FT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – An Oakland Park wedding planner is out on bond after she allegedly helped her teenaged daughter attack another teen with a baseball bat, stab her with a knife, and for good measure, allegedly slam the victim’s 8 week old puppy to the ground.

46-year-old Naomie Jeanite of Oakland Park and her 17-year-old daughter, Veronica Valeur, were both charged with aggravated battery, and the teen was also charged with animal cruelty for her role in the attack.

Jeanite was released on $25 thousand bond, and told to stay away from weapons and the teen she allegedly attacked, who is one of her neighbors.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said the attack was the latest incident in an ongoing argument between the two neighboring families that escalated Tuesday.

Deputies were called to the Oakland Park neighborhood, and when they arrived, saw Jeanite wielding a bat against a group of 4 teens, including their 15-year-old neighbor, Jobenia Kirksey.

Deputies said Kirksey claimed Jeanine hit her in the stomach with the red metal bat, and then Valeur stabbed her two times with a knife, once in each arm.

“They say she was defending her child, but I think that was a crazy move,” said Jobeina’s sister, Felicia Haines. “She said my sister hit her with a bat, that is not true.”

Watching the whole thing was Kirksey’s 8-week-old puppy. BSO said Valeur picked the dog up, and then, slammed it to the ground.

Kirksey told investigators the attack started after Jeanite pulled up to her home as she walked with three relatives, and made an obscene gesture in her direction. Then, Kirksey said, Jeanite went into her apartment and came back with the bat and her daughter.

The arrest form said Jeanite admitted she armed herself with the bat and confronted the teens when she saw them hitting her van, and while she admitted her daughter did attack Kirksey with a knife, she denied hitting the girl with a bat.

Kirksey was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries, and BSO said the bulldog was not hurt.

Jeanite’s brother paid for her bond and said that it was actually the 15-year-old who was stabbed and three other people with her who were the aggressors. He said one had a baseball bat, one had a stick, and when he niece saw that, she ran for a knife.

Valeur remains in juvenile detention as of Thursday evening.

Comments (10)
  1. Danny says:

    is it just me, or does this article seem to emphasize the attack on the stupid dog, rather than the young girl who was stabbed and beaten with a bat?

    1. adlo says:

      YES IT SHOULD DEFINITELY READ: Broward Mom, Teen Charged After Stabbing Another Teen!!

    2. sellous says:

      As far as I see they are all women let them kill each other, no harm done, women always in the right!

      According to the law only men are violent, no woman every guilty of domestic violence, the man always in the wrong.

      I just hope these prosecutors, police officers and judges who always want to see innocent men in jail, get a dose of their own medicine.These women are crazy, especially black women, the false and dead people’s hair they wear really eating their brains out.

      For all you who are ready to cry racist, I am 100 % black

  2. bonnie says:

    omg…here we go again for ANIMAL ABUSE….what is the difference if it was the dog or the human…its cruel to both…except the dog attack is a lesser crime???? why??? we need to start standing up for these animals….they cant by themselves….

  3. Rob says:

    No, I care more about the helpless puppy than some stupid adult humans that want to kill each other. Let them kill each other, leave the animal alone.

    1. Chris says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more here. These people choose this type of behavior for themselves. A poor innocent creature shouldn’t be dragged into it. It is quite likely that the dog was probably acting the most humane out of the bunch.

  4. Ramon says:

    The charges for the attack on the teen will be dropped, but they will go after her hard for attacking the dog

  5. Ray Alder says:

    Damn right, Idiot Rob. That 8-week old pup might have grown up to be a research and find a cure for cancer. You could find a young human in any animal shelter and care for “it”through life without hope of “it” ever being anything but needy and dependent and make animal-lover Rob feel magnanimous and important for caring about animals over humans. Jerk.

  6. Chris says:

    @Ray, I happen to agree with Rob!!! These people obviously have no respect for themselves, they choose to be violent. All of them were looking for trouble. The article very clearly states that there was an ongoing argument between these families. An 8 week old puppy is defenseless and unable to make decisions for itself, I also seriously doubt it was posing any threat at all.

    1. Ray Alder says:

      Chris, yours is a very balanced and reasonable take on the situation. Still, we should never elevate a pet, however lovable, above an unformed teenager, said teenager being likely, with the proper intervention, to one day discover a cure for a malady that could well save human lives, including yours and mine and Rob’s. What if you find out your doctor was once a juvenile delinquent who was inspiringly reformed? Would you disown his treatment and asked to be tended instead by a lovable pooch? No child, despite its parenting, is a lost cause. Peace to you, Ray.

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