Commissioner Demands Apology After Union Leader Emails Doctored Photo

MIAMI (CBS4) – A Miami commissioner is demanding a public apology from a police union leader who defends a controversial email.

Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Javier Ortiz admits to sending an altered mug shot to his colleagues. Now he’s also getting criticized for it by the leader of another police union.

In mid-April, Durrall Miller, 24, was accused of firing shots at two Miami-Dade police officers in Southwest Miami-Dade, hitting one in the foot.

Police found him on April 19th and shot him dead in Miami Gardens because, they say, Miller threatened to shoot police.

The very next day, Ortiz sent out an email with an altered photo of suspect Durrall Miller.

“With some red devil eyes and demon sharp teeth,” said Miami Commissioner Richard Dunn, who is outraged over the photo.

Commissioner Dunn says the shooting appears to have been justified, but calls the e-mail racist.

“That is what we do not need in the City of Miami,” said Dunn.

“That is something that I did send,” said Ortiz.

CBS4 News caught up with Ortiz on Friday. He’s also a City of Miami police officer.

“I stand by what I did,” he responded when CBS4′s Gio Benitez asked if he felt it was professional to send that out.

“That email was sent to our membership. That was not to be leaked out to the public,” said Ortiz.

“Mr. Ortiz, that is the most racist thing I’ve seen in my life. If you sent that out, shame on you,” said Commissioner Dunn.

“Absolutely no regret. This has nothing to do with race. This has to do with the fact that this is somebody that shot at two Miami-Dade police officers. This has nothing to do with race,” said Ortiz.

“We’re professionals. We should be above the fray,” said City of Miami police officer Stanley Jean Poix, who is also the president of another police union, The Miami Community PBA.

He also received the Ortiz email. Shortly after it was sent, he says, his members had a private meeting with Ortiz, where Jean Poix says, Ortiz was apologetic.

“And after that, we saw his interview on CBS4, and it seemed like he wasn’t apologetic anymore,” said Jean Poix.

The Miami Police Department says Ortiz sent the email as a member of the union, not as a sergeant. A Miami PD spokesperson says it’s a union issue. The Department does not plan on getting involved and Chief Miguel Exposito won’t comment.

As of Tuesday night, the President of the Miami Police Union had not returned CBS4’s calls.

The city manager told our news partners at The Miami Herald that he finds the incident, “disturbing” and will look into it.

  • Jose

    It’s a shame what happen to Mr Miller, but the truth of the matter is he choose to do what he did and not turn himself in. As far as racism, I believe Mr Dunn is playing the racist card here. To go against Chief Exposito and making the police department look bad. Mr Dunn, as a commissioner, should have at least gone to the scene where the two officers were MURDERED. But they were not African-American. Maybe thats what the media should look into as he is also a public official and represents ALL races. Mr Dunn might have forgotten that!

    • Dave Collis

      Commissioner Dunn appears to love the media attention. There is NOTHING racist about the doctored up photo, it just portrays an EVIL MAN which is what this clown was,just plain evil. Anyone that thinks this was racist, is just trying to make a big deal out of nothing at all, typical of the so called politically correct stuff, that is so prevalent in Miami these days, please Mr Dunn,give us a break,that’s ridiculous !!!

    • pirate642

      Did it say murdered? I thought it said one was shot in the foot.

    • D'Ash23

      Murdered? What two officers? Being shot at and hit in the foot is not murdered. Mr. Miller chose his fate and got what he wanted by not surrendering. The email was still in very poor taste for a Seargent and President of a union to send out to anyone much less to those he is representing.

  • Dap

    Was the guy white and the officer painted him black? Then I don’t know how it is racist.
    It could be tastless, but not racist.

  • TwanTru

    Mr. Dunn, please for once shut up. You defend the criminals making the rest of us look bad.

  • miami cop

    I like that Dunn and Jean Poix support cop killers

    A Miami Cop

  • only here1

    I think the miami police department should name a building after the poor guy that was killed for shooting at police officers……yeah right! JEan Poix is as corrupt as Dumb

  • jp g.

    If we had an all white union, it would be RACIST. The african americans are there with the MCPBA and its fine. Why is this cop supporting someone that tried to kill two miami dade cops? is it his brother or something?

  • Dabria

    By definition a racist is someone who is prejudiced against other races: prejudiced against all people who belong to other races. racist person: somebody who hates others who are not of his or her own race.

    Ignorant – lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man. More than anything ortiz is an immature and ignorant person who took a department already facing controversy down a notch.
    grow up and show some professionalism..

    • Juice----y


  • is dumb

    You know the world is coming to an end when a cop protects a cop killer. Great job jean twox

  • Jean this isn't haiti

    Go to Haiti for an apology. There they kill everyone no apologies needed

  • Love USA

    Oh Please Stop the Racist..Racist…Racist… non-sense..We have soo many problems…Let’s clean the City,if don’t like return to Your Country… & be happy there…Chief Exposito for Miami Mayor!!!

