ORLANDO (CBS4)- Defense attorneys for a Florida mother charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter showed jurors several photos on Friday that they hope bolster their argument that the toddler drowned and wasn’t murdered.

Casey Anthony’s attorneys showed photos of her daughter Caylee climbing a ladder into an above-ground pool at the family’s home as her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, supported her from behind.

From the witness stand, Cindy Anthony testified that Caylee was able to open a sliding glass door that led to the backyard pool.

“Even at that point, she could even climb into the pool,” Cindy Anthony said when shown a photo.

Casey Anthony’s attorneys contend that Caylee drowned in the pool and that her mother didn’t kill her.

Casey Anthony, 25, wiped away tears while a video of her playing with the girl was viewed by the jury during her mother’s testimony.

Prosecutors have argued Casey Anthony suffocated her daughter in June 2008. She didn’t report the girl missing for 31 days.

Later Friday, Casey Anthony’s brother, Lee, testified about stains found in the trunk of his sister’s car. Cindy Anthony also has testified about the stains, saying they were present when the family bought the car in 2000.

Prosecutors claim the child’s body was in the car trunk and then dumped near the Anthonys’ home in Orlando in a wooded area, where Caylee’s remains were found nearly six months after she disappeared. They have presented extensive evidence of human decomposition in the car trunk, including stains.

Lee Anthony started crying on the witness stand when he recalled how he didn’t go to the hospital for his niece’s birth. He said he was angry at his sister and mother for not directly confiding in him about Casey Anthony’s pregnancy.

On Thursday, Cindy Anthony’s testimony directly contradicted prosecutors’ theory that Casey Anthony was the one who made Internet searches about chloroform, a chemical compound that can be used to knock someone unconscious and also is found in human decomposition.

Earlier in the trial, a medical examiner testified that even a small amount of chloroform would be sufficient to cause a child’s death.

Casey Anthony has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and could face the death penalty if convicted of that charge.

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Comments (8)
  1. m says:

    Who the hell leaves the ladder to an above ground pool on????? Especially when there are small kids around. STUPIDITY!!!!!

  2. MrsMorales says:

    It appears thsi whole family are a bunch of degenerates

  3. Margaret says:

    It is quite clear that her mother lied to keep her daughter from receiving the death penalty. She can’t remember researching 80 times the word “Chloroform?” It makes the mother just as great a liar as her daughter. It would be a shame if this jury came back with a. “Not guilty” verdict.

    Caesy Anthony is a murderer and should not get away with it. Who waits over 30 days to report their child missing? Please…….

  4. brigitte says:

    Even if the child drowned in the swimming pool, why didnt they report it and how did the child’s skeleton end up in the woods if the Anthony family didnt put it there? The entire family is lying, including Cindy Anthony.

  5. michellefrommadison says:

    The only thing missing in the Caylee Anthony murder trial appears to be a murder. Clearly looks like a malicious-prosecution case from the prosecution. Hopefully the prosecution receives a penalty comparable to the death penalty since they are the only ones who committed crimes related to a person’s livability in this case.

    1. bonnie says:

      Dont know if the Federal Prisons has enough room in Florida for all that should be there.

  6. observerfromupnorth says:

    If you look at the pictures the child had on a safety vest, people who know how to care for children to include a life vest and the ability to have a removable ladder do not just forget one day not to be secure with it. Cindy is just trying to spare her daughters life any parent would do that except Casey, she has told so many different stories and lies even her own attorney is trying to throw the case for retrial, it is a joke. First off you don’t go around living your life as if nothing has happened knowing there was no sitter, no mother would not know where their child age 2 was for one minute let alone for 30 days. I hope this jury is not a stupid as casey and her attorney believe they are.

  7. observerfromupnorth says:

    Seems they were that stupid.

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