Rally To Urge City Leaders To End Urban Beach Weekend

MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Saying ‘enough is enough’ several community activists are gathering forces for a rally Friday evening in front of Miami Beach City Hall to urge city leaders to end Urban Beach Weekend.

Herb Sosa, who publishes the online magazine Ambiente, is a leading figure to end the unofficial Memorial Day weekend event which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to South Beach.

In an open letter to Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower, Sosa writes that the Urban Beach weekend “shows our city as nothing short of a warzone – Filthy streets, a drive by shooting, multiple cars crashed in the process, and total chaos on the streets. This is unacceptable and must be controlled before we totally lose our city, tourism & residents. It is not limited to Ocean Drive or Collins – there isn’t a residential street in South Beach not affected by tons of garbage, crime to our vehicles, excessive noise 24 hours a day, and simply a lack of respect for our community, citizens & property.”

Peter Joseph Tapia has set up a Facebook page is support of the rally and ending the Urban Beach weekend. The page has more than 3,200 ‘Likes’.

On the page, Antero Blanco posted:

“Tomorrow we all gather to demand MIAMI BEACH remains well-preserved and a safe haven for all our residents and tourists! Unruly and unlawful visitors are NOT welcome in our city!”

Tapia said the rally, which will begin at 6 p.m., will hopefully send the message to city leaders that their neighborhoods should remain safe and respected, and not overrun by ‘Fear, Mobs & Filth’.

  • observerfromupnorth

    It is not just in south beach it is miami beach as a whole that needs to start policing all areas to clean up the trash and force people to comply with the laws all of them for gods sake this is only a 7 x7 square mile of property let’s get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • J Deontae Young

      Now I am Black and I agree… and what i see is funny is no one Black claimed racism.. The word racism came from the Whites and the right… But then again it would only be “reverse racist” sans Bill O’Reilly…
      I don;t know if you noticed but to enter into “mainstream America is to lose your cultural identity. The only people to have successfully done so are Whites. Why be cause White cultural is the base platform for America Culture. You don’t to China Town and tell them they need to go Mainstream now do you? Korea Town? Little Japan.
      The issue with Black Americans is we simply need to do better And if we believe for one second that assimilating into White culture will do so. The we might as well return back to slavery, uncle tom’s, Steppin Fetchit, and Paper bag tests, Wite Washing(but then again is mentioning that racist?)

  • 1776

    How dare these folks want to keep their community free of criminal elements & mob/riot conditions. ;-)

  • Frank


    • RaulJones


    • Charles

      Sure thing type-o, this is what political correctness and liberalism has spawned: a generation of hedonistic zombies that are programmed to scream racism when attached —

      • carl

        POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end! LOL.

      • Capone w/skin cancer

        Actually we call you people stupid or evil…Frankie and Chuckie-boy.

        You all seem to want to deny being racists all the time.

        Who are you trying to convince? That’s what makes you stupid.

        We all no the truth.


        Lulz Capone

        No one is trying to convince anyone of anything, they are just bringing up a valid argument. And you kinda prove it, your calling him racist in your whole comment without actually saying the word.

        Everyone is Racist all the time no matter how much everyone says “Hey why can’t we get along?” I mean what is the world cup other than a bunch of countries getting together to declare their superiority over other countries. Chants such as “Germany #1” or “USA #1” are totally racially driven.

        Hell, what do you think Black pride, Hispanic pride or white pride is? (Also notice that when I said “white pride” the first thing that came to mind is racist) It’s a high sense of one’s personal status based on nationality which is pretty much what racism is.

        So as you sit back and drown in your own sense of smugness. Just think on all the racist thoughts that float through your own head throughout the day. And also think on how hypocritical you are.

    • Heather

      How is this racist? I’M BLACK and I wouldn’t want this in MY community!!! So again I ask…. How is this racist?? It has NOTHING to do with race, origin or religion. It is about the TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT that these marauding crowds of (dare I say it) black people bring to that community EVERY year they participate. Hey Frank….. How about this crowd pass through YOUR neighborhood for the 4th of July?!?! Hoh??!! And then when your car insurance and your homeowner’s insurance skyrocket because your car and home have been vandalized or one of YOUR children is in the hospital fighting for his life because he caught a stray bullet from a passing shootout will you shout racism then or be appalled and disgusted by the sheer lack of respect these people brought ot you doorstep. THIS time it’s actually not about race…..

