Poet Gunned Down In N. Miami

NORTH MIAMI (CBSMiami.com) – North Miami Police are trying to determine what led to the shooting death of local poet Willie Lee Bell, Jr., 46,  in front of his Literary Café and Poetry Lounge.

The shooting happened just after 12:30 a.m. on the 900 block of NE 125th Street. According to police, someone drove up and the passenger got out of the car and shot Bell multiple times.

North Miami Police said that multiple suspects were possibly seen leaving the scene in a dark colored vehicle with a spoiler on the rear, or a light colored car.

“At this time, we don’t have a motive but we can tell you that nothing was taken. He had jewelry on him, money on him, his car keys, so we’re looking for why this happened,” said North Miami public information officer Neil Cuevas.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Bell had appeared on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam recently. Bell was known as “Da Real One,” and had also been featured on Rick Ross’ and Pit Bull’s albums.

Bell had been on the wrong side of the law in the past. He had been arrested for exploiting a disabled or elderly person and for writing a worthless check.

Police said that several customers at the lounge were in the area at the time of the shooting.

“If you all know anything, seen anything, please come forward,” said his half-sister Sandra Vicks who was barely able to speak. “Please. Please. He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t.”

They ask that if you have any information about the shooting death to call North Miami Police at 305-891-8111 or Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-371-TIPS.

  • Tracy Cadet

    Oh No!! He was a great spoken word artist. I attended some poetry readings there not too long ago. He will be missed!

    • james4usa

      You must then mis OJ Simpson as well.

    • Nice

      The gunman didn’t miss him though!

      • Biffdavenport

        That was funny though.

      • Feste


      • Feste

        I placed my ROTFLOL comment as an indented reply to a statement that has, apparently, been removed. By removing the parent statement, it left my comment orphaned, and made it sound like I thought this man’s murder was funny. I don’t find it funny in the least (but I did think the statement somebody else made, that is now removed, was funny).


      everyone is talking about the ARAB SPRING why is no one talking about the AFRICAN-AMERICAN SUMMER?

  • Terrance

    Sorry to hear that, left way too soon R.I.P.

  • Benjamin Bloom

    Wonderful poet. Kind-hearted man. He will be missed.

    • NYGlenn

      Tell that to the disabled person this coward took advantage of.

    • Terrell Perry

      He had been arrested for exploiting a disabled or elderly person – in what way does this qualify him as being kind hearted.

      • IMStrong

        People turn their lives around. They change. Unless they are perfect like you.

      • Ernie

        They didn’t mention that Bell served a 14-month prison term for armed cocaine trafficking in the same neighborhood.

  • Phil Landers

    The pen is not mightier than the gun.

  • Grove

    Unfortunately and Educated and Peaceful Black Man is hated by the drugged drop outs.

    • daveinboca

      Oh, yeah. An educated and peaceful convicted armed cocaine dealer…!

    • yokolee

      exploiting a disable person and passing a worthless ck……is just as bad

      • Jenny Bea

        Apparently everyone praising him as a wonderful citizen because he;s a poet missed this part. Glad I’m not the only one who caught it. Exploiting an elderly? In which way? Writing worthless checks- don’t you mean, check fraud? People are currently serving prison sentences for that. Oh well, I guess we must be racists for pointing that out.

    • Cesar M Gonzalez

      Yes indeed………..Blacks hate to see other blacks succeed…..IT IS CRAZY !
      But with time, this hatred cycle will be DEFEATED, and blacks will prosper…..
      HOW VERY SAD for this family though……God bless them…….

      • Biffdavenport

        Yes indeed, one may even become a Marxist president who will trample property rights and individual freedom. He will fundamentally transform our society with crippling regulations and take over of industry. He will destroy our economic system with massive inflation and oppressive energy policies.

        Oh wait…

      • Fluidizer

        Uh? What did you say?

      • james4usa

        “Blacks will prosper”. You must be living on Mars. Black run Africa is a total disaster., Zim latest victim. GDP $200 pp pa ,most of it aid money.. They kill Albino’s to make Muti, sell to rich people for good luck, they buy their wifes {Lobola} They believe in Tokoloshi Little man runs around at night kills people. Remedy, elevate your bed on bricks. Kill 16 yo girls ,use their hands for Muti Sell to Politicians bring them luck in rigged electins. Etc etc

      • Bagheera B.

        God bless you, Mr. Gonzalez, for your wonderful and optimistic reply. I thank God for people like you!

      • MrL

        I agree..as a technology teacher, it drives me crazy to hear my black students scornfully dismiss what I am teaching as “white” Since when the hell does a computer know what color you are? And since when did learning become the sole property of white people? Dammit to hell, the KLAN couldn’t have destroyed black Americans more than this. Excuse me for just a second


        Sorry, I just had to do that. Its so damned FRUSTRATING to watch this

  • Valerie Marchetti

    this is very saddening he was a great kindheart person, and dont think this article writter needed to add his past busines , this man was doing the right thing and start a busines with what he knew Best SPOKEN WORD , RIP my friend , xoxox

    • philip inuhoff

      Tragic… Tragic spelling.

