HOMESTEAD (CBS4) – Miami-Dade Police are investigating the death of a child at a daycare center in Homestead.

Homestead Police say the 18 month old boy died at the Jomiba Learning Center at 1005 N. Krome Avenue Tuesday afternoon. The case has been turned over to Miami-Dade homicide detectives.

Traci Morman, cousin of the toddler’s 16 year old mother, said the daycare called boy’s mother and told her they couldn’t find her son.

“She thought her child was missing and I rushed her over here to find out what was wrong with her child and then we find out he’s dead,” said Morman.

The baby’s father said his mother told him what happened.

“He was just missing then my mama calls back and says he’s not missing he’s dead,” said Rashaad Easterlie.

The boy’s grandmother was overcome with grief while speaking to CBS4’s Maggie Newland.

“He was a good baby that was my baby that’s what I lived for. That’s what I lived for,” cried grandmother Atila Bryant.

Images from Chopper 4 show a daycare van wrapped in yellow crime scene tape, though it is unknown at this point where or how the death occurred.

“There are questions about a van parked behind the facility that may be involved in this case and certainly that van is a component of this crime scene,” said Miami-Dade Police Detective Roy Rutland. “So we will be looking at that van along with this entire property and everyone who was here at the time.”

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  1. Me says:

    Bless the boy’s soul, but just another day in third world Homestead. Most of my neighbors are single mothers with 10 kids with 10 different dads collecting 10 child support checks and welfare. Cops at all there places every day, constant fights/screaming/yelling outside, most in Spanish. Oh, I miss the 10 year ago America.

    1. Stephan Lottier says:

      no wonder our economy is in the tank!and there are millions more just like this girl.its a living for these people..

    2. Nellie Keys Pierce says:

      This is about a child that is no longer on this Earth, not about whose getting child -support or whose on welfare some people should have a heart and not always look at negative things WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR CHILD? My prayers and thoughts goes out to this family on their loss and may God ease your pain ….Be Blessed

    3. BJ McLaughlin says:

      more like 50 year ago America

  2. Marie Evans says:

    another child left in a hot transport van. I know that’s it. They took the baby out of the van to try and make it look like something else. How many more are going to die by being baked alive? IMO its the same as negligent homicide. God bless u little boy and those that loved you.

  3. Stephan Lottier says:

    why is a 16teen year having a child!i’ll bet the state of florida pays for their childcare and their food.plaese stop having children you can’t afford…..

    1. Jimbo99 says:

      I hear you, but there is also a school down in that area for teenage mothers too. Incredible, society either deals with the problem or ignores it.

      1. BJ McLaughlin says:

        Society needs to stop REWARDING bad behavior. A 16 year old girl (by the way, since the boy was 18 months, that means the mother was pregnant at 14) has NO business with a child. Cut off the welfare generated by HAVING CHILDREN and watch the unwed pregnancy rate drop like a rock.

    2. qyteria hicks says:

      Just because she is sixteen doesn’t mean the state is takin care of her i am a mother of two been one since i was 16 got two jobs and going to school im 20 and doin Damn good SO YOU SHOULDN’T JUDGE HER THIS IS ABOUT A BABY BOY WHO HAS DIED NOT ABOUT A YOUNG MOTHER SO GROW UP AND STOP ALWAYS THINKIN NEGATIVE

    3. Kiwanna Kiki Brown says:

      What does her assist from the government have to do with the fact that a mother has lost her child. Simply minded people are so stupid you just basically look pass the issue at hand a child is dead and the family wants answers.

  4. Inoris ramos says:

    God bless that boy why he was just a baby i pray to there family and i hope they get who ever did that and front justice for the thing he did .

  5. mimi says:

    The issue here peopple is the child yes we all know that the system sucks and yes we all agree that a 16 year old should not be having kids but all that is irrelevant here what is important here WHY did this little boy died WHY? and HOW? Who is responsible for this , this is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BJ McLaughlin says:

    It’s tragic what’s happening in these poverty stricken neighborhoods. Babies are being cranked out like hot dogs by illiterate, unemployed, welfare recipients, often with an unknown father. They receive little or no parenting or are left in the “care” of dangerously unqualified people, and then people wring their hands and wail when so many of them end up selling or being addicted to drugs, in prison or dead. Another innocent life thrown away.

  7. Samantha says:

    Its not about her age in why she had a baby in who pay for what its about that baby who lost his life so have a heart for him in his family may god bless u in the way u think

  8. Maia says:

    It’s not all to do with parenting skills, you could be the greatest parent but if your in bad company all the time (friends) your bound to learn from them! But that is besides the point the girl put her trust in a nursery to take care of her child n the child is dead, that could have happened to anyone!!!

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