MIAMI ( – As Floridians prepare to face the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane season, the Republican-led House of Representatives has a message for victims of disasters: you may be out of luck if you want government assistance.

House Majority leader Eric Cantor appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday and said that while the government would find money to aid Joplin, Missouri’s citizens after a tornado through the town; no aid would be sent without that money being offset by federal budget cuts in the amount of money being sent to Joplin.

In an area like South Florida, where hurricanes are a constant threat from June to the end of November, Cantor’s comments, echoed by other Republicans, could be especially chilling if the area is devastated by a hurricane.

But Cantor, who multiple times referred to the federal government as a family on a budget, said the federal government doesn’t have endless resources, and therefore can’t be counted on to help everyone unless the GOP gets the cuts it wants.

It’s the latest tool the GOP is using in 2011 to push through severe budget cuts. The GOP first threatened a government shutdown over budget cuts, then relented.

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  1. tlc says:

    Cantor is SENATE MINORITY leader, not “House Majority Leader”, you morons.

    1. DrewSM says:

      Actually, he became House Majority Leader when the 112th Congress convened on January 3, 2011. He previously served as House Minority Whip from 2009 to 2011… Don’t be so quick to insult next time. At least not before doing a quick Google search.

      Also, I agree with ronnie and James. This article is spun so far to the left that it might as well have been Rachel Maddow herself typing this in your Doral newsroom…

    2. Roberto Arana says:

      What country you live on tlc Eric Cantor is a US Representative not a Senator and the one you refer to is Mitch mcconell from Ky you MORON!!!!!

  2. ronnie says:

    another left wing spin article. what ever happened to fair and balanced? thanks cbs news.

    1. lmmd says:

      maybe so but cantor has been way out of line in the past so what makes this any different?

  3. JAMES says:

    Nice Research. Who wrote this article? The DNC

  4. Phil Landers says:

    Of course they will threaten the average citizen and not take the money out of subsidies for big business. If not to assist in emergencies then what is the Federal Government for? GTFO of these stupid wars and trying to be an empire.

  5. GregH says:

    TO: TLC. You are the moron. Eric Cantor – R (7CD VA) IS the House Majority Leader. Mitch McConnel is the Senate Majority Leader.

    TO CBS News-4 Miami: If you consider yourself to be a true news organization, please stick with reporting the news and quit prodviding slanted editorials! WTH is “draconian” supposed to mean? Use dollar amounts, percentages or facts and leave your opinions outside the newsroom/studio door! If you are nothing more than a blogger on the internet, however, then go ahead and say whatever you like. Just label yourself for what you are so that viewers/readers can then click “ignore” before mistaking you for professional journalism.

    The media has sorely lacked this professionalism for too long. Sadly, it died together with Tim Russert, the last top-notch professional in the field!

    1. ben says:

      Please keep up the truthful unbaised replies. Even a blind man can see the majority of the news media in USA has turned in all objective, scientific and unbiased reporting. Thank God he gave us the gift of choice.Goodbye American freedom of the press and hello Communist propaganda. My email is on gmail at benbrown1212

  6. Rod says:

    I for one will change my votes to Democrates. The Republicans have lost touch with the average Joe. Vote to replace these fools who think the government is seperate from the people. it is a gov’t of the people, for the people and by the people. I think America is on the verge of loosing it and takiing to the streets by 2012.

  7. Shaune Kelly Scott says:

    Using words and phrases such as “draconian” and “happily letting the government default on its debt” demonstrates bias. This article should be listed aon the Op/Ed page.

  8. Shaune Kelly Scott says:


  9. tlc says:

    You’re right; I am the moron. But I still adore Eric Cantor!!!

  10. Robert says:

    Lets see, they want smaller government so I guess this means that if any disasters hit our country we are on our own. Thats sounds pretty draconian to me. When are we going to stop this assault on the working class people of this country? I cant believe how hard the Republicans fought to continue the tax cuts for the wealthiest people of this country and now they threaten us with no help for disasters. well if disasters destroy homes and businesses and there is no help, I guess the rich will be able to buy up all the properties that we have worked so hard to maintain as ours.

  11. bobbyb says:

    Sorry to all of you that still smoke, but if the lawmakers had the guts to put a huge tax on cigarettes then there might be money to help people and not have to write this biased article in the first place. Also, if the lawmakers weren’t on the take from the insurance companies, then the rates might be reasonable and people would have insurance and could afford their mortgage payments….. for those of you that still smoke – a tax might encourage you to quit and thus reduce the HUGE medical costs that smoking eventually causes.

  12. Harriett says:

    The rich get richer and the poor get poorer with the Republicans in power. Of course if that tornado hit one of those big companies that throw money at the politicians they would be falling all over themselves to send government aid.

  13. Irwin says:

    I love the “sarcasm”. CBS4 has a sense of humor.

  14. FedUpWithIt says:

    Oh yeah, they’ll cut the budget in other areas. Like other services that help individuals. But when it comes to cutting budget items that support big business, or the sacred cow the military, then they won’t touch a thing. Get real all of you GOP fanboys. Because you live here too, and those idiots apparently won’t lift a finger to help you either, even if you voted for them.

  15. Gregory Jenkins says:

    WOW, the GOP is in a feeding frenzy. I guess when it is all over, the best that I can do is commit suicide. Our country is in serious trouble.

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