MARGATE (CBS4) – Police increased their patrols around a mosque in Margate on Sunday, a mosque where Izhar Khan, 24, once served as imam, or spiritual leader.

Now Khan and two of his family members are being held by federal authorities after they were indicted on charges that they helped funnel money to support the Taliban in Pakistan.

According to federal investigators, Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan, 76, was the ring leader and Izhar’s father. Hafiz Khan was also an imam at a Miami mosque on Flagler Street. Also taken into custody was Hafiz Kahn’s other son, 37-year old Irfan Kahn, in Los Angeles.

Three other individuals residing in Pakistan, Ali Rehman, aka “Faisal Ali Rehman;” Alam Zeb; and Amina Khan, aka “Amina Bibi,” also are charged in the indictment. Amina Khan is the daughter of Khan and her son, Alam Zeb, is Khan’s grandson, according to a release from the U. S. Attorney’s office.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said this group was able to send at least $50 thousand from South Florida to Pakistan; the money used to by guns and funded a madrassa (religious school) which sheltered terrorists and trained children to kill Americans.

U.S. Attorney Wifredo A. Ferrer said this is just another case is put South Florida under the spotlight for suspected terrorist activity.

“Because of the diverse population that we have here in South Florida and the amount of money that circulates in South Florida, additionally there are a number of people that are tied to al Qaeda and other organizations that have ties to South Florida,” said Ferrer.

It’s still a shock to Emmanuel Caseneuve who lived next door to Izhar Kan in North Lauderdale.

“I mean to know somebody is like living next door, to hear that, it just makes you, I don’t know, kind of speechless about it,” said Caseneuve.

Caseneuve is also wondering what he may have noticed if he had paid any attention to the man who lived next door.

“I never met him, I don’t know what he even looked like, so to hear that, it’s very disturbing,” Caseneuve.

Hafiz Khan and his son Izhar Khan Saturday in South Florida. They are expected to make their initial appearance in federal court in Miami at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

If convicted, each faces a potential 15 years in prison for each count of the indictment.

“As for the Imam Hafiz Khan, he has been indefinitely suspended as the Imam of the Flagler mosque. To our knowledge the activities in the indictment did not occur on the property of MCA Muslim Communities Association nor was any such activities ever sanctioned by our organization,” said Asad Bayumus with the Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations.

The indictment does not charge the mosques themselves with any wrongdoing and the individual defendants are charged based on their provision of material support to terrorism, not on their religious beliefs or teachings.

Comments (14)
  1. Joe Goldner says:

    Why is so many people is surprised? The Tea Party has been warning the people for a couple of years and the likes of Joe Kaufman has been warning us for years. Even candidates like Joe Goldner have also warned the community of the threat but yet we have our heads in the sand. Now it is time to realize the truth and the facts that terror is being grown out of these Mosques and we should be protecting ourselves with that knowledge.We have a policy in place that is supporting these terror cells and a very weak president in Obama and a very weak congresswoman by the name of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Next year we have the opportunity to fire both of them.

  2. Ddreddsy says:

    So why didn’t the strong Tea party kill bin ladin?

    1. Joe Goldner says:

      Because it is not the job of the Tea Party but our president and our military.

      1. bobbyb says:

        So that is what happened. Our president and the military did just that. And he did it quite quickly compared to the previous efforts. I see no weakness. The others talk but Obama’s actions are louder than just words.

    2. e says:

      You’re an idiot!
      You’re an idiot!

  3. Noel Mulet says:

    Its Imam not Iman….

  4. Ed Kies says:

    GOOD God!… It’s Monday!!
    God IS Good!
    GOOD is God…

    EVERYTHING that God Has in His Heart for You is GOOD..
    God will ONLY Give GOOD to His Children!!

    God LOVES You Soooooo Much, My Friend..
    That Wants to Do You GOOD all the Days of Your Life!
    EVERY Desire of His Heart is ONLY
    To See GOOD things Happen in Your Life!

    He Loves You So Much that He Could NEVER
    Find it in His Heart to Hurt You in ANY WAY!!

    Yes… Sometimes Bad things Happen..
    But NEVER… N E V E R ! by God’s Hand!
    God Doesn’t Even HAVE anything BAD in Heaven..
    So He can NOT Possibly give something Bad.

    He says; “If You then, being Evil,
    Know how to give GOOD Gifts to YOUR Children,
    HOW MUCH MORE Will You Father in Heaven,
    Who is PERFECT, Give GOOD GIFTS to His Children?”

    Today is MONDAY…
    Please KNOW for Sure TODAY that;
    God is a GOOD God!
    God LOVES You!!
    God Wants to BLESS You…

  5. KAlAM says:

    ISLAM mean Peace. Any Individuals acts do not represent a religion or place of workshop(Mosque.) Stop the Hatred!

    1. nesdave says:

      Islam means submit. Look it up.

      1. nesdave says:

        I was wrong. “Muslim” means ‘one who submits’. Islam is the religion of Muslims.

  6. Labron says:

    People, Islam is a religion of peace. If any commit or speak hate, they are not Muslim.

    These Imams and all others like them should be executed.


    1. Maria says:

      Islam has apparently been hijacked.

      My neighbor is Muslim and they do not let their children listen to music or play games or associate with people of other beliefs — sad. I cannot believe that this is the original meaning of Islam.

      The extremlists should not be allowed in this country.

  7. TwanTru says:

    I agree with Labron

  8. big and wise says:

    what is the surprise? they live in america and hate americans?

    what is the surprise? americans are infidels? they have to be eliminated……

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