Fight Over Property Lines, Parking Turns Deadly In Hialeah

HIALEAH (CBS4) – A dispute between neighbors turned deadly Sunday morning in Hialeah.

Police spokesman Detective Eddie Rodriguez said the fight between 47-year old Jose Mora and 33-year old Julio Pena was over property lines and parking in front Pena’s home at 390 West 40th Place.

Neighbors said the two were best friends but in the last eight months they had argued off and on over property lines, renovations and a new fence which Pena put up around the front of his home.  Family members say Pena was so worried about the situation he had installed security cameras outside his home in case anything happened.

On Sunday morning something did.

Witnesses told police at one point during Sunday morning’s argument, Mora ran into his home, got a gun and then came out and shot Pena multiple times.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, they were very, very good friends,” said Pena’s father in law, Cipriano Gonzalez.

Both men had recently taken restraining orders out on each other.

“The one time, he told him that he’s going to kill all his family,”said Gonzalez who noted that is when the cameras went up.

Several neighbors heard the shots and called police. They were there within minutes and took Mora into custody.

Rescue workers rushed Pena to a nearby hospital but he died before they arrived.

Rodriguez said the wives and children of both Pena and Mora were inside their respective homes when the shooting occurred.

  • rose

    just sent him back to Cuba thats where he belong

    • tomax

      Why send him back he is just gonna float back over. Execute him a life for a life

    • Send her back

      You’re not a rose, but a thorn. I thought living in a major industrial area there won’t be as many ignorant, stupid people like you. I grew up around “your kind.” The same type of people who were waiting for the world to end yesterday. I have a feeling you were one of them.

    • ester

      how do you know where he belongs? the question is where do you belong?

      • R. Hy

        When we went to school, we had to hear the class in English and then Spanish. Due to the first boat that arrived years ago. How do you expect people to spell right, when Education has suffered in Miami!

    • Vincent Marinello

      Hey Rose there is no property lines to fight over where they came from…Now he can fight over the upper or lower bunk in his jail cell hahahahahahahahh

    • Alex

      rose were do you belong. Unless you are a native indian you either belong in Italy, Ireland or Some other country, so maybe you should go back to you ignorant idiot. Cocha, Your name sounds like it is derived from cocharouch and that is what you are, so crawl back to were you came from with those stupid comments.Dummy.

      • Sioux

        I’m Native American and I find it exceptionally annoying that peope would demand for me to speak Spanish. Just because most people immigrate here, doesn’t mean that they should just continue to hole up in their own cultures… It’s important, when you move to a new country, to respect that culture while not treading on your own. The Spanish community here is vibrant and brings alot of positivity to south florida (and like every culture, mine included, some negativity)… but it is just as important to assimilate as the economy becomes more global as it is to retain heritage. If you are here to work, here to live, here to stay…learn to speak conversational english…just like some of us are attempting to learn to speak spanish. If you only want Spanish customers, then only attempt to speak Spanish. Let’s not be ignorant and all assume that a Native American wouldn’t read the post (granted, I understood where you were coming from). I’m not telling you all to leave. I think perhaps what could be more important than learning to speak English, is the pertinence of learning to respect everyone’s cultures, and from there building trust enough to help change the negativity that each one has the capability to produce.

      • Sioux

        oh, and that comment was in reply to Alex and I know how to spell people. Didn’t want to seem like a phantom illiterate poster. :)

      • SeenALotInMyTime

        I find it freaking hilarious when a Cuban adamantly informs me that I should learn to speak Spanish – that everyone in South Florida should speak Spanish and that everyone should know how to speak TWO languages – Spanish, definitely being one of them. When I ask them why they are speaking to me in Spanish and not in English, as I remind them of what they just told me – how important it is to speak two languages – they stare at me in disgust and adamantly inform me that they will NEVER learn to speak Engish! ROFLMAO I guess in Cuba – what is good for the goose is not always good for the Gander.

    • Vincent Marinello

      hahah your ight where they came from they had no property and now they can fight over the upper or lower bunk in his jai;l cell hahahahhahahah idiots….

  • yokolee

    Can u imagine having ‘rose’ for a neighbor? hehehe

    • xomat

      Shot I would love to her as a neighbor she will be courtious and respect her neighbors at least.

    • Vincent Marinello

      would love to, a real patriot not a wanna be American

  • peter sanchez

    Hey Eddie… in hialeah u dont need to Speakyyy English man!
    Eddie u need a man too!;-]

  • carol

    if it is because his neighbor keeps letting their dog poop in their yard…i totally understand. I may be in a similar news story if my neighbor doesnt stop.

