childs ‘best friend’ or ‘confidant’.

      • REALIST

        Funny, Its always white people complaining about black people, yet how many black people do you see posting racist comments towards whites? Im half black, half white, i work for a living and have my own apartment. My 16 year old sister works after school and is doing well above average. My BLACK father and brother work, who, mind you, both have houses also. AND WE DRESS HOW WE DAMN WELL PLEASE! A way a person dresses do not define them. WE DEFINE OURSELVES INDIVIDUALLY! STOP THE STEREOTYPE! And oh mr. conservitive, how doese it feel for your 18 year old to now be a minority compared to the Hispanic majority? Republicans are dying and you will see how it feels to be stereotyped when you become the minority in afew years.

      • kingpin

        Good job Rowdy!!

  • Dave Head

    We really only need 1 law, just one. “Don’t do anything unusual.” That’ll take care of everything.

  • chuhyona

    I’ll bet the NAMBLA folks have no problem with dress codes

  • sandyman

    if you don’t eat your meat, you don’t get any pudding!

  • LibertarianChick

    ok i think people can dress the way they want to as long as their boxers and panties aren’t showing. with that said, do these gang banger types realize how stupid they look in these pants? they look like they dropped a load of poop and haven’t cleaned it up yet.

    • Joe Friday

      I am a 60+ year old man…when I see these punks with their pants down below their buttocks ,I (with a straight face) ask”excuse me your pants are falling down”…when they look at me (I’m 6’4 260 lb ex linebacker) they start pulling their pants up…if they don’t ,I demand that they pull their pants up…only one punk tried to fight me and he went to the hospital and jail for assault…I am not going to have my grand kids subjected to this non sense…if these punks are packing heat I’m ready for that as well…make my day punks….just the facts maam.

      • whraglyn

        RocknRoll, Jor Friday!
        Im 6’4″, 240lbs, 53 yr old White Male Oppressor, too!

        I nicely ask them, then I TELL them.
        Their response is universally the same:
        Defiance, Hesitation, Questions, Acquiescence

  • Lc

    If you read the schools website the rules are the same as at my son’s school. What is the big deal, kids should learn some boundaries and parents should quit trying to be their child’s ‘friend’ and be their parent. Expressing one’s individuality can wait for the weekends and after school. And I was an ’80’s child who dressed up like Boy George everyday so I understand . I wish I would have put my effort into my school work because then I wouldn’t be a 44 year old working on my college degree that I should have done 25 years ago.

    • Bill O

      If I don’t read the web-site, what are the rules?

    • KM

      Step foot onto any university campus and you will see people of all shapes and colors. I suppose you believe their creativity hinders them from their studies?. Perhaps you are confusing creative expression with lack of ambition. Using your time spent emulating Boy George as an excuse for your own personal failures is a joke.

      • Disgusted

        Are you actually confusing creativity with wearing your pants around your ankles and orange hair.

  • Rise of the apes

    Actually a republic is preserved at the lowest levels like this district is undertaking- Zero tolerance for aniti-social behavior. If you don’t rein in these students now, they will soon be flinging poo like the chimps in the zoo (and some ACLU lawyer will call it art.)

  • readmylips

    People usually act the way they dress. We wear different outfits for different activities. School should be a place of respect and learning rather than a display of underwear, belly buttons, exotic hair color and do’s, black eyes or whatever. studded tongues and facial piercings, extreme tattoos on exposed parts of the body, and whatever fad coming down the pike that appears to get comments or attention. Often those who appear insecure, or appear to be losers find extreme dress is the only way they can get attention. Wouldn’t it be great if the American students actually valued education like so many other countries do?

    • Pat

      Many American students do value education and lead productive successful lives as adults. Those that dont end up working at Best Buy for 10yrs and still live at home when they are 30.

  • Donna

    Thank God, about time someone made those idiots pull up their pants. When can we get this law nationwide?

  • readmylips

    We use to pay to see freak shows. No longer necessary.

  • Drew

    Public schooling is mainly for one thing. Training the kids to do what their told and to not question authority. We can’t have slaves running around, and thinking for themselves now. So If you want your kid to be a complete moron keep them in public school. Or you can step up and be a real parent and make sure your kid gets a real education. It’s up to the parents to teach their own kids responsibility and morals.

  • HeyHey

    Killing creativity

    • Ghostsouls

      yeah those two pictured above have a real shining future ahead of them, maybe they can study creativity in prison, yeah, they can wear their pants like that there :P

      • REALIST

        Get off your moms computer


    Would it be a hate crime to pull down their pants?
    Of course not! Dressing like that is an invitation
    to be publicly humiliated! Stupid lemmings…

  • PukingDog

    Segregation would quickly solve most of the discipline, attitude, and dress code problems in public schools.

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