I got very excited today when I opened a package from a public relations company.  Inside was a book …but not just any book.  It was one that takes me back quite a few years.  I immediately took it over to show two of my producers.  “Do you guys remember reading these books as a kid?” I asked them.  Of course their answer was yes.

Many kids grew up reading the Sweet Valley High series.  It featured identical twins …Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield.  They lived in California (where every teenager wanted to live) and they had perfect, long, blonde hair.   I know I read a lot of the books.  But likely not all 152 books in the series.  Francine Pascal created the series and presided over a number of ghostwriters.  Times were much simpler back in the Sweet Valley High days.  There weren’t cell phones, and text messages, and facebook pages to worry about.   And there was only kissing.   The issues that the Sweet Valley kids faced probably wouldn’t fly today.  It was too pure.  The twins’ big controversy would be something like which friend they should take on spring break …and that drama would last at least 200 pages.  But I loved it.  And so did so many others.

Now in the new book, “Sweet Valley Confidential,” it’s ten years later and the twins are adults.  The press release suggests that someone’s heart will be broken.  And it says that the twins have had a big falling out.  But before I even open it up I know that the ending will be …well, sweet.  And with Sweet Valley …that’s just the way I like it.


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