Uncle Luke, Co-Founder Of Urban Beach Week, No Longer Attends Event

MIAMI (CBS4) – Although he was one of the early pioneers of Miami Beach’s Memorial Day hip hop extravaganza, even Luther Campbell says he no longer makes his way to South Beach during that weekend because it’s become too rowdy.

“Just walk the streets, get drunk, be rowdy, go to jail,” Campbell told CBS4’s Jim DeFede in describing what the event has become. “Me personally I wouldn’t even go over there. I haven’t been there probably in the last two or three years. “

Campbell has a long history with the affair. Initially the weekend started in the Nineties as a fashion event for designers geared toward the African-American community. It continued to build over the years, with as many as 250,000 people descending on Miami Beach for the long weekend.

In 2001, however, the event went out of control – with fights breaking out on city streets. The police were overwhelmed. Campbell and others rallied to the city with offers of help. Their argument was simple: South Beach clubs can only hold 7,000 people so events need to be planned for those who can’t get into the clubs.


Initially, he said, those efforts worked. But in recent years the city has frowned on large events and the weekend returned to its troubled past.

“The people that were originally coming down here were young professionals,” he said. “Then it became this free-for-all for the last five years where it became kids, thugs that type of element.”

This year the event ended in a barrage of gunfire. One person was killed in the melee that saw a dozen cops firing more than 100 rounds at the driver of a car that allegedly attempted to run down five police officers.

For many residents on South Beach, the Wild West scene was a call to action.

“It’s definitely something that has to end, after a decade of this we just need to say goodbye,” said Peter Tapia, a Miami Beach resident who created a Facebook page dedicated to ending the hip hop weekend street party.

In the first 24 hours more than 1,500 people signed up on his page. Currently there are nearly 4,000. Tapia and others are organizing a rally in front of Miami Beach City Hall Friday at 6 pm.

“It should not be on our streets, it’s just devastating,” Tapia said of the street party. “There’s looting. I took pictures of dozens of cars windows that have been bashed in. There have been sexual acts in the street. I’ve seen women get groped and they just keep walking; there is nothing they can do.

“We have to be serious,” Tapia continued. “Due to the violence and the hoodlumness to this event, it tarnishes the city’s image. I’ve seen tourists say they will never come back.”

Not everyone on Miami Beach agrees.

“If something bad happened for Calle Ocho we wouldn’t shut that down, if something bad happened at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival we wouldn’t shut that down,” said graphic designer Jeff Borg. “But something bad happens during Urban Beach Weekend and a lot of people want to shut it down. I think we know where that coming from and I think that is not us.”

That notion of a racial component to the criticism makes the issue extremely difficult for city officials and critics of the event.

“It has nothing to do with being black and I think that is something we have to let people know and be clear about that because there is nothing racist about that,” Tapia said.

Campbell says the problem rests with Miami Beach officials. He argues the city needs to be more involved in the planning of the weekend’s activities. Instead, they simply line the streets with cops and hope for the best.

“When I look at the event it should be no different than the Essence Music Festival [in New Orleans],” Campbell offered. “There should be events, concerts, comedy shows at the Jackie Gleason Theater. There should be concerts at the convention center. There should be food tastings on the sand. There should be people like Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin along with some quality hip hop artists brought in to perform.”

He said if the city and event organizers did that, then it would attract the type of crowd Miami Beach would want. As it stands now, Campbell complained, Miami Beach officials are running the risk of creating the perception that blacks are not welcome on the Beach.

“What I am worried about is the backlash,” Campbell said. “You have cities around America where African Americans know that they are not wanted because of some racial statement or some sort of ordinance that was put in to prevent African Americans from coming to that city. I don’t want that to happen to my town.”

Adding to the explosive nature of this issue is an upcoming election. The mayor and several commissioners up for re-election in November and the future of Memorial Day Weekend will likely become a major political issue in this year’s election.

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  • Chucky...

    Whoa, the chaff here is so thick it’s difficult to see the horizon.

