FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Thursday was a bitter-sweet day for thousands of school kids in Broward. Not only was it the last day of school but it was also the last on the job for some of their favorite teachers.

Due to a $141 million dollar budget gap, 1,400 teachers were pink slipped at the end of this school year.

At Everglades High School, ten teachers have been told they may be out of work, including band director Marcos Rodriguez.

“If you would have managed your money properly, we wouldn’t be in this situation,” Rodriguez said as he lashed out at the Broward School Board. “You don’t take a head coach and replace him, you need stability in a band program.”

Rodriguez has one glimmer of hop, if no one fills his position, he can re-apply for his job.

Others are not so lucky. Seven hundred of the teaching positions eliminated were hires from last year paid for by stimulus dollars. Those teachers were told those were one-time dollars and they likely would not be re-hired.

The other 700 job cuts were 1st and 2nd year teachers. Unlike in years past, this year there was not enough money to hire them.

But the bad news for Broward’s teachers doesn’t end there. Hundreds of teachers are expected to be ‘surplused’ – meaning they will get to keep their jobs but they will be teaching at a new school and possibly a new subject. Also they, along with school administrators and staff, may have to take up to two weeks of unpaid time off.

Students, the one’s who will be impacted the most by the cuts, were upset at the thought of losing their favorite teachers.

“You can feel stuck because if you lose a teacher that has helped you, you’re not moving forward,” said freshman Jorge Hernandez.

And parents are just as worried about the state of the schools as the students and teachers.

“If you’re going to have fewer teachers, you will be in worse shape,” lamented one parent.

Broward Schools indicated that by the end of the month, they will know how many teachers will be returning to the classroom and how many will be collecting unemployment.
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Comments (14)
  1. Luis Bonilla says:

    wow. this is f’ed up. 1400 teachers less to educate are schools = more crowded classrooms. All becuase the corrupted politicians, commissioner and city employees mismanaged funds.

    1. chet says:

      You’re 100% right, it’s a sad day when 1400 souls lose their jobs because of the incompetence of a handful of the upper management who I might add still have their jobs!

  2. j zapata says:

    no1 does anything, until the american people wake up and fight back against this corrupt government nothing will be solved. research the pineal gland and find out why flouride is really added to our water. wake up people.

    1. TacoTimmy says:

      I would never drink the water in this area number one. Number two, get some English lessons and number three, all government is corrupt; don’t you know this by now? There is no solution to corruption except during voting time. Nothing will help. See ya.

  3. rj says:

    Where’s all the Lottery money going?

    1. Bernice Witherspoon says:

      My guess would be that the lottery money is lining the pockets of our elected offiicials’ $1500.00 suits!

    2. Richard Simmons says:

      I just won the Powerball!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bernice Witherspoon says:

    Speechless! There are truly no words for this.

  5. Rosie Santos says:

    This is horrible. We can spend MILLIONS on the Marlin Stadium, but we have to fire our teachers. Our elected officials are doing a horrible job! HORRIBLE.


    RODRIGUEZ SHUT UP!!!!!! You knew that you were only being hired for one year! Speaking of Everglades though, why do they have like 6 or 7 assistant principals??? They get paid over $80,000 a year EACH!! You can save 2 teachers per each assistant principal….COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT!!

  7. Mama Popeye says:

    You really think Rodriguez is looking here. mmmm hmmm. Child you nuts!

  8. Jack says:

    After doing my math, I see that the 1400 teachers only add up to around 70 mil ($50K/teacher avg.) How are we gong to get the other 70 mil. How about full disclosure Broward County School Board!

    1. Polly says:

      Taxes, retained teachers doing multiple jobs without a raise, worse lunches, less bus service. A real jacked up situation.

  9. Hello says:

    This is part of the plan. Broward is being used to prove a point!

    Broward will hire these teachers back before August 22 because they will need teachers for the students. The only difference is the district is going to keep these people on either a yearly contract or on sub wages so that they don’t have to pay their benefits and the other “perks” teachers get. Another option is these “pink slip” teachers are going to replace whoever doesn’t meet the expectations for the merit pay.

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