    • IJS

      You mean a black woman that probably doesn’t date black men ; )

    • Ali

      The problem isn’t white/black the problem is the city needs to be more prepared i.e. extra sanitation/police to deal with the crowds that Urban beach week brings.

  • CallonBS

    …and none of them behave like the animals YOUR “people” are.

  • bigbiz2

    Yeah but what about the cost to all the businesses that would miss out on having civil people coming..Remembert old timers like Lester Maddox knew long ago that you can’t serve some people equally. .

  • Jones


    • just a comment

      Yo, we have enough problems down there in Haiti. Please do not come up with these suggestions. Peace Buddy.

  • zombiescreepingflesh

    Another code word: Urban inner-city at-risk youth.

    • evanmeacham

      Also: “Urban Athletes”

  • John Daniel

    We dangled him out there, you fell for it, and voted for him, didn’t you. He’s half black, remember, the half you voted for. Now that he’s turned on you, who are you going to blame? Whitey? That presidential election has set a record as being the easiest vote to control, why, because you’re racists and will vote for ANY man as long as he is BLACK. And through his/your predictable genetic encoded arrogance (black pride) he is now the easiest President to control in the history of the nation. Black pride is like a hook in your/his nose, you can be led to your own destruction with ease, all the while thinking you’ve got it all under control cause you talk trash to each other… like animals in a zoo thinking they control the feeding schedule. Your man has now brought about the worst national financial disaster of any president in office. Yes, we control his puppet strings, but you are too ignorant of the political realm to understand the process, so we’ve got you. But, we doubt you can comprehend that, it’s not mentioned on BET is it? You’ve always been a loser, but now you lose. When Martial law comes, you will go first. It’s in the plan.

    • America Blk or White

      Are you stating that no BLACKS have voted for any Presidential Candidate to date? b/c the only Black president ever is Obama… I am not even sure its worth the bk and forth but it just seems to me that you are still angry about the election results so i will leave you to that… BUT it didn’t seem the slightest bit strange that George Bush lost and then you woke up and he won b/c the Florida votes (where his brother was Governor) were off??? Blk ppl just started voting b/c Obama ran for President… i guess if we have got hooks in our nose you must have COKE in yours… Yes some of us act like animals but Jeffrey Dahmer was white and i think he took the case on that one… And I just saw on the news that another white old guy tried to rape the hotel help… TWICE… Also Mr. Edwards knocks up the help says its another man’s child while his wife is sick with cancer… Come on people thats just not MAINSTREAM NEWS why b/c WHITE PPL CONTROL WHAT IS NEWS AND WHAT IS NOT… SO thats why we are animals b/c we make the news? or maybe its the hooks that you all continue to try and put on us that makes us ANIMALS… hook your pet by the nose and see what happens to his NATURAL INSTINCTS… you train an animal and make it a house animal a hunting animal a protect my house and family animal… Problem is black communities are not offered any training or the resources to get that training b/c we are merely puppets to ppl like you who would love to sit back and laugh and make coward comments on a blog.. I wish they scanned images of your face in order to make a comment there would be a lot less comments…

      • America Blk or White

        that was for John Daniel

  • Cornbiker

    Just look at what they did during Black Bike week in Myrtle Beach.. Oh I know.. I can hear the racist comments.. but I’m just being brutally honest.. Which is something many American are to scared to do..

    • Socio-economic Status

      You right ..look what they did to it. It reminds me of the garbage, trash, chaos and fights I see at the Nascar races, football games, etc.

      • Hubris

        Ummmm, since when did the cops at a NASCAR event ever become inundated? Or a football game? Keep playing the willful ignorance bit, it takes you really far in life.

        Anyways, white people need to wake the hell up. We don’t need a white pride month(plenty to be proud of), but we do need to stand up for each other when we are being seen as the devil for not stopping a hurricane from hitting New Orleans. Anybody had enough of being blamed for other peoples actions?

      • Ken Bowser

        Hey jagoff, I’ve been to 20 or so nascar races and never saw 1 fight. You have NO status and no facts. I guess only whites go to football games and nascar races. This is the result of the Great Society Program and the liberal ideology, which is an absolute FAILURE.