    I wouldn’t know where to begin on this one.

    I going to be a politically correct ostrich like Jeff Borg, and just bury my head up my butt.

    All I know is that I forgot about this stuff last year. There was a small swell running, so I drove down early and parked on the 5th floor of the airplane hanger on 7th and Collins’.

    I got down to street level and stepped out into the sunshine with my ‘board under my arm. Then, I took a look around…I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

    It wasn’t exactly Memorial Day in the USA.

    I felt like an alien…you know, the kind from another planet.

    • mcnertny

      You were in an alien culture,,english is a third language,,its the crime and drug capital of norte americano,just ask any ex resident or crime victem tourist

      • jake49


      • joe

        So why don’t you go to the Georgia beaches??? I heard they are very white! We don’t need your kind down here!

      • Jones

        Why shouldn’t the South Beach gay community pay for what they did to blacks?

        Thousands of black slaves, brought over in leaky wooden ships, all to produce the raw material (cotton) for the LGBLT’s community’s couture obsession….

      • Jones

        I don’t care what anyone says. I know Elton had slave ships…

      • Franklin

        yes i agree tanks and the Irateirishman com have the answer.

      • Fidel

        It’s the gosh darn commies!!!

  • Vimce

    Sound exactly like the same arguments before the labor day beach riots in Virginia Beach (early 1990′). OFficials stopped putting on events in an effort to keep all the black folk out. They still came, but simply walked the streets. with nothing to do…and we know what happens with idle simple minds…. RIOTS.

    • Hal McCombs

      So it was the “officials” fault that black people rioted. It’s not the thugs fault! The devil republicans made them do it.

      Get a grip. And spell your name right.

    • Matt

      It is the same in Hampton VA at Jazz Fest. Like clock work, a dozen fights and three stabbings.. EVERY YEAR

      • Aggie95


    • Martin

      That is a LAME argument. I am black and when I’m on vacation I don’t need some event to prevent me from criminal activity.

      For everyone else it isn’t black people doing this it is thugs and the disgusting thug culture within the black community. As has been reported, this event was not always violent and rowdy. Unfortunately, all black people have to bear the burden caused by these relatively few fools that always ruin everything.

      • neal

        Unfortunately Martin, you are going to get painted with that same brush because of the widespread prevalence of violence whenever large groups of blacks congregate. The thug culture promotes this kind of thing, and there are enough AAs who glorify it & give it street cred, and make it acceptable to act the fool. It’s not racist for the rest of America to say to the AA community– it’s time for you to get your own house in order. This starts when leaders and middle class blacks like yourself stand up & say “no more”.

      • mMichael32ga

        Middle class blacks are not responsible for anyone but themselves.Are you responsible for Timothy McVey? The fools that started trouble are responsible for their own actions. Yes it is racist to blame Martin or make him responsible. Using your logic, I could blame the state of Florida.

      • Michael32ga

        No need to apologize if you didn’t participate in the rowdy behavior. Those who participated in unlawful behavior should be held accountable. You represent only yourself.

      • truther

        Martin you (blacks) are 12% of the population and according to police reports are responsible for over 40% of the violent crimes in this country. Whats with that.

      • Lankey Gangsta

        And if I catch you the number will be 41%.

  • sniper bob

    Should be, not isn’t, so the answer is to GO to New Orelans and/or other places that HAVE these events. Obviously Miami Beach doesn’t!! BTW this Jeff Borg is just a victim waiting to happen. What a moron. Go pet some snakes while your at it.

    • TSA

      This event should be banned because its i nothing more than a haven for the thug culture to come and tarnis the image of Miami. This event, like others put on by young blacks, attract the worst of the worst among them and everyone is put in peril.

  • Jack

    OK. Lets say that this weekend cluster**** has nothing to do with being black. But it has everything to do with acceptable behavior.
    Maybe it is time to insist (with as much force as required) that people behave themselves.

