MIRAMAR (CBS4) – One person is dead, a second critically injured, after a crash involving two motorcycles and car on the Florida Turnpike.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the motorcyclists were traveling southbound at high rate of speed Sunday evening when one of them hit a car near Red Road. The motorcyclist bounced off the car and hit the second motorcycle.

The FHP said one man went flying off bike; he died on the scene. The second rider was rushed to Broward General Medical Center in critical condition.

The driver of the car, who waited for the authorities after the crash, was not at fault and will not face any charges.

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  1. DJ says:

    More S. Florida boys making themselves into meatloaf. You can’t teach them, so this is the natural course. These two guys were racing, they are always racing… every time you see more than 1 they are racing. I got hit by one and of course he had no insurance and tried to lie and say I hit him but I had pictures of the SIDE of my car getting hit which was him coming into me. The judge almost charged him with perjury.

    What makes me most sad is some family somewhere who thought little Johnny here was a good kid had no idea about his excessive combative driving on the roads, and will forever defend him as an angel taken to heaven too early. No, not so much. Sorry.

  2. ian curtis says:

    I ride a motorcycle, and when i was young (reads stupid) i took my racing to a proper race track, and did so for a few years , i am now nearly 46 still riding but in a manner suitable for florida highways….

  3. Racerboy221 says:

    “Step In Da’ Gas” is a nothing more than a murderous thug awaiting the chance to commit a crime against another person. I suppose if someone in a car who crashed was thrown out and left on the road, you’d want to run over them for kicks as well? What a truly sad and compassion-free individual. There is a special place in Hell reserved just for you.

    1. BLOSSOM says:

      I agree with you definitely.

  4. BLOSSOM says:


  5. Just Don says:

    I wish these riders would stop the speeding and more importantly getting killed. It makes it so much harder for responsible cyclists to convince their families that riding a motorcycle in south Florida is not a death sentence. I have logged more than 33 thousand miles riding to work on I-75 and the Turnpike from Sunrise to south Miami without incident. Sure there are some crazy drivers out there but if you are alert, drive defensively, and at reasonable speed and following distance it’s not so scary. Granted, if a car flat runs your butt over, it’s gonna leave a mark!

  6. he made an impression" says:

    I agree w/Blossom & Racerboy! I had the pleasure & honor of working w/the gentleman that was killed he was definitely a good guy! Do I condone the speeding? No I don’t but trust he will be greatly missed! R.I.P my friend.

  7. the family of the victim says:

    thanks for all the comments good nd bad but we have lost a truly good human in our family. My cousin was a very good honest nd hard working man. None of u can judge him being that none of u knew him. My cousin died a horrific death nd the family has to deal with his lost. For the record my cousin was not racing it was an accident a fatal one at that. And yes I love my cousin nd to us he is an Angel that has gotten his wings. May God bless u all!

  8. Captain says:

    Drew… We will miss you greatly. It’s very disturbing to hear others, who did not know you, make such unkind comments, You have many family, friends, coworkers and clients who will miss you very much. You were an outstanding young man that showed great kindness in all you did such as saving the life of another human being. If it had not been for you she would not be alive today. May God receive you as the world mourns it’s loss.

  9. Eddie says:

    It’s so easy to make ignorant comments about someone we don’t knnow… Like a lot of airbone 11B, Drew thought he was invincible. he didn’t get scared when he was jumping out planes and he didn’t get scared when he was riding his bike. I am proud to have met you, my friend. You left a lot of good memories behind and you affected so many people in so many ways. Some, including me, even accused you of being too GENEROUS with your time and your goodness, but you wouldn’t do it any other way. You served your country and your community proudly. You didn’t hesitate to save someone life and I bet your family never knew about it’….because that ‘s you were. I know your parents did a great job and they should be proud. You will truly be missed. You left a void that will never be filled.

