Miami Police: Mother Of Abandoned Toddler Found In Hospital

MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami Police have many questions for Glenda Robinson after finding her alive and well in the hospital.

Miami Police said Robinson’s son, thought to named either Joshua or Steven, was dropped off at a drunk neighbor’s apartment because his mother, Glenda Robinson, said she was going to get “high.”

“It’s our understanding is that she’s out there having a good time,” Detective Willie Moreno of Miami Police said. “Whether it be alcohol or drugs; she’s out there having a good ole’ time herself.”

The boy’s identity is still unknown, as is his age.

“She hasn’t even bother to inquire as to the status of her own son,” Moreno said. “This is amazing. I guess she’s really trying hard, not to get the mother of the year award.”

During a dependency hearing on Tuesday, different family members gave different answers to the boy’s age and name.

The boy is officially named John Doe due to the uncertainty surrounding the boy. A man claiming to be his father, but not on a birth certificate he produced appeared at the hearing and so did a woman claiming to be a grandmother.

Both seemed to know little about the boy, each giving two different birth dates.

Tuesday’s hearing revealed the state has removed four children from the mother in the past. All of those children are up for adoption now.

With the uncertainty, the judge ordered DNA testing on the man claiming to be the father. If he’s proven to be the dad, the court will consider returning the boy to him.

“I love him and he’s going to be with me,” said Jairo Reyes. He said he was confident that he would get his son back.

Another hearing has been scheduled for July 20th when the judge hearing the case hopes to have things figured out and the boy back home with his family.

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