    And if a lot of black people get arrested, lets make the assumption that they were arrested because of their behavior and not because of their skin color.

    Or do you want to absolve people of their crimes because of their skin color?

    • Hal McCombs

      Jack? To a leftist you just blasphemed. Blame someone for their own actions. Yeah, right.

    • NoWay

      We do it all the time…did you know that illegal aliens get a free pass on identity theft and other crimes that would land me in jail??

    • Martin

      Jazz Fest in Atlanta every year and NEVER any of these kind of problems.




    • O'Reheheally

      I’m replying to Martin – do you expect anyone to believe that a jazz festival brings in the same kind of crowd as a hip-hop beach festival? Get real.

    • Will kane

      Every year in Salem at The Willows there is a gathering of black people and I don’t ever remember an issue in over forty years. I’m white and I use to go there for a chop suey sandwich and never had an issue. Maybe because there was no alcohol involved or because it was not a gangsta type of event.

      That said you are not entirely wrong, but it is because of all government agencies trying to be politically correct or are just plain afraid of having the NAACP come to town.

    • borntobepolitical

      You speak the truth grasshopper

    • borntobepolitical

      Try an all black cemetery

    • borntobepolitical

      That would be about 50/50 white Volvo drivers and 60 year old black people in dashikis, apples and oranges

      Yes, that is stereotyping but so is the fact that this particular party draws uncivilized hoodlums.

    • oh really

      name one you say million man march,over a million blacks gathered under louis farrakon in d.c in 1999.the goverment were so affraid they actual shut down for that whole day wooooooooooooooooow.not one !!!!!! let me say it again not one act of violence with a million blacks gathered together.look it up ,thats the most ever black gathering in american history and yet not one act of violence.now tell me a white gathering were no whites are fighting ,or a white girl is getting nakked. your turn!!!!!

    • kimmiebk

      i agree Jack well said. with that being said – if Luke wants to run for mayor or w/e
      he should consider getting his very influential hands out there and work with this event and the people to change the crap that goes on. if tomorrow uncle luke advertised a big ol freakest party mad ppl would come out… so why not go to the problem (which he did help to create) instead of running from it! He would get more respect from those in and out of the community and votes.

  • Jack

    And lets also make the assumption that the unruly behavior was because of lack of proper socialization, upbringing, whatever, and not because of skin color.

    • Bull headed

      But how do you explain Haiti, Sudan, Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans? Show me an all-black or majority black country or city and I’ll show you chaos.Time to start speaking the truth brother. The last thing you want to blame Jack is actually the greatest predictor of crime. Truth is nothing to be ashamed of.

      • michael32ga

        Great analogy, but I can do you one better. How do you explain 6 million Jews being executed or 100 million Africans killed during the middle passage or the thousands of Japanese being incinerated by a nuclear bomb? Or we can try something closer to home, the annihilation of indigenous populations of the Americas? Like you said, “Truth is nothing to be ashamed of.”

      • someareclueless

        Michael, are you really that dumb? 95% of the native americans died from diseases that were not understood at the time and most died before even making contract with settlers because natives took the germs inland. And contrary to the non-sense filling your head, they were not all peaceful and living in balance with nature. If you feel guilty about what happed to the them then GTF out of here. And the nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan during a world war in which Japan sided with the Nazis and attacked us first. Do you not see a difference between actions taken in war and actions taking on a city street in the absence of war? And there is no way 100 million slaves died during middle passage. That claim doesn’t even pass common sense.

        I don’t agree with the comment that you replied to, but you totally failed with your non-sensical arguments. Please take a logic class

    • someareclueless

      Michael, are you really that dumb? 95% of the native americans died from diseases that were not understood at the time and most died before even making contract with settlers because natives took the germs inland. And contrary to the non-sense filling your head, they were not all peaceful and living in balance with nature. If you feel guilty about what happed to the them then GTF out of here. And the nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan during a world war in which Japan sided with the Nazis and attacked us first. Do you not see a difference between actions taken in war and actions taking on a city street in the absence of war? And there is no way 100 million slaves died during middle passage. That claim doesn’t even pass common sense.

