MIAMI ( – When Aliette Vazquez was dealt a setback with a debilitating condition, she didn’t give up, but instead turned it into a program she will help others be safer and looked fashionable while doing so.

It started in 2004 when Ali was returning home from an event and began to feel odd. She ended up crashing her car into a van and one week later was diagnosed with epilepsy.

“I wasn’t use to doctors and hospitals and medicine so my life changed drastically,” Vazquez said.

One way Ali’s life changed was that she now had to wear a medical tag which alerted emergency responders to her condition. But Ali had a passion for fashion and the traditional medical bracelet did not meet her stylish needs.

“There has to be someone with some sense of fashion who came up with this; and then finally I thought ‘ya know what! I’ll do it,’” she said.

So Ali teamed up with a jewelry designer and created chic and stylish bracelets for her company, Medirocks.

“We wanted to launch the line rocker chic,” Vazquez said. “In the back is where you can engrave all your medical information.”

They each have a plate in gold, silver or matte on which the appropriate medical symbol is engraved. Along with an adult line, Ali also created bracelets for kids. They each come with 10 silly bands. So they’re practical fun. She personalizes each child’s bracelet to whatever allergy they may have.

“With every purchase they receive a personalized medical ID card,” Vazquez said.

Ali said the bracelets are the way she’s turning her diagnosis into a opportunity to help others.

“I think its important to say this happened to me so this is a part of me a new element of me, embrace it love it.”

The bracelets run from $75 to $85. The children’s bracelets are $20. For more information on Medirocks, click here.


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