MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A South Miami-Dade lawn service owner is being held without bond on charges of molestation and sexual battery after a woman claimed the family friend molested her 7 year old daughter while the girl was in his home.

A Miami-Dade judge ordered 62-year-old Julius Dupree held without bond Friday. He was charged with sexual battery on a minor by an adult, and lewd and lascivious conduct by an adult on a child under 12.

(Source: CBS4) Julius Dupree appearance in bond court.

The child’s mother, whose name is not being published to protect the child’s identity, said Dupree is a family friend who often had her daughter in his home.

The mother told police her daughter came forward with details of the alleged molestation, and after they questioned Dupree, he was taken into custody.

In bond court Friday, the mother appeared to ask that Dupree be held without bond. According to her statements in court, Dupree’s fiance operates a Florida City day care center and he is a foster parent, and she claimed in court that gives Dupree easy access to other children.

Judge Mindy Glazer denied bond pending a court appearance next Tuesday.

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  1. Carol says:

    These are the kind of stories that make me so mad I don’t have the proper words that I can say because none of them are good words.

    I know I lived that for nine (9) years and never said a word because he told me that he would kill my family starting with my mother and this was many years ago before such things were in the NEWS because it wasn’t spoken about in the open.

    Thank heavens this child told her mother and now he is jail but the thing I am concerned about I hope he will stay there if not I hope this child is being protected.

  2. tiredofcorruption says:

    Runs a day-care center? There’s got to be others.Inhuman does not begin to describe this crime! Serious investigation before this guy gets anywhere near a Bond Judge.

    1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

      VERY TRUE. Judges are acting IRRADICAL lately.


      1. r2ppayne says:

        How do you know? You’ve only heard one side of the story. Maybe the mother is a pyscho like I know she is. Julius is a good man. You don’t know these people. How would you like to be accused of something that you didn’t do?

  3. TP says:

    r2ppayne: HE is an undercover MONSTER and the truth is prevailing.. Such a pity as to what a child has to go thru to prove their innocnse once a pervert like this takes it! Were you there? Molesters hide behind the best of personalities!

  4. R, Payne says:

    @ TP No I was not there, neither were you. Neither of us were there so before we convict this man of a false allegation, I will tell you what I do know. I know that this mom left her child from pillar to post with anyone that would watch her, including whatever man she was dating at the time. I know that as of today 5/4/11 not one other child has come forward with any other allegations against this man, Which usually happens when a child molester is arrested, Wouldn’t you find this odd with the aount of children and young girls this man has encounter over the years in many different situations. It is unfortunate that this gentleman may not get a fair chance to prove his innocense with attitude like yours, Because children are offten abuse by their care providers that when some who may be innocent is considered to be guilty until proven innocent, And even if he is innocent he maybe convicted or force to take a plea bargain because he isn’t given the benefit of the doubt regardless of being a model citizen as this gentlman happens to be. You are absolutely correct when you say monster hide behind many personalities, and so does parents who neglect their children and want to blame someone else when things happen to them. TP you sound bitter, Is this a touchy subject for you ?? If so I hope that you deal with your DEMONS.

  5. vino says:

    Take a lie detector and free his self. just that simple if u dont have nothing to hide.

  6. TP says:

    Vino, EXACTLY. The victim has, so why wont the perpetrator?
    R2ppayne, stated (TP you sound bitter, Is this a touchy subject for you ?? If so I hope that you deal with your DEMONS). Your ignorance is blist. Anyone should be touched by a subject as this one. The demon hun is Mr. D and God will unveil his Demons, now deal with that! And sweety i’m far from bitter, just stating the facts. So if you can say HE is innocent, I can state that HE is guilty. Your opinion v.s. my opinion. You want to bring up the moms past??? What about their past. NO child, I repeat NO child should have to suffer due to their parents past, if what you say is true, which I seriously doubt, well i know it’s false. I would NOT give a darn if she were a prostitute & one of her johns raped this 7 year old, does that make it right?

  7. unknown says:

    Tp you are right no child should not suffer due to their mother past! But if you knew this victim mother we know this child has been exposed to a lot and has been left with every tom, John, bob, etc. And if he take a lie detector test and pass what happens then ?? And lie detector test are not even admissible in court!! Before we blame mr d let’s cross all t’s and dot all our I’s

  8. TP says:

    unknown: Children who have been exposed to alot & left with every Tom,Bob etc.. are the easy targets, the ones that predators tend to set their eyes on. The neglected/abused children. And that should tell you alot? If the child could pick a million Tom or Bobs, Why your Bob & stick to it? It’s so easy to condem the victim, but believe the accused. Molestors do NOT go around with a sign on their forhead stating i’m a molester! This is why so many victims of abuse do NOT come forward! I know that lie detectors are not admissible in court, but people like you and R2 are quickly blaming the child, due to the parents past. So why not prove himself to the upstanding friend/family members.

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