      I don’t agree with the comment that you replied to, but you totally failed with your non-sensical arguments. Please take a logic class.

      • Michael32ga


        I was responding about violence and no one has a monopoly on violence. War is violence. Genocide is violence. Having slaves is barbaric enforced by violence. When examining violence, no one group should be made an example. Feel better now?

  • Mike

    “There argument was simple.”

    Really? Did anyone edit this before it was published?

  • Patriotsmith

    What the hell you mean by”Chimp Parade” ? There were a lot of bad people acting badly. Pease focus on the amoral , uncivil behavior without resorting to name-calling. Criminal behavior should not be explained away, accepted, justiifed. It should also not be tolerated in anyone’s community; years ago, when I lived in a low income neighborhood, it wasn’t.

    • ImaHippyBurning

      Well said so did I…

  • Patriotsmith

    Excuse my spelling. The word is “Please”

  • Robf

    I’m with Mike, It should be “Their argument was simple…” and NOT “There argument was simple…” Made me wince when I read that.

  • JeddMcHead

    Thugs are thugs — every ethnicity has them and EVERY ethnicity should chastise and deride them.

    Black culture would improve greatly if they held black thugs accountable for their behavior (that includes thugs like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton).

    • Michael32ga

      Assuming you are an intelligent person, how do you tie Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to a function that they did not attend?

      • Wakeup

        Because they are racism pimps, garnering votes by engendering hatred of non-black races maybe?

      • Aggie 95

        How do you tie the likes of sharpton and jackson to events like this …..surely you jest …..there are at least 2 people dead because of events that sharpton started

      • Guest


        Because Jackson and Sharpton love to come to the “rescue” when somebody punishes blacks for acting like thugs. And the commenter was not tying them to the situation. Get a clue please.

    • Rd Davis

      Thats what people always say while attempting to excuse bad behaviour on the part of blacks, and to a certain extent it is true. Sure, you have the occasional white thug causing problems, but it is EVERYDAY with blacks.

      • michael32ga


        I didn’t know Al Sharpton was the event promoter? Who was the treasurer? Jesse Jackson? While you’re at it, lets just throw in some Rev Wright , a sprinkle of Minister Farrakhan, OJ Simpson and whoever else you white folks like to throw into your conspiracy theory.

      • Eric Liscom

        you forget that all of the people you mentioned are guilty of promoting a hate/jealousy type mentality, as well as anti american/socialist/radical thinking and associated actions………..so, yes, they are, in part guilty…..weather they are directly part of said event or not.
        socialism is closly nterwined with radicalism in everything going wrong in the world today, from arab radicals/terrorists to our own issues. Most of these problems will disappear if we back away from socialism and its associated class warfare and its subversive/destructive activities……..seriously, think about it.

      • Michael32ga

        @ Eric

        Why do white people get so hysterical about Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? Big hint… They are not relevant in the lifes of most black people. So, it is racist for you to assume blacks dont think or follow these inventions of the white controlled media. They are no more relevant than Palin, Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

      • Guest


        You said this “Why do white people get so hysterical about Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? Big hint… They are not relevant in the lives of most black people. So, it is racist for you to assume blacks don’t think or follow these inventions of the white controlled media. They are no more relevant than Palin, Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh.”

        Why do white people get so hysterical about Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? There are millions of white people who have no idea who these guys are, agree with these guys, or could care less about these guys. So I don’t know why you are talking about “white people.” And I am sure there are many minorities who don’t like Jackson and Sharpton too. You pathetic racist. You make racist comments while calling a person a racist for making the exact same type of comment. Not too bright are you?

        And to top it off, nobody said all or even most blacks care about Jackson or Sharpton. You made up that straw-man argument yourself.

