MIAMI ( – The attorneys for a South Florida man who was accused of molesting a seven-year-old girl and later not prosecuted by the state issued a statement Saturday.

Robert N. Pelier and Glenn Goldstein, attorneys of Julius Dupree of Homestead, said: “Justice has been done.  The prosecution has determined that they cannot proceed in good faith against our client. This sheds  light on the lies and false witness concocted by this person who despite receiving nothing but love and nurturing from our client and his family, has used her child as a pawn for financial gain and the malicious destruction of our client and family; pillars of our community.”

The Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office announced Friday that Dupree, who was arrested on molestation charges earlier this year, would not be prosecuted at the present time because the charges couldn’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

The State Attorney’s Office said that when the victim was forensically interviewed, the victim “only reluctantly provided details about the alleged incidents.” The SAO also said there was no physical evidence; and no DNA available when an examination was performed on May 13, since the last alleged incident occurred in March 2011.

According to the SAO, the victim’s mother had been fired from a job at the daycare center owned by Dupree’s wife. The wife “would testify that the victim’s mother had been terminated from employment because of the victim’s mothers own legal issues.”

The SAO also said that when the victim’s mother was terminated, her boyfriend broke up with her after he found out about her criminal past. The state attorney’s office also pointed out that the victim’s mother had told detectives that she was still employed by the defendant’s family.

All of that pointed to credibility problems for the mother and that “a skilled defense attorney would use these witnesses to try to convince a jury that the victim’s mother had motive to persuade her daughter to fabricate the allegations in retribution for ‘ruining her life,’” the state attorney’s office said.

The SAO also pointed to an incident that it described as “perplexing” regarding the victim’s mother. According to the state attorney’s office, the victim’s mom said she had a recording of a call from the defendant that told her “something to the effect of ‘the voodoo made me do it,’ or ‘it didn’t happen.’”

When investigators asked for the recording, the victim’s mother told investigators that it had been erased and was subsequently unable to provide it, according to the state attorney’s office.

After the news, Dupree’s attorneys said, “We are extremely satisfied with the professionalism, fairness and scrutiny that the State attorney’s office afforded these scurillous allegations in arriving at the truth.  Allegations such as these are extremely grave and pose irreversible consequences.”

They also said that an apology would be appropriate to Dupree.

“This alleged complainant should apologize to our client, her child and the community at large for her abhorrent behavior,” the statement said.

The state did note in their announcement that while it has decided not to move forward with charges at this time, it would continue to investigate the incident and if any additional evidence is discovered that could support charges, the state will revisit its decision.

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  1. Carol says:

    He will get away with it this time but he will do it again and again.

    1. sellous says:

      I need not ask if you are one of these wicked women out there,

      You know who you are, you weren’t there, you don’t know if this man is guilty or not but yet you passing judgment!

      One thing I will say to you heartless wicked women out there, God is not asleep! If a man commits a crime, time will catch up on him and believe me he will have to face the heat ten times hotter, but when you continue to messed up the lives of men with lies, WOE! unto you when the table is turned, God is not asleep and no sin goes unpunished.

    2. standstrong says:

      Carol, you’re such a supporter of this mess, but yet you were not present at any court appearances? Im glad the SAO seen through this crap! But it’s a shame Dupree life is messed up! But I will continue to keep praying for her and Dupree.

  2. sellous says:

    My question to the State Attorney’s Office, the Police officer who arrested this man and others who helped to tarnished the good name, character and reputation of this man,

    What will you all do to this woman? are you going let her go scotch free so that she can do the same thing to others? she should be behind bars as we speak without bond.

    I wish the State Attorney’s officer had acted wisely in my situation when my estranged wife came to my place attacked me then lied about it. Detective Shannon Walton came 8 months after the alleged incident questioned me about the it, I explained exactly what happened with every word to prove that I am the victim and that this woman has been stalking me for the past 10 years we been living apart.

    Yet this wicked police officer Detective Shannon Walton in an attempt to cover up for one of her co-worker who was physically abusing my son at a so called Christian military school, charged me with Burglary, Aggravated Assault and Battery.

    They had me in jail for three long months with out Bond, even when bond was granted Officer Walton and others within the system conspired and entered no bond granted, that false entry caused me to stay in jail another three weeks, as Judge Haig who issued the bond order had gone on vacation.

    After realizing that the State Attorney’s Office, Officer Shannon Walton and others weren’t telling the truth, Judge Haig was so bad, yet the State Attorney’s Office refused to drop the case

    If it wasn’t for the Most Honorable Judge Bagley along this wonderful, God sent Public Defender Mr. Guy Robinson I would be behind bars 30 years to life for something falsely reported and zealously pursued by a corrupt Police Officer, who just wanted to silence me for trying expose the DCF and one of her co-worker for abuse and neglect of a minor.

    I just hope someday, someone, somewhere will resurrect this case so that Officer Shannon Walton can be investigated for misconduct and other irregularities.

    Some of these people are wicked and should be charged and sentenced for the duration of the crime they falsely accuse others of, no less no more, if the accused would get 30 years on that charged, the false accuser should get the same 30 years. That will send a strong lesson to all these wicked people, especially women who are pretending to be victims, when they are they culprits, the very ones that are violent and are using the system. These women know quite well that as long as they say, he did! The man is hauled to jail.

    Do you know how many innocent men get deported from this country due to false domestic violence accusations and false child abuse claims?.

    As soon as these women want a new man, they make false claim of domestic violence and as soon as the man gets arrested another man in the house. May God have mercy on us, but some of you women are going suffer for these wicked acts against men.

  3. Buz Bowen says:

    The state did note in their announcement that while it has decided not to move forward with charges at this time, it would continue to investigate the incident and if any additional evidence is discovered that could support charges, the state will revisit its decision
    squirmed their way out of a bad arrest, theSAO can go on with her life butthis will follow him for ever, sue them moter and the SAO

  4. amer says:

    thank god, the media need to stop rushing to report a story with no dupree, and the rest of our family dont desire what this evil woman tried to do. the state need to find out about her leaving her child on in front of the bady father house d c f investigate this where is all her kids take her little girl she dont needs kids, she need to be put away in jail for lying

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