      • Biffdavenport

        Probably with “got what he deserved”.

      • IMStrong

        A man dies and the focus is on spelling and grammar. Well, how does one spell sanctimony?

      • chimploaf

        mshsxs, Awful does NOT have an ‘e’ in it, and, it’s spelled grammar, not grammer. Did you not notice the little squiggly line under that when you typed it?

      • mhs2xs

        What school(s) did you allegedly go to? Saying “Grammer and spelling on these comments are awful” is not the same as saying “Carrots and Celery are vegetables”. Just like saying “Carrots is vegetables” is not correct. Not to mention aweful has an E in it. If you said “Grammer and spelling are aweful here” or something to that effect, then you’d be correct.

      • TheLoveMovement

        No SlipperyPete, Mojojojo is right. Nice try though. “And” creates compound subjects which take the plural. e.g. Carrots and Celery are vegetables.

      • Mojojojo

        Grammar and spelling on these comments are awful. Hope these are not poets also.

      • SlipperyPete

        Grammar and spelling IS indeed awful!

  • yokolee


    Condolences to the family


    • Biffdavenport

      Yes, how will they supplement the income he derived by ripping off the old people?

      • Concretetundra

        Biff. You’re commenting on this story a LOT. I wonder why? And you even equated this story with a “marxist president” who is trampling our property rights and individual freedom. You seem to be reasonably free (you’re able to post on the Internet). When you get a chance could you please be specific and list the property rights and individual freedoms that this “marxist president” has taken away from you. And please, be specific. How has your life changed since January of 2009. Thanks. I’m really curious about what you mean when you say that you’re losing your freedom. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Sellous

    Well I don’t know who killed this man, Black, White Hispanic, whoever did it will have to face the judgment sooner or later. No sin goes unpunished.

    All you out there taking people’s life as if you are the life giver, will be so sorry for the path you have chosen.

    May God have mery on your sorry soul!

    • Politically Incorrect


      It was “Urban Weekend,” we ALL know what element was present.

    • Biffdavenport

      Maybe he was paying for what he did…

  • Downtown

    They took him out because his education threatened their existence.

    If there is one person who will get shot before you can say “sell me a rock” it is an educated black male.

    Use the word “literary” in the hood? Child, please!

    • Ernie

      He was a convicted drug dealer. Don’t you think that might be a better motive?

      • daveinboca

        Ernie, you may have hit the nail on the head…!

    • sick of sofla

      Also, use the word “poetry” instead of rap???
      Dey gonna take da brudder down!
      Sad loss, great example to be followed. Hopefully his loved one’s through his spirit will see to it that he has an impact on those that need it the most.
      Like da brudder dat shoot him!!

      • yokolee

        Yes a rapper is a poet now, go figure

        and with a police record…..


    • Biffdavenport

      Who would be scared of a third grade education???


    At least the crack Miami – Dade homicide unit has a solid lead…. the assailant left the scene in a dark or light colored car. Nice job guys. Now the folks driving polka-dot cars won’t get hassled.

    • Logan VT

      of course the polka dot cars will get harassed…to leave them out would be a violation of political correctness and we cannot have that, even if it means the bad guys get away.

  • Aubrey

    one da bros pop’d em.

  • Paul in FL

    A literary cafe is open after midnight?

  • Ahmet Katzharume

    The Age of Obama

  • Steve-O

    At least they didn’t rape his corpse.

    • rjm2238

      You know Steve-O, we don’t even know that! Nothing with this bunch would surprise me, nothing at all.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  • wch

    Al I can say is to remember the comedy routine of Chris Rock when talking about Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur vis-a-vie Martin Luther King , Malcom X and John F. Kennedy (go do a google search on: Chris Rock Martin Luther King joke)

  • Buford

    black people have to control themselves, when you go on Vacation, you go to get away. Stop bringing the crime with you and acting like you are still in the hood

  • Dennis C. Denbow

    A man dies senselessly, and some knuckleheads have to resort to racial slurs, insults and blame. Everyone has made mistakes, many have made wrong judgements in their lives. A man changes his life for the better, and some cannot help but tear up any good he may have brought to the table. God forbid you face the same measurement upon your demise. Rest In Peace, my friend.

    • Lane Justice

      I’m sorry. No more slack. No more so-called “Affirmative Action.” No more “giving peace a chance.” No more “ccc-can’t we jjjjust all get along?”

      96% of this ethnic group rammed Obama down our throats.

      They are bringing it upon and to the nation.

