MIAMI – (CBS4) – A 24-year-old woman whom police say is a prostitute lured men and then robbed them, Miami police said.

Heather Burroughs faces several charges that range from armed robbery and attempted murder in two separate incidents.

In the first case, police say Burroughs approached a man at 9 a.m. on May 15th in the area of Northwest 7th Avenue and 20th Street. The police report states the man was looking “for a prostitute to have sex with.”

Police say Burroughs and the man who was not identified in the report spent the day together in Miami Beach. The man later took her back to an address on the 600 block of Northwest 24th Street. She told the man to wait for her while she went upstairs for a minute.

An hour passed by and Burroughs did not return so he left. The man said later that night he received phone calls and text messages from her. Burroughs said she wanted to go out to dinner with him and pay him back for the bathing suit he had purchased for her the day before.

The following day, the pair met and that’s when Burroughs told him to go to an ATM so that she could withdraw money to pay him back. Instead, she pulled out a silver pistol and allegedly told him, “Don’t do anything stupid. I am a professional at this. We have done this before and there is someone following us.”

The man pulled into a New Century Bank at 486 NW 27th Ave. and withdrew $500 and when he returned with the money, she ordered him to stay out of the car. Police say she drove off with his car.

In the second case, Burroughs is accused of going back with another man to the Starlite Motel at 135 SW 8th Street just before 6 p.m. on May 17th.

While the man undressed, Burroughs told him she had forgotten something in his car. She went out with his keys and he “realized that the defendant had nothing inside his car.”

He walked out and saw Burroughs about to drive off with his car. The man who was wearing only his underwear clung to his gray Toyota Corolla. But he was dragged across the parking lot. Burroughs is accused of side swiping the car against a chain-link metal fence, which caused him to let go. Burroughs then made a U-turn and ran over the man injuring his leg. The man later told police that the pair had dated on and off for the past four weeks.

Police were called to the scene and they were able to arrest her. They found she had a glass pipe with cocaine residue .

Burroughs was ordered held no bond and faces an attempted murder charge, strong arm robbery, grand theft auto, cocaine possession, false imprisonment, armed robbery with a firearm and grand theft.

Comments (7)
  1. Tacnacs Ilcd says:

    bury this woman up to her neck in sand and have the public urinate on her as they pass by,

    1. PITUFO CALDERON says:

      good call-Tacnacs Ilcd

  2. Chet says:

    just another example of why you should keep your distance from CRACKHEADS !!!!!!!!!!

  3. gerardo says:

    guess he learn something good

  4. LurkerX says:

    She would not do that to Glenn61………….

  5. deanna king says:

    you dont even know the whole story nor would u care to ur too opinionated and dont happen to know this young woman who is an amazing person that got caught up and set up! thank you and good bye

  6. Jennifer sama says:

    I was locked up 5 months with heather aka ashley that girl has a heart of gold n would give the shirt off her bk to anyone who needed it. I spent days n nights with her n became very close to her drugs and bad company and the loss of her mother had lots to do with her actions i believe if u new her u would agree

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