  • Dave Phillips

    What a joke ! I believe ofc Jean , needs to get a life,and a new job ! The guy defends a cop killer, what an idiot ! The photo was by NO MEANS racist,it just showed an evil person,thats all !

  • Marie

    since all Dunn seems to care about is that the doctored photo is of a black suspect…does that mean if the suspect were white it wouldn’t be such a problem? Isn’t that racist in itself??

  • lisa

    It;s not racist It;s ignorant, childish and unprofessional. I think he should be repremanded for his lack of judgement.

  • Geovanni

    It’s because he’s black. If its bin laden there wouldn’t be an issue with it. That cop jean poix is as corrupt as they come

  • Mrfreeze

    That altered photo is NOT racist, stop making an issue out of nothing!!!

  • Marvin

    The altered photo clearly is racist and the cop should be fired. His job is to uphold the law not spread racisim. And, I would be willing to be my life that they shot and killed this man without cause. The vast majority of cops are dirty and I speak from experience. Almost every member of my family has suffered some sort of police harrasment in their lifetime. That is no accident. Cops are horrible and I celebrate every time one of them is killed in the line of duty.

    • Dave

      You Marvin are the racist ! So you celebrate every time a cop is killed do you ? It’s clear to see what a law abiding citizen you are. Your most probably just a black crack dealer,aren’t you , you clown !

    • NocoSandman

      Funny…not one single member of my family has ever had any involvement with the police. You’re making quite a statement just by saying that you’re family is so “experienced” in police matters. Stupid is as stupid does. If your family was so upstanding, you would have no issues where police would have to be involved in the first place.

  • Tiffany

    Well I am Black and cannot see how this photo is racist. Its a bad guy who happens to be Black that had his photo doctored to look like a devil. Nothing added that is a generalization or characterization of a stereotypical Black male. Actually thought it was kinda silly looking, but whatever. Don’t believe they hype. I doubt most Black people will say its RACIST, rude (as far as his family may be concerned) maybe…but not racist!

  • Idontliveinmiasmi

    Tasteless? Absolutely. Racist? I’m sorry, I just don’t see it. Evil? No, you don’t know true evil if you think that.

  • Dave

    Lets understand that commissioner Dunn,goes to the scene of dead criminals,but when two cops are killed in HIS DISTRICT, he disregards that ,and does a no show. What a guy, now who’s racist ? He is well known as a black militant,just like MPD officer Jean Poix, another black militant. Both these guys need to apologize for their actions, not the FOP vice prez. What he did pales compared to their racist actions, Jean Poix should be fired and Dunn should never show his face at Dinner Key again! They both nauseate me !

  • PrincessDS

    I don’t think it’s racist. I think it’s unprofessional and ignorant.

    There is a difference…yet they are akin to each other at times. In this case they are not akin.

    He was just unprofessional and ignorant.

  • Viper1j

    Perhaps Pancho Ortiz should swim back across the border, and see if they’ll let him be a cop in Mexico.

  • Papi

    Lets understand that commissioner Dunn,goes to the scene of dead criminals,but when two cops are killed in HIS DISTRICT, he disregards that ,and does a no show. What a guy, now who’s racist ? He is well known as a black militant,just like MPD officer Jean Poix, another black militant. Both these guys need to apologize for their actions, not the FOP vice prez. What he did pales compared to their racist actions, Jean Poix should be fired and Dunn should never show his face at Dinner Key again! They both nauseate me !

  • no pulse

    Dear Everyone That Supports Cop Killers,

    I am very sorry that you’re upset that the FOP made illustrations on a man’s face that shot at two county police officers. And, when he was being captured again threatening to kill more police officers with an ak47. Yes he’s black so it’s okay because he was oppressed by MCPBA law so we can’t hate him. All black cop killers are exempt from being hated. If it’s white, it’s alright. The MCPBA stood proud next to a commissioner that took our money away, but that also thinks police officers are killers and has said it publicly. The MCPBA stood proud next to the racist president of PUlSE who has a general hate for police. The swat team kills a man with a gun. It’s racist. TRU kills a man armed with a rifle. We are racist and that man loved life. Another guy rides around openly with a shotgun and we protect the public. PUlSE and Dunn says we are murderers and we gotta stop the PO-lices from killing black folk.

    After reading what I just wrote, I wonder why I’d be sorry. I’m not!

    An FOP member and your neighborhood policeman

  • john777

    Racist? No Way
    Stupid for a cop to do? Very Stupid

  • rsimmons

    Yes it is racist. It depicts the SAMBO OF THE SOUTH. Sambo was a black man with big wide teeth and a grin and big eyes that shined . Ortiz/the chief and the Mayor should be removed. I contacted the Govorner of Florida yesterday and he will get a copy of this picture-President Obama. the Naacp(national) FOX NEWS- OTHER national papers and magazines. And hopefully the officer and company will be fired. AND THE SPOTLIGHT WILL FINALLY SEE THESE RACIST CUBANS FOR WHAT THEY ARE AND GET RID OF WET FOOT DRY FOOT. Look at the racism in cuba with the afro cubans. The same thing. Bin Laden’s cousins of hate live right here in Miami.

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