Grove Dispute Ends With Molotov Cocktail Thrown Through Window

COCONUT GROVE (CBS4) – A less than neighborly dispute in south Coconut Grove ended with a man allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail through a wheelchair bound man’s window.

It happened Sunday morning on Grand Avenue at SW 32nd Avenue. Miami Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Ignatius Carroll said the wheelchair bound man had been arguing with man who lives in the next building over when the man broke the window in the wheelchair bound man’s residence. He then reportedly threw a flaming container through it.

The man in the wheelchair, who lives with his sister and her two children, screamed for help and they wheeled him out of the room. Once safely outside, the man told police who was responsible and witnesses backed up his statement. Police located the man, whose name has not been released, and charged him with arson.

  • Chucky

    This is just the best! How does this stuff happen?!

    A molotov! I thought they fell out of fashion with the passing of the Russian Revolution! I guess not…resurrected in the ‘Grove. WOW!

    I don’t know; maybe people in my comunity are too socially responsble, exemplify too high a degree of social etiquette. Nobody would think to do something like this.

    Gee, I lead a mundane life by comparison.

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