    And Rose…You are proof that our educational system is failing miserably.

    • carol

      oops…meant to say “….their dog poop in his yard”

      otherwise…i pretty much said the dog is pooping in its own yard.

    • yokolee

      good post carol

    • Observerfromupnorth

      Sprinkle your lawn with cayenne pepper they won’t go there much longer.

  • Alex

    rose were do you belong. Unless you are a native indian you either belong in Italy, Ireland or Some other country, so maybe you should go back to you ignorant idiot. Cocha, Your name sounds like it is derived from cocharouch and that is what you are, so crawl back to were you came from with those stupid comments.

    • Vincent Marinello

      Alex keep Italy out of it and your spelling shows you need some more schooling hahahahah

  • Maria

    it doesn’t say if they are cubans. Anyways this happens in many neighborhoods and are not cubans, people solved their problems with guns, sad very sad.

    • tomax

      They live in Hialeah rere

  • Pat

    if they live in hialeah there cubans

    • james

      Pat your grammar is terrible, it should read “if they live in Hialeah, they’re Cuban.” Go back to school!

    • M. Frau

      Ingnorance must be your middle name. I teach in the area, and there are a number of people from throughout Latin America who make their first stop in Hialeah: Colombians, Dominicans, Nicaraguans, etc..There is still actual “trailer trash” that still lives in Hialeah. Yep, red-necks who didn’t know how read or write either like you. I didn’t grow up in south Florida, and coming here I thought I was getting away from the stupid, racist people that live there. I guess they are just following me.

    • ester

      pat, it does not mean that because you live in hialeah that you are cuban, don’t be ignorant my husband and I are both americans born in nj and we have been living in hialeah since 1979

  • Jane Doe

    Leave the Russians out of it Kommrade.

  • Jane Doe

    Just like there are Cuban thieves and a Cuban mafia the same goes for Russians. The both have their good and their bad. If you don’t like the comments made about Cubans then don’t make similar comments about others.

  • Sarcasm Sam

    This is why they should have looser gun laws! If we could all carry our guns on our waistband someone could have just shot the guy that shot his neighbor. The real American way!

  • rose

    Thank you Hector
    let them know what time it is

  • weallsaywords

    Both of these men fighting over a parking spot were fools, now both families have to suffer and the rest of you can fight over race issues. Hector so true about Elian. What were these Cubans thinking blocking or roads and thinking they have a right to keep someones son from his father. If they would get some B*lls and go fight for their freedom in Cuba, I would have more respect for them!!!

    • Vincent Marinello

      Your so right…But cowards allways want others to fight for their freedom weallsaywords

    • yokolee

      I’m pretty sure we’ll need your respect/not!

      • weallsaywords

        yokolee, is that the best you can come up with. I notice you place a lot of comments, but nothing worth reading..Get a life f**l.

  • yokolee

    English speaking city which once was, hahahhahahhahahah!-to you-from-me

  • james

    Another reason to take guns off the street! Period! Now this family has to grow with no father and no husband.

    • ester

      so true they need to get the guns off the streets so they don’t fall into the wrong hands, people loose their cool and in a split second they do something they will regret the rest of their lifes

  • Tyrone Goldstein

    I heard Pena was parking in front of the other guys house because Pena did not want to ruin the grass in front of his. Mr. Mora got mad and killed him. Now they will both have good grass in front of their yard because neither of them will park there anymore.

  • Carlos Urquijo


    • Grammargirl

      Carlos, dude did your read what you wrote? Garbage leaving in that city? It doesn’t make sense. Grammar check please!! I’m glad you’re not one of those illiterate people and other garbage that lives nationwide.

    • Vincent Marinello

      Whats a worts? hahahahahahahah

  • art

    there allway’s have to be a wimp with a gun, since they can’t fight like real men, they need a weapon,,, more gun control Obama, like in European nation, perhaps eliminate guns, ”””

  • COCO





    • Mari

      Coco your rock! The two men weren’t Cubans–HA! HA!

      • SeenALotInMyTime

        ….. Cubans are busy running Florida …. Doctors (doctors that run their practices out of their garages, bilk millions out of medicare; Miguel Recarey – IMC – where is that SOB? Lawyers – ah yes, lawyers like Frank Adorno – due his magnificent action, he seems to single handedly closed down a 200 year old law firm and left about 2000 employees without jobs, need I say more – the list goes on and on and on.

