MIAMI (CBS4) – After braving two days in the Miami Heat’s “48 Hours Of Intense White Hot Heat” contest one winner was able to finally get his hand on the prize.

By 10:20 a.m. Saturday 35 people still remained in the same seat outside the American Airlines Arena hoping to outlast everyone else to win Miami Heat playoff tickets. But with half an hour to go, winner Ramon Perez of Miami and 34 others sat still in their seats.

If more than one person remained, a trivia contest was to be held at 11 a.m. to narrow down the field until a winner was finally determined.

Perez was named winner of the contest after providing the closest figure for the trivia question. That question: How many points, rebounds, blocks and assists did ‘the big three’ accumulate this season?

His answer? 8300. The actual answer? 8436

And with that, he was given two lower level tickets to all of the playoff games. The other remaining contestants were given a pair of tickets to a second round game, according to Miami Heat’s Business Communications Manager DeAndre Phillips.

miamiheatwinner ramonperez Miami Man Wins Heat Playoff Tickets In White Hot Contest

Miami resident Ramon Perez was named winner of the HEAT 48 Hour of Intense White Hot HEAT contest, beating out 34 remaining HEAT fans. Perez was determined winner after winning a trivia contest. (Courtesy: David Alvarez, Miami HEAT)

On Friday at 10 p.m., 38 people remained sitting in front of the AAA.

“We didn’t get much sleep, only a couple of hours,” said contestant Jackie Chavis.

The fans have to sit through the heat, wind, and any rain to win a pair of lower level tickets.

“Your knees get very stiff, your back aches cause even though these chairs are cushioned; they’re not soft,” said contestant Bryan Cortez. “I love the Heat, I want to go to the playoff games bad!”

Sisters Joselyn and Marivi Maymi said if they got past Friday, the contest is in the bag. They’re biggest concern was the sun.

Click here to check out images from the event.

“Little by little right now we’re in the shade, but the Heat is coming up and it’s bad,” Marivi said. “It’s going to be right here until about seven o’clock tonight,” Joselyn stated.

The group was kept busy with activities, were fed by corporate sponsors and given bathroom breaks. For the Heat organization, it was easy to see how this group is putting the fan in fanatic.

“These are true Heat fans,” said Miami Heat vice-president of marketing Michael McClough. “If you’re willing to sleep outside for two days, you’re a Heat fan.”

The Heat take on the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at the American Airlines Arena.

Comments (18)
  1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    I guess it’s Good for Ramon Perez

  2. Ron Gallowshields says:

    Did LeBron’s mother get to slap the losers across the face for being so stupid for sitting out in the sun for 2 days? Sports-holes will doing anything to win tickets, but to do something constructive that will never happen in Mi-jami. Hey sports-holes the “3 Kings” do not care about you! The only thing they care about is making millions of dollars for bouncing a ball.

    1. Carol says:

      I agree with you but why are you so negetive you seem so angry.

      1. PITUFO CALDERON says:

        he’s another heat hater baby.he’ll shut up in the playoffs.sucka

  3. Carol says:

    I think that is only fair they win something because they lasted the entire time.

  4. Debbie says:

    i agree with Carol Ron is very angry.

    1. Bobby Chopper says:

      Carol & and dummy I mean Debbie. Your husbands would probably like it if you both sat in front of the AAA for 48 hours so they would not have to hear your endless nagging. Only people that have no life sit in a stiff chair in the 100
      degree weather to win stupid tickets to a game.

  5. Yanely says:

    Ramon is my brother!!! Hahahahahahahaha Go HEAT!

    1. D.Lamont says:

      I wouldn’t be broadcasting that information about the loser that sat out for 2 days in front of the arena is your brother. I see he has nothing else better to do with his time.

    2. Taylor says:

      Good for him!!! yaaay!

  6. susset says:

    good job junior, you are really crazy hahahaha im so happy u won. we would never know what to expect from u..

  7. Steve Bigalow says:

    First, of all his name is not Junior. I do not know why hispanics have nicknames such as “junior” or “pepe”??? If a person was born with that name then use it. This is a great accomplishment “junior” you should run for President in 2012.

    1. Susset says:

      First of all HIS NAME IS JUNIORRR.. He is my cousin so would u know better about that, than me???..I Dont think so.. Shut up.. And don’t be such a hater…. Good job JUNIOR.. 🙂

  8. Uncle SAYSAY says:


  9. michael cruz says:

    it’s an experience …. forget the stupid tickets… i can buy tickets to the game anytime i want… but it’s about the challenge of doing this and the experience… I’ve done this event before and it’s something you’ll never forget…… I’m so sorry for your anger.. you must be from cleveland… bleep you….

  10. Taylor says:

    they’re so angry because they have never accomplished anything not even a life!! GO HEAT GO FANS!!! We can do this!!!!

  11. Wife of Winner says:

    I tottally agree with Michael Cruz, these haters must be some Cleveland fans not Heat fans!!… D. Lamont get a life, it’s obvious you dont