MIAMI ( – Being a former health care executive, and wanting to bring more jobs to the state, would make one think Governor Rick Scott would champion higher education and health care.

But based on his line-item vetoes, those are near the bottom of his priorities list.

Scott signed the $61 billion budget into law Thursday, but that was not before he gutted education further and slashed an additional $615 million from the budget.

One of the main targets in Scott’s line-item vetoes was higher education. He pulled more than $10 million from Miami-Dade College’s remodeling and renovation budget. Scott also slashed $2.5 million from the South Florida Community College’s fire fighting program.

Florida Atlantic lost $3.25 million for infrastructure improvements, while Florida International University’s Satellite Chiller Plant Expansion lost $6 million.

But his cut at the University of Miami might be the toughest to justify. Scott cuts $1.21 million from cancer research at the University of Miami. He also cut $10,000 from the Institute for Cuban American Studies.

Mount Sinai Medical Center lost a total of $5 million in the upcoming budget and the Dan Marino Foundation Vocational School lost $500,000.

Scott pulled $777,169 in funds from the University of Miami’s Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Project. Another $500,000 was pulled from the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

He yanked $50,000 from the Cuban American Bar Association’s pro bono project while also cutting $250,000 to Goodwill Industries of South Florida. Scott also cut $11.1 million dollars in state payments to Expressway Authorities.

All total, Scott cut $615,347,550 from the 2011 state budget.

Comments (7)
  1. kgriff says:

    This man has got to go. He will go down in history as the worst governor this state has ever had.

    1. HERMAN says:

      This is typical political garbage. He claims to be creating jobs, but is cutting every project that would create jobs, unless they are projects by his contributors.

      When will people wake up to the abortion and racial cover that is suppose to distracct us from seein through these people.

  2. James Smith says:

    I remember “let’s get to work Florida”. It’s more like, Let’s get out of Florida!!!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Once again – making decisions when angry always has consequences. Scott is a true nut job. His only loyalty is to the rich and elite. Does anyone think that giving breaks to large companies is going to generate jobs – these large companies are pocketing the cash to pay themselves large bonuses.

  4. Damon Waynes says:

    You people voted for the schmuck. He should be in jail for medi-care fraud. He looks a like like fire marshall bill.

    1. DemsSuck says:

      What about Obama looking like Uncle Tom?

  5. ScottWillSaveUS says:

    Our Governor (which we voted for and he won by beating Alex STINK) will save the state by getting rid of all the TAX sucking jobs (like state workers) and bring in real jobs outside of state and government jobs. All these state and gov’t jobs he is cutting are TAX sucking and not revenue generating.

    If we dont have the TAXES available how are all these State and government employees going to get paid?…This is what the socialist loving democrats do not understand..Lets just spend and spend even if we dont have the money..Obama loving idiots!!!


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