    1. Low Rider says:

      For Family of the Victim and Captain you have my condolences but just so you and others know the truth I was there. I saw it. They passed me 5 – 8 seconds before the accident. There were 4 crotch rockets racing (yes they were racing and frankly they were endandering other innocent drivers) and they were all splitting traffic. I was driving next to a white car in my van pulling a tralier with my motorcycle on it (I’m a rider too and I know what I’m talking about as I’ve ridden for more than 30 years) and those 4 riders were easily going over 100 mph and more likely pushing 120. They came up lightening fast – first two then the other two a few heartbeats behind them – and all four of them split between my car and the white car then split the two cars in front of us. They scared the helll out of me. They never came off the throttle or hit their brakes. I just got the words out of my mouth that “those guys are going to kill themselves” when the car in front of me hit his brakes and turned on his 4 ways and my wife said she saw smoke ahead. Then she screamed when she was what was happening (she is a rider too) but we didn’t see the actual impact (thank God) as we were screened by the cars in front us. In less than 3 seconds we were up to the crash and one boy was down in the road flat out not moving and likely the fatality with his helmet still on. I could not see the other victim (I think he was wrapped around his bike) but I saw his helmet aboiut 30 yards away. Both bikes were mangled and the other two riders were just stopping and turning around to come back (the wrong way down the exit road). As I did not see the actual moment of impact – just them speeding by and the aftermath – I don’t know for sure but it looked like there were tying to make the exit. The back two riders (the two invovled in the accident) were lagging the front two and they were clearling trying to catch up and they may not have seen the other two make the exit and then tried to react too late. At over 100 mph there simply is no room for errot. I did not know one bounced off a car until I read the story above but I told my wife that is what probably happened last night and then he took out the other bike. What I saw was certainly consistent with that. As I drove up pieces of the bike were still coming down from the air and rolliing down the road so it had literally just happened. My youngest daugher was in the car and was asking what happened but I did not want her to see more than she already had so I kept moving down the road. I called 911 and they put me onto FHP and I told them what happened and to send a mercy flight immediately. By then I had rolled by the accident and I had a trailer and could not back up but people were pouring out of other cars to help. We feel so bad for the family. These kids just had too much speed on their hands. I don’t know old he was – may God keep him but i’m sure he was young – but it was so avoidable and unnecessary. Neither my wife nor I slept much last night. I will not soon forget that horrific scene. The other three riders deserve at least some of the blame (one is clearly suffering physically because of what happened) but they were all racing and splitting traffic. If those two in front were the elders and they put younger riders at risk by egging them on to race then they have to live with that for the rest of their lives. My guess is that 95% of motorcycle fatalities are caused by kids on crotch rockets like these kids with more bike than they can responsibly handle or idiots who drink then ride. Not saying they were drinking but they were hot dogging and going insanely fast. I feel so bad for their folks – no parent should ever get such news. For the record Step on ‘Da Gas is a moron beyond comprehension – watch what you say buddy because fate is wicked.

      1. Eddie says:

        Thank you for sharing the story in a mature way. Drew made a mistake that cost his life and hopefully, other riders will learn from it and save their family and friends that pain. I will always remember you and I couldn’t have met a kinder guy than you.

      2. DJ says:

        Agreed great narrative and brings this into perspective. I got to see one of these in the summer of ’95, southbound on I95. Couple of racers and then an accident. I came upon it about 2 minutes after it occurred. There was nothing we could do for him. His neck was broken. His buddy took off. I remember describing the bike to FHP. Don’t know what ever came of the buddy.

        Then the kid who hit me. Trying to squeeze in a tiny gap between me and the back of a truck he was approaching and instead came right into the side of my car. I don’t get it. But until they stop, the natural way of things will play out.

        My earlier comment may seem unsympathetic, but I’ll tell you this: The kid who hit me did so 1 month before Christmas. Why should I have to live with adult, mature feelings of guilt (my car would kill him before Xmas, even if it was his fault) when the kids have not a care in the world for us?

      3. Vanessa Benitez says:

        I am so sorry you guys hadto witness that but I am glad you are able to give this account so that people can see both sides- you can be a God fearing, loving, responsible, generous person and still act very selfishly and make mistakes. I hope that his racing buddies see this account and think about you and their friend and other drivers on the road before making the same mistake.