        And the issue with Sharpton and Jackson is that they demagogue race issues to make money for themselves. I’m not surprised you have no problem with that since all of your comments are so twisted and illogical. Let go of the hate, please. Maybe if you took one second to try to understand why a few “white people” get “hysterical” about Jackson and Sharpton, you might learn something and be able to let go of the hate.

      • Michael32ga

        @ Guest
        “And the issue with Sharpton and Jackson is that they demagogue race issues to make money for themselves. I’m not surprised you have no problem with that since all of your comments are so twisted and illogical. Let go of the hate, please. Maybe if you took one second to try to understand why a few “white people” get “hysterical” about Jackson and Sharpton, you might learn something and be able to let go of the hate.”

        I don’t remember Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton blocking white people’s access to a university or a school? I don’t recall them forming an organization to terrorize white people? I don’t recall them passing laws that limited white rights? Do you? Heck, them aren’t even elected. So why the fixation? If you feel restricted from achieving in this great nation perhaps you should look in a mirror.

  • Senator

    Man this is pretty ironic coming from the founding member of “Two Live Crew”. Perhaps if black people did not behave so badly, then “Uncle Luke” would not be afraid to attend his own event. Of course, whose expletive-filled music were the young thugs listening to back in 1990? Two Live Crew?

    In almost any other country, black people are just like any other segment of the population – the majority behave themselves. In America, because of race profiteers like Jesse Jackson, AL Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright black people think they have a license to behave badly. News flash – they don’t. Slavery ended, it’s time to grow up or leave.

    If American Black people dislike America so much, perhaps we should direct them to the writings of Marcus Garvey as an alternative.

    The hypocrisy here is appalling.

    • Lunnty

      And what makes you think that the Black folks in America behaving like this constitute “the majority”. The real “majority” who are behaving never make the news, so you don’t hear about them. I’ve never been on the news and don’t plan to be (somehow media finds raising a family, going to work, home, and church boring). And why in the world do you think American Black people hate America? Another media-fed myth because only the “complaniners” are featured on the news. And if Black folks hated America, the three young Black men from my area who recently died in Afghanistan died for nothing.

      Jeremiah Wright? Funny…I never hear about any of his church members out rioting. And no, given the amount of Black folks in our nation’s prisons, our “license to behave badly” that you spoke of must have expired!

      I do agree with you on one thing….it is very ironic that Luther Campbell is complaining about thuggish behavior given his track record back in the day!

      • JaMarcus

        According to the 2010 US Census, 73% of black fathers abandon their own children. That means only a small minority of male adults in our community are MEN. The rest are cowards and irresponsible that you see in these videos.

      • Zaire67

        Up until her husband was elected, Michele Obama disliked the US. She is touted as typical in her beliefs, not the exception as you would have us believe.

      • O'Reheheally

        Sorry but open your eyes. Let me ask you – what do Detroit and East St. Louis have in common? Come one man, there are serious problems facing us all and to act confused or dishonest about it is insane.

      • Franklin

        I agree with Lunnty and I am a Deep South Texas Republican who played college football with a black majority listening to 2LiveCrew living in a Democratic Distric. Now that is Ironic! The minority of the minority is ruining it for the majority. Most of these youth are decendants of uneducated social and economical welfare recipiants and have been taught to see themselves as a non factor to sociaty by guys like Sharpton. They have been taught to stand up and act foolish when things don’t go their way. Their parents one serious role model was killed. The media plays up their fears about this time every four years for political reasons. The media stirs up the pot so that the social welfare recipiants will come out and vote!

      • DaddyB

        It is good to read a response with common sense and reason. I wish I knew more people that feel like us. There is entirely to much ignorance and hatred on this page.

        Why is it that going to work every day, taking care of your family, and just being a good person is not newsworthy or cool?

    • Michael32ga

      Luke did make his money by selling raunchy.

