DAVIE (CBS4) – All in the name of love, a Davie woman vying for the attention of her boyfriend allegedly made a number of calls to 911 to report her car stolen. Not only did she get her boyfriend’s attention, she also got the attention of the police.

Thirty-seven-year-old, Shannon Brumage was arrested on Tuesday and charged with three counts of false reports and two counts of possession of a controlled substance, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

According to Davie Police Brumage filed three grand theft auto reports and one stolen vehicle report.

In each of the reported cases Brumage’s car was found near the same area where it had allegedly had been stolen from with no signs of forced entry.

In her first report on July 7, Brumage told police that someone took her Nissan Altima five times within two days and each time returned the car near her apartment building in the 10700 block of the Cameron Court, according to the arrest affidavit.

Police said Xanax pills were found inside of the car in two of the cases.

On July 13, Brumage placed another false claim and told authorities her car was stolen from a parking lot at 11328 State Road 84; however, after reviewing surveillance video from a nearby business, police found that the car was never parked there.

Brumage was called in the next day for questioning and during an interview with authorities she confessed to making the false claims to get attention from her boyfriend.

Brumage reportedly told authorities she planted the pills in the car to add authenticity to the claims.

She was asked to turn herself in on Tuesday, but failed to do so. The next day, she was found driving westbound on Alligator Alley and she was taken into custody.

Brumage, who is a nurse, is being held in jail on a $9,500 bond.


Source: Sun-Sentinel

  1. Investigator says:

    A dingbat who thinks she can play with people, the system and her boyfriend just because she is a woman.

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