    • Marian & Nicole

      You mean the same ones that are running JMS/JMH into the ground ? ;)

  • Tom

    GUNS GUNS GUNS.. issues like this happens when we as adults cannot see stronger control control.. Over a stupid Insignificant parking spot someone looses their life and another’s is ruined for life. DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope stupid are humans?????

  • art

    well said coco..for all those haters…..

  • Hector

    I did not mean to stirs the bees nest, I myself am a Cuban American and proud of what I have accomplished ON MY OWN. America is the greatest country in the world, and I welcome any race creed or religion looking to live a better life. Unfortunately many of my fellow contrymen came here looking for hand outs. They have not made an attempt to learn the language and instead of trying to fit in created “Little Havana” and crerated exactly what life was like on the Island. I’m embarrassed of what Hialeah and Little Havanna look like, and yes Hialeah is at least 95% cuban.
    Look at the Hialeah Mayor, convited of crimes while in office, but yet we could’nt wait to vote him back in first chance we had. Yes the shooting is a tragedy, it could happen between Anglos, African Americans or anyone. Viloence is no no way to solve a problem ever. I understand the frustraion of the non-hispanics in Miami, it can be very frustrating at times for me as well

    God bless all of us, let’s just try to get along, PEACE.

    • Jane Doe

      Thank you. I appreciate your comment. My frined Ana feels the same way. It is people like you who I feel sorry for the most when the other Cubans you mentioned make the rest of you look bad.

  • Tom

    I’m sorry for the gramatical mistakes let me re-issue my comment.. GUNS GUNS GUNS… issues like this happens when we as adults cannot see stronger gun controls. Over a stupid Insignificant parking spot, a life is lost and another’s is ruined for life. When are we going to wake up and realize that there is a need for stronger control controls. DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW STUPID ARE HUMANS?

    • Phil Landers

      2 of the letter M are used in the word in grammatical Tom. Nice try lmao!


    Someone isn’t playing well with others. This will show up un your progress report and you can expect a meeting with your parents and the Principal young man.

  • Back2bananarepublc

    Besides terrorists, I don’t know another group of people that is as despised as Cubans, universally. You guys troll around forums trying to protect your people but you’re seriously living in denial. You say Cubans are successful? Who? The countless corrupt politicians? Dishonest contractors that over developed So. Fla for their own profits? The shady doctors with questionable billing practices and countless fraud cases? The above average sleazy lawyers? Yes! Cubans are successful at being sleazy and corrupt. Many REAL successful immigrant groups…..Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian, Indian, Filipino…..not Cubans.

    • ester

      there are very successful cubans, hate to burst your bubble and letting you fall flat on your behind which seems where your brain is located, my family came from cuba in the early sixties and late sixties , and Im PROUD to say that i have people in my family that have been very successful. and we are not trashy or sleazy, there is good and bad in all races and nationa;ities so please do not generalize because I think taht you would take big offense i f i were to say that all americans are dirty because I have sat at a restaurant and the “American person in back of me has thought nothing about burping as lousd as possible or to say that gringas are loose

      • Respect is earned, not given

        Ester, you should try harder to educate your fellow Cubans, who have been here since 1959, to:

        1. Speak English.
        2. Fly the US Flag.

        Then perhaps, us non-Latinos, will respect you.

  • Recallmaster

    Please explain why Cubans call other Latins Indians? The last time I checked there were plenty of black Cubans living in South Florida and in the Island. Mr or Mrs. coco, Cubans do not run Florida, Scott runs Florida, very poorly I may add. In addition, if all Cubans were Doctors and Lawyers Miami would not be the garbage it is today. However, You forgot to mention that the Cuban doctors were busy stealing money from Medicare and running ilegal clinics. Cubans have done a lot of killing in Hialeah too, like the guy who killed his girlfriend along with co workers due to a jelaous rampage. Trash comes in many flavors and we have plenty in South Florida.

    • ester

      miami is what it is because of very successful cubans who do you think put up all those high rises in downtown miami, my uncle may he rest in peace was mone of them and with his hard earned money working hard since he came from cuba at 17 and started working as a dish washer, andy Garcia the actor also worked as a bus boy and look where he is now another very respected cuban actor

      • Overthrow Castro Yourselves

        Ester, stop lying and smoking crack. Cubans did not built them highrises. White Anglos did. You Cubans were SUCESSFULL are ripping Medicare off, mooching off the government, and being loudmouths are everything else. If you had real balls, you would have overthrown Castro yourselves. If you still had balls, ya’lll gang up together and overthrow Castro yourselves. But y’all too lazy to do that.

        The End.

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