    • oh really

      why not you white leave why ask us to leave when we were here before you along with the indians.look up ancient black america in u.s congress libary of what they seen when they arive in america)ancient black america type it in youtube) slavery is never dead whe you make laws targeting blacks, who are you to say dog fighting is wrong ,but will wacth ufc fighting(humans fighting).who are you to hunt deer for a sport and decide what animal has the right to live and which do not.whites try to play god,and if you do not lik the way we act you leave we were here first want proof go to (ancient black america on you tube) if you really want truth

  • WillardTheSuperhero

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Seems like a lot of “character” was on display at the extravaganza this year.

    • Lunnty

      That’s right!. And judge those who acted a plum fool by their character (or lack of) and not the color of their skin.

      • dam

        But don’t you see a trend? This, the Dunkin Donuts incident, the Burger King incident, the Vibe awards incident, the DMV Music awards incident, etc. etc. etc.

    • flossmore

      It should be…”I have a scheme” …!!

    • StaticKlingon

      Yup, yup, yup. Judge all by the content of their character and you have a color blind society. Usually the first ones who jump on the race bandwagon have the least going for them in the character department. Rationalization, justification and excuse making. Time to fire up the melting pot and demand some frigging assimilation and respect around here!

  • Tyrell

    This is the culture the rappers built. Drugs, thugs, pimpin, Ho’ing, shooting, killing. You helped build it Uncle Luke – you own it.

    • maz

      Luther Campbell (black male) starts this event; but when the going gets tough, he doesn’t stick around and try and make it better; instead he leaves and expects everyone else to clean up his mess. The biggest problem for black americans: black males fathering children and not staying around to raise them. You can call that racist if you want, I call it the truth.

      • NoWay

        You are 70 percent correct sir :)

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Tyrell you hit the nail right on the head !!!! Nothing that has been said here so far has more truth than what you have posted.

      Now for my comment…… A .45 CAL ENEMA for all of the THUGS, OG, and any one who displays any form of ANTI-SOCIAL behavior !!! There I said it !!

    • Guess which tribe

      The culture rappers built?
      -Who runs the record industry?
      -Who manages the music industry?
      -Who helps write the songs?
      -Who promotes the music?
      -Who profits behind the scene?
      -Which group pushes the diversity is our strength agenda?
      -Which group promotes this behavior via Hollywood and the music industry?

    • Michael32ga

      You are right, we do own it. We stole landfrom the indians, force people to work as slaves and indentured servants, brought veneral diseases and codified our actions into law. We were the original gangsters.

      • History Lesson

        Actually Michael32ga, we conquered the Indians–exactly the same way man has behaved since the beginning of time. Also the Indians were savages and r a p e d, killed and wreaked havoc every where they went. Indians tend to be glorified in our culture. Fact remains, they were animals.

        As for forcing people to work as slaves, we were not the first, however, we were among the last because we fought a bloody war to end it. The black African tribes in Africa were the ones who indentured their rival tribes and sold them into slavery. Hey, they are still doing it today. So, your loathing of the “white man” may be all too real, but not based in historical fact.

      • Michael32ga

        Lets not pretty up genocide or downplay the legal disenfranchisement of human beings. Like i said, we are the original gangsters. Funny how whites try to “whitewash” history.

      • frankly

        If you think the US was the first to have slaves or take land by force then you might want to crack open a history book (or five).

      • Joe G

        White people ended slavery in the western world. The freed slaves that returned to Liberia after the Civil War became slave owners. 85% of Liberians today live on less than $1.25 a day. Slaves in Africa, until about 100 years ago, were sometimes sold for meat. The owner would auction off arms, legs, etc. If the slave were still alive and had limbs left, they would be taken to the next village for another auction. I don’t see any black Americans rushing to return to their native homeland. Wonder why.Maybe because there are no white people to give them welfare checks, or made up useless government jobs.

      • Michael32ga

        I don’t see anybody rushing to get anywhere. In THIS country, whites are the original gangsters. Nobody is talking about Liberia or giving medals for ending slavery. This country was founded on stealing, raping and killing.

      • Qwerty

        Hey History Lesson – I’m from northern Canada, we actually know and live with native people here. We also know a bit about them, and I want you to know that your little “lesson” about them is nothing more than ignorant hate speech.

