TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – An investigation by the state’s Inspector General’s Office has found that a foster care agency which contracted with the Department of Children and Families unintentionally misspent more than $400,000 in state funds.

The report, however, found there were no intentional fraudulent misuse of funds by the Miami based Our Kids Inc.

DCF began privatizing foster care statewide nearly a decade ago in the wake of several high profile child deaths and has struggled to evolve in its role from running the program to overseeing its private contractors.

The investigation also underscores a broader problem of vague contracts between the department and its contractors, including policies on procurement and bonuses.

Two former employees came forward alleging Our Kids awarded contracts to friends of its CEO. The investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing in the bulk of the allegations.

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  1. observerfromupnorth says:

    Until the state start requiring accountability it will continue, DCF needs teams to over see spending with the private contracts that a negotiated for child care, and reports need to be submitted monthly from each agency that has a contract to ensure that the federal guidelines are being met by these agencies, I would gladly be a part of the team to assist in this after 20 years in Ohio Florida is in dire need of accountability and structure. With technology where it is today, we would need the state and all counties in Florida to meet to iron out what is needed, there is already a computer system in place let’s use it, all counties need to be on board and following the same system to ensure continuity in this process. I would be on board for anything that makes the system work for KIDS.

    1. deotha woodburn says:

      observerfromupnorth, please contact,just saw your comment. am from up north also.have been a foster parent for over sixteen years, this system archaic, and the children need help. they can’t do it. they’re only kids. the adults have to step up to the plate, and do the right thing.

  2. Chet says:


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