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MIAMI – (CBS4) – Lawyers for Jorge and Carmen Barahona have asked a judge to keep the evidence in the case of the South Florida parents arrested for allegedly beating and murdering their 10-year-old from being released to the media.

Miami-Dade court judge Sarah Zabel is expected to rule on that motion Wednesday.

Carmen Barahona and her husband, Jorge, are charged with the first-degree murder of their daughter. Nubia’s body was found partially decomposed in a pickup truck on Valentine’s Day. Her brother survived, but was badly burned with a toxic chemical.

Police said the Barahonas abused the twins for months and locked them in the bathroom.

They have pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty.

Meanwhile, attorneys for several news outlets including CBS4 have argued that many of the documents the defense hopes to seal have already been made public.

“Pre-trial publicity does not lead to an unfair trial,” said Scott Ponce, who represented The Miami Herald.

  1. BVC says:

    We shouldn’t waste our Tax Payer’s Money on these two monsters. Take them straight to the ELECTRIC CHAIR.

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