      • Jacob Light

        Stealing, Raping and Slavery. Sounds like modern and past day Africa. The lack of self-esteem in the Black community stems from the fact they all know but deny. Whites didn’t go to Africa with nets and lassos. Black people in Africa(and Arabs) did back then what they are still doing to this day. Selling off their own people. Don’t blame America, blame the Spanish, Portuguese and West African nations, they are the ones that sold your ancestors.

      • Michael is a moron

        Mikey doesn’t see anybody rushing to get anywhere. How about the 12 million illegal immigrants who will break the law to get to the racist USA? Mike is an idiot racist troll. And Mike, I know you don’t care because it suits your racist hatred, but there was no genocide against the natives, please read a history book. And white people bought the african slaves from blacks who captured them. You really are a know-nothing. If you hate the US and white people then put your money where your mouth is and move to Africa or some other place where there are few white people. I know you won’t because although it suits your racist hatred to think the worst of whites, you actually enjoy the society they have built with their “gangsta acts.” I am laughing out your right now….so twisted is your logic to justify your hate of white people.

      • guest

        Qwerty, yeah, natives are all peaceful and are totally unlike the evil whites, right? When will you racists understand that people are people no matter what their race. Some are good and some are bad. Qwerty, you probably never thought of yourself as a racist but you are because you clearly think that natives are better than others…

      • Michael32ga

        Stop accusing me of hating white people. Surely you can be tolerant of a different perspective of history. I love white people, especially the women.

  • Malcom

    Uh, no , Uncle Luke, it’s not the Miami Beach official’s fault, it’s the fault of the thugs causing all the problems. And what’s this nothing to do nonsense? Not having anything to do isn’t an excuse to behave like idiots. Besides, if there’s nothing to do, why are they going?

    By the way, do you really think having musical entertainment would change things, lol? Have you been to a hip hop concert lately, or an award show for “urban” music?

  • retired

    it’s our fault, ya know, because we are white (sarcasm..)

    • Farah khan

      The book, “The secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” was very informative upon this subject.
      Dr. Tony Martin should give a lecture to provide informative entertainment for the event next year.
      We have been lied to, Whites and Blacks. The truth shall set us free.

      • BiteMe

        Here’s some truth for ya: You’re a moron.

      • crypticguise

        That Book of cancerous half-truths is just another reason to continue Louis Farrakhan’s Jew-Hating tirades in print. Absolute JUNK and might as well have been published by the Nazis.

  • George

    Luther Campbell is a racist.

    • TSA

      Black People are their own worst enemy because they allow themselves to be taken over by the criminals among them. They cower and fear other blacks but are ready at the drop of the hat to prtest and riot against the white man, Jews, Asians or anybody else that insults them or try to take away their rights. But let a thug come along and its “please don’t hurt me man!”, really really sick!

  • citizen

    Democrat policies starting from Johnson’s Great Society. Prior to that, The black community never had to deal with such anti-social behavior.

    Ban the Democrat Party, and the nation will begin to heal.

    • Steve


    • chukker

      Ha, ha! You got that right, bro’. But, banning can’t be an option for those of us who love freedom, but we can work to open their eyes. Then they’ll unlock the shackles of Liberalism’s slavery, step over to the Right side, and we’ll watch them prosper. But they’ve got to want to take on the responsibility for themselves and their familities that comes with being free.

      • Michael32ga

        They should take care of themselves. I say start by getting rid of medicare, farm subsidies, oil tax loopholes and raise the tax rate. Oh yeah ,end the biggiest jobs program called the military.

