MIAMI BEACH – (CBS4) -The Amazing Race wraps up season 18 Sunday Night on CBS and South Florida plays a special roll in the season finale. The final leg of the race ends in the Keys.

To celebrate the occasion, the show came to South Beach for its wrap party. Contestants from all 18 seasons of the Amazing Race kicked off the night at the Loews Hotel on South Beach.

“Whatever we can do to come back here, we make it a point to go to Miami,” said Elise Doganieri, Executive Producer of the Amazing Race.

The Emmy-award winning Amazing Race gives contestants a chance to travel around the world and compete for a million dollars. Seasons 18’s finale ends in the Florida Keys. The show’s host said he caught the South Florida fever.

“This is the kind of place that gets you to buy a shirt like this,” said Phil Koeghan as he pointed out his bright purple shirt with crazy designs on it to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez. “I would not wear a shirt like this, but for some reason, in Miami, I think I fit in.”

CBS4 cameras caught up with the final four teams on the red carpet who talked about the toughest parts. Many of them said eating was a challenge.

“In general the eating challenges for us was tough. I had a hard time with the fondu. He carried me through the fondu,” said Justin, one of the shows final four contestants.

And since season 18 was all about teams who left a previous season with unfinished business, we asked what it was like coming back for a second chance.

“It was more fun. She did not get on my nerves the second time around,” said Kisha about her sister Jen. “I held a lot in to not have her get on mine.”

We got one hint about a South Florida landmark in the season finale from Mike and Mallory, the father-daughter team who said the Seven Mile Bridge may be featured in the episode.

“I don’t know you will have to watch,” said Mallory.

We went straight to the top or at least to the two Globetrotters, Flight Time and Big Easy who make up one of the final teams for any big shockers for the final leg.

“Big Easy has a speedo on,” said Flight Time.

“What! I am known as the sexiest man on the season,” joked Big Easy.

The Amazing Race season finale airs Sunday night at 8 p.m. on CBS 4


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