  10. Alissa says:

    I am proud to have you ^ as my father dad. Not many people who witness accidents take the time to speak up. It’s your sincerity that sets you apart from others, you can’t expect everyone to have obtained that trait I guess. I feel for the family of this young man and I am sorry for your loss. It makes me sad because my parents are riders too and I couldnt imagine my life without them.

  11. family of the victim says:

    thank u so much for this detailed description of what on 6/5/11. Andrew Toussaint was the fatality and he was my cousin but we were more like sister and brother. Andrew would have been 31 on 6/15/11 and has a son to be born in Sept. He was a sweetheart always smiling and always happy. We never really saw him have to many bad days. He served our country for years and would give u the shirt off of his back if u needed it. His mom passed in 1988 and my grandparents raised him as a God-fearing man who knew right from wrong. He has gone home to his maker and I truly pray I will see him again!
    His funeral services will be Sat. June 11, 2011 the time and place has not yet been decided but I will update as the family finalizes the decision this week!

  12. Low Rider says:

    He sounds like a really good guy and it only makes what happened more tragic. Which bike was he riding the yellow bike or the red one? Was he the one at the scene with the helmet on or off? It is just a shame that a guy who was a veteran with his whole life ahead of him has this happen. What happened to the other guy that got hurt? There were two other bikes were they friends too?

  13. BC says:

    Andrew was a great coworker and friend. His friendly and caring nature made him a great man. You will never be forgotten and thank you for the opportunity to briefly work with you and for the friendship you shared.

    1. BC says:

      BTW had the comment from step on the gas removed.

  14. JJ says:

    Drew was my friend/co worker and I think it was very stupid of him to be racing or even speeding on his motorcycle and sadly he paid for it with his life! Thank God no one in the car was hurt but after reading those comments prior that was really rude and disrespectful isnt loosing ones life enough No ignorant ass ppl have to slander a person name…Drew served in the military to protect ppl like you and me and although he committed a huge mistake he deserves respect like anyone else…no he wasnt a thug but a humam being and soon to be father…WE NEED TO DO BETTER EDUCATING PPL ABOUT MOTORCYCLES AND THE DANGER OF THEM INSTEAD OF LAUGHING …”MEATLOAF” what kind of person would talk like that…he left a family behind off a stupid mistake that cost him his life…and to think he served and protected a country of ppl like you with no respect!

    1. DJ says:

      JJ, sorry if you were offended. Meatloaf was a term we used years ago.

      You keep saying he made a mistake and paid for it with his life. Well, yes, and other lives are affected too. For as good a guy as he was, he was a juvenile immature person, and perhaps that balanced out all the redeeming traits you speak of.

      He not only put himself in grave danger, but all of the people around him on that highway that night. Is anyone really “lucky” that he only hurt himself? No, of course not, and shame on you for suggesting it. I’ve been up close to these guys, and have been hit by them. Believe it or not I’m angry at them for putting me (and others) in these dangerous situations such that the driver of that car and those others involved have to live with it.

      1. Vanessa Benitez says:

        DJ, I agree. We have so many of these racers around my area.As nice and wonderful a person he may have been, I’m sorry to say better him than someone else who was actually driving somewhere and abiding and respecting the laws. I have two beautiful gorgeous sweet and completely innocent little girls who I have feared for on more than one occasion. What about my right as a mother to drive my girls to a park without fearing for my life or theirs? I cannot even give a number to the times I have had to pull over or put on my hazards and just grip my steering wheel as one of these punks sped by my car. What about my girls? What about other innocent drivers out there? What about the good hearted people who cant sleep at night after witnessing one of their accidents? Go start your own city, build your own roads and race eachother there. Some of us are grateful and happy to be ALIVE!




    “the motorcyclists were traveling southbound at high rate of speed ”

    What else is new?!

    Dumbest Bumper Sticker Award: Check Twice for Motorcycles. If theyd slow down to 80, maybe I’d be able to see them. Maybe if theyd stay in their lane and obey the same laws.

    F motorcyclists.

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