      • oh really

        michael none of those things you mention are welfare it’s only welfare when blacks get it in their eyes.my wife works fir h.r block and see tea party members come in and get tax return money.they make less than 30,000 a year claim 2 kids and get back 6or7 thousand in return.they pay maybe 2500.and whites argue tax return money is not welfare ha ha ha that’s distribution of wealth(subsidies aka welfare).they want to cut the debt down but not one party dems are repubs talk about cutting out the tax return money people get who make less than 50,000 a year with kids.the reason why is because 70 percent of whites get those tax returns look it up.wow could it be 70 percent of white america is on welfare,the bad thing is they dnt think so because their excuse is i pay into it ha ha ha ha ,but you get more money back then you pay

      • Michael32ga

        We get it. You hate blacks.

  • matt

    In the very music they like…

  • xschild

    Riot, unrest, flash mobs, trashing fast food take outs, trains planes and automobiles. Check out the melanin content of the people involved. The higher the melanin content the higher the unrest. Now why would that be?

    • Ben

      Agree, I’ve said it for years, crime/poor behavior/violence are all directly proportional to melanin content…………..it is not a theory, hypothesis, etc, it is pure statistical fact…….another fact is if you have more than one black at an event, there WILL be trouble…..

      • Michael32ga

        Agree, I’ve said it for years, crime/poor behavior/violence are all directly proportional to lack of melanin content…………..it is not a theory, hypothesis, etc, it is pure statistical fact…….another fact is if you have more than one white at an event, there WILL be trouble…..

    • Freddiefreeloader

      Don’t say things like that!!!!! It may become a legitimate new reason to get a disability check from SSI !!!! I can’t work because of excessive levels!!!

  • BamBam

    This sounds, and looks a lot like “Freak Nik” in Atlanta. The Mayor(s) took care of getting that “thug fest” removed, so why can’t the politicos in Miami do the same. BTW, the Atlanta mayors were all black. As are the city comissioners. Good Luck Miami. You’re a beautiful city.

  • Bill

    Actually comments like “chimp parade” are made by liberal apologists to change the debate to racism instead of a civil debate about thug culture. This is a cultural issue and yes the culture is predominantly black. Black apologists need to wake up and change the rhetoric because we are witnessing a slow erosion of society which hurts all races. This culture is wrong and is a cancer but until the left is willing to make it ok to discuss then we will watch the cancer grow.

  • Marc

    Amen, vote for Dr. Paul! Soon it will be too late to turn this country around. We need responsible honest leadership, and only Ron Paul is offering it!

    • Berecca

      Better yet, we need Col. Allen West!

  • FryEm

    We need to fire up ‘old sparky’ a lot more often than we do and remove from our midst those who cannot function in a civilized society. Perhaps then crime would not be viewed as glorified method of building ‘street cred’.’

    • Michael32ga

      I would start in Arizona where Gabriel Giffords was shot.

  • http://Drudge Biglead

    Again we see the trash that comes from the Hip-Hop element. Black or White it has always produced thugs,punks,thieves,lewd idiots. NEVER have I heard of a hip-hop event that was not tainted with some kind of mindless acts. It is not up to the city of Miami to cater to these fools.act like a human and you will be treated like one, act like an animal and you should be put down! Oh and by the way, the race card is wilted and should be thrown out of the deck.

    • Michael32ga

      You’ve just used the race card dude when you singled out hip hop music. So, if you have never heard of a hip hop concert that wasn’t tainted, does that mean all hip hop concerts are tainted or just the ones you heard of? Is it fair to form a conclusion on YOUR limited exposure? Unless you are a purveyor of hip hop concerts and can site the ones your’e referring to, I would refrain from using them to make a point.

      • brian

        So now hiphop music is black music? Wow. I guess somebody should tell all those white, hispanic, and asian kids who like it that they aren’t allowed to listen or attend the events because it is for black folk only. 32ga, your racism and ignorance is astounding. Let me guess, classical music is for whites, basketball is for blacks, soccer is for hispanics, hockey and nascar are for whites? I’d hate to live in your fascist head.

  • Rich

    Blacks get upset becuase Miami Beach doesn’t provide concerts & entertainment for them?! How is it reasonable for me to stab or fondle someone because the city I vacation in doesn’t offer special events for me? Campbell, you’re an idiot.

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