    • OneLove

      Don’t own a bike, Never been to Miami, what else do you want to lay on me?

      Yes, I am black!

  • Steve

    I used to work in South Beach from 1992 to 1997 installing fire alarms. That was when it was being re-discovered and new construction was underway. Lots of model shoots during that time as well. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale so if we worked too late or it was Friday we knew enough hotel folks that would give us great rates ($50 a night a room) and we would just stay overnight. It got crowded on the weekends but I never saw any big problems and there were not gangster thug’s all over the place. I went back in 2002 on a Friday night to see how it was doing and it looked like the godam source awards. Place was ruined as far as I was concerned. I’ll never go there again.

    • david

      What these people need to know also is that there are millions of dollars being spent that weekend to help boost the economy in the city so a little clean up shouldnt hurt not on bit, besides if you break the law you going to jail so there is nothing wrong were people are gathered up for some fun its only a problem when we are gathered up and truth stops there.

  • motorman

    if you think this is bad wait till obama looses the 2012 election

  • jerry jones

    Daytona Beach use to host B.C.R for several years and it was the same. No more!!!!

  • Brice

    This has been a long time coming – the money that these weekends are supposed to bring can no longer cover for the crime.


    • PowerPC

      Thats right…..The money coming in from the “tourists” during this time does not come close to covering the looting and vandalism that takes place.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    We can all agree , the problem was caused by demos we have been supporting..

  • pat

    can it actually be racism when the complaints are from hispanics?

    • Pete Gaughenba

      The word “Racism” can only be used to describe white people. Geez. Get a clue. Only white people can be racists.

    • JamesG

      OF COURSE!
      Using your logic, if I am white and I go to Africa, I can’t be accused of racism because I am a minority.
      Now are you racist for wanting an end to this nonsense? Of course not, you just are showing some common sense, a rare commodity in the world we live in.

    • trinigyal86

      yes anybody can be racist.. there are Hispanics who are racist towards black…

  • Pammie

    Miami is a horrible city. There was garbage everywhere. Fat slobs of men sitting on their rump begging money. Loud mouth women with money acting like the garbage they truly are. A sick place for sick people. You couldnt pay me to go back.

  • Meg

    the only people who call it “Hip hop weekend” or “Urban beach week” are the people who don’t want to say that south beach is where black people go to party FOR A HOLIDAY! not 1 person who actually attends this event calls it either of those names, they simply have the time off for THE HOLIDAY and come to Miami. You cannot and will not stop people from coming to Miami and any extreme measures that you take will only make the lives of South Beach residents a bigger hassle. just get the hell out of south beach for 4 days, JESUS! this herb sosa is an a**hole. his only idea is to have a jazz fest instead, meaning he thinks rap music is the problem? when you promote your jazz fest mr. sosa are you going to send out a world wide email to let every1 know they won’t get to hear rap, but instead be blessed with jazz?! haha what a joke.

    and there were no drive-bys! a guy was driving crazy and A COP shot at him, knowing that there was street FULL of people. the same thing happened a few hours later. NO GUNS WERE SHOT FROM BYSTANDERS, JUST COPS. and for the record, don’t let these south beach businesses fool you like they don’t enjoy the millions of dollars of revenue they receive. Not one business was ID’ing, tables at LIV were close to $25,000, the Clevelander is blasting rap music all day long and serving chicken and waffles and they will be more than happy to do the same thing next year to make the same profit. oh, the city made 500 arrests? don’t act like that fazes them either. that’s more money for the city. have you ever watched first 48? shoot outs, drive bys, breakins .. thats EVERYDAY here in the city. but when the problem comes across the bridge for 4 days, now you wanna take action? worry about miami as a whole and not your 2 mile stretch of land. MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND (not urban beach week) sells out every hotel from here to Ft. Lauderdale at astronomical rates. Do your magic and try to cancel next years event and tell me how many hotels absolutely LOVE you for it.