      Obama stands for affirmative action punishment: when a black man commits a crime, they go easy on him. See how Obama waited a millisecond to declare that the Cambridge Police Department “acted stupidly.” However, when a Palestinian from the Religion of Peace opened up on soldiers at Ft. Hood, that pinche Obama said “Now let’s not jump to conclusions.” Also, remember that the Obama Regime’s Attorney General (that Black guy with the Cleveland Show mustache) refused to prosecute Black Panthers who hassled a WHITE voter in Philadelphia in 2008.

      Like Hell I’m going to forgive these people nor will I afford them any benefit of any doubt!

      Sorry Black people, you brought it upon us all, and I will never forgive what you did to this great nation.

      NO MORE.

      • GFR

        Exactly right “Lane justice”.Most people agree with you but they are too scared to say it.

      • GreatScott

        I’m white, Lane, and this is pretty stupid. What did Obama have to do with this guy getting shot? There is zero connection. You use punctuation correctly, but you come off incredibly dumb.

      • Nick O'Demus

        Lane, you sound like a true and real patriot to me. So, why not prove how really patriotic you are? In the interest of patriotism why not: Kill yourself!

      • NYGlenn

        Well stated!!

      • Biffdavenport

        I don’t know… Where was Obama that night?

    • Paul Revere

      I dont know too many honest community enriching citizens who get gunned down and do not at the least get the cash they had on them taken.

      I do know of many cocaine dealers and other types of people involved with the bowels of society who end up shot that way though.

      I call it like I see it until someone proves otherwise.

  • Wonja Blohwme

    I’m sorry he’s gone. I bet it was one of those white gangs . . . you know, Republicans.

    • David

      LOL You so nailed it! It was a group of middle-aged white guys in flannel shirts running through the streets, assaulting peaceful black families out for an evening stroll, and using crowbars to pry open black businesses and rob them. It was EXACTLY like one of those ADT home security commercials! LOL

  • Truth

    He was a poet and didn’t know it…

  • Shubb

    Da Real One now Da Dead One…

  • Perspective

    Gotta agree..it is a pity that blacks are destroying themselves from within more effectively than anybody else could have.

    I blame dependency “solutions” that encourage young girls and women to have babies to make money, ever growing a fatherless culture turning ever more into a Lord of the Flies mentality….

    Stop the payments for babies, and this will ease up over a generation or two.

    To anyone who thought Obama’s election would calm this down…well, here you are, worse than ever. I wonder why?

  • John Sheridan

    Oxymoron: “Rap Artist”

  • Mike Stansbury

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to grow up as a young Black male in today’s world. To be independantly minded from the group mentality is almost a certain death sentance. For those few who do break through, through sports, acedemics, or just sheer hard work, the real haters eventually show their true colors. Ignorance and cowardice are twin brothers.

    • David

      I can’t imagine either – I could enjoy affirmative action, get a great government job, never have to worry about being fired, enjoy virtually no discrimination, be lionized by the media, and in general enjoy being one of the most pampered minorities in the history of planet Earth. Yes, it would be tough. Thanks for pointing that out, Mike, you sensitive guy, you.

      • Mike Stansbury

        Hello Dave, Yeah, I feel ya. I could see why someone could interpret my post as bleeding hearted. For many years, I worked in inner-city children’s ministries, You know, “Red and Yellow, Black and White…” So for a couple of hours on a Sunday, they were just kids. We did all we could to reach them, teach them, and instill whatever values they could absorb. But at some point, they had to go back home. See, I believe that men are molded. I could be tough on them, because they knew I loved them. They just have so few role models to follow. My previous post referred more to the shooter. Another victim of the group mentality.

    • Jenny Bea

      Every black republican would agree with you. Look at what they say about Clarence Thomas. he doesn’t count to blacks, because he’s conservative, and MUST be an Uncle Tom. See- you better fit into a mold that society has picked for you, because if you don’t, then look out.

  • I. B. Laffin

    Why, oh why……….couldn’t it have been “Common”. Still one less jibbering idiot.

  • jm

    So respect the source of every shore,
    As Nature efforts to harmonize poise.

    Combine teenage mischievousness with centuries of white man’s oppression and you get modern day America. Jim Crow never died, it just got slicker.

    “Let he who cast the first stone,” white man, or whatever that line from your bible is.

    Our best weapon against tragedy is love.

    Watch your mouth, white man. (I’ve sadly been on both sides of that statement.)

    I’ll respect you when you respect me.

    You are the creator of more problems than you are aware of, as are we all.


    • Jenny Bea

      FYI- if it weren’t for white people, no one would have fought to free the slaves. Take your racism and SHOVE IT.

      • Get me another grocery cart

        Well said. Every race on the planet has been enslaved at some point in human history, yet only one race continues to whine and expect a hand out for it.
        That hand out lays in the blood drenched battle grounds of the American Civil War, and it’s time you cry baby racists shut up and deal with it.

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