    • pdiddy

      Every time there is a Black , Urban, African American event the crowd causes huge problems. Yes the hotels and clubs do well but the impressions left on the others that came that weekend that did not know it was a hood event will cause them to not return again. Some places closed because of the ghetto atmoshere that the event brought. Just like BCR, Greek week, Freaknik and Florida Classic.the host city will either shut it down or the businesses will not support it. Like in Daytona where business owners just closed the doors for the weekend. I live in Orlando and during Florida Classic. the crime is crazy. Dennys, the malls the hotels have to hire cops. The city and county disallow the cops from taking off. The number of stolen cars goes way up. They actually had a riot at Universal and the staff was offered counseling and had the kept safe in the tunnels under the park. 500 arrests thats something to be proud of. I am sure next year the cops will be in full force and the arrests will go up to 1500. they will pressure the clubs and eventually the event will go somewhere else. Just god please not Orlando. So Meg by your thinking residents should just leave because blacks cant act right. Hip hop isnt the problem Ghetto blacks are

    • John Mapes

      We had this problem in Virginia Beach in the early 90s It was billed as Greek Fest. DO some research. Local and state laws were violated. It turned into a huge riot requiring thousands of police officers to brin g under control. So go ahead and think it is normal. When it gets out of hand and it will I I will tell you I told you so.

      • sunnyday

        Yep… I was attending ODU when that happened…. totally destroyed VA Beach!

    • Peachy

      Im sorry to burst your bubble but there was a drive-by shooting. Me and my friends were sitting outside the Clifton Hotel ,when the driver began shooting in front of the hotel. I was there when the whole shooting happened. It was NOT cool at all and I will never go back to Miami during this so caled “Urban Week” ..and this is coming from a “Minority,.”

  • Paul

    Rally will probably end in violence

  • BitterClinger

    Couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Big Ed

    PeoPle are starting to say it…. Even the liberals are saying it… When have we given enough, paid enough, looked the other way enough?
    These people as a community will never assimilate… We are reaping what ” The Great Society” sewed…. Our chickens are coming home to roost…… The great Uniter wasn’t….. He is truly the great divider.

  • Theresa

    Folks are you unaware that these types of group activities are being encouraged by “urban” leaders? It is a true story that some ex members of the Obama admin are out telling fellow urbanites that they must take this country by violence. So better get ready for it to get worse before it gets better!!!

    • Tatiana S.

      What??? Now Theresa, you know there is no “ex member” of the Obama administration telling anyone to take this country by violence. Stick to the subject at hand and if you can’t than all you have to do is go on FOX NEWS website and post this comment and they will probably give you a job! This event was a problem way before Obama came in office and it still is a problem apparently.

  • solo_poke

    Its not the urban people that keep me from visitng Florida and spending my money there. Its the racism by a few whites (I am “white”), who feel superior to others. So much ignorance and selfishness by a minority of elitists who think the color of their skin or wealth makes them better then others, sorry it doesn’t.

    I enjoy Cuba 2-3 times a year, lovely people great place to spend my money, seems its much more free then Amerika.

    • Jimbo

      Take your koombaya, lilly white butt down to black bike week. See if you are ‘accepted.”

    • Sean in Orlando

      What an idiot. haha If Cuba’s so great how come nobody’s allowed to leave? Apparently you haven’t tried to disagree with the government or demand free elections while you were sipping your Mojito on your 2-3 times/yr trips. “So much ignorance and selfishness” LOL this guy had to have gotten beaten up a lot as a kid.

    • cooldude9366

      Spending money in Cuba, eh Mr. Hemingway? Federal agents might want to speak with you. If your inevitable blather about lifting the embargo is as interesting as your self-hating whiteness, I’m sure the feds will be amused.

  • michael

    MLK did not spend his life working to get blacks their own day at south beach. By creating these special days for different races we are defeating the concept of equality. Blacks will never move forward until they stop looking backwards….and that’s a shame.

  • MB Citizen

    Its been this way in Myrtle Beach, SC for at least 12 years. Good luck getting rid of the problem. We have yet to find a truely effective means of dealing with the problem (except to send them your way).

  • Mark

    I love how if you speak up against crime, violence and property damage that your are a racist. Look at it this way: if all of the facts of the situation were the same, except all the participants were White, would any honest or sane White person still approve of it? I think we all know the answer is no. Race pimps and people who cry race “wolf” are morons and idiots.

    • Huffenston

      This would never happen in the white community in mass. The real problem is the black community on the whole DOES approve, at least they don’t disapprove enough to fight back in their communities. This is what happens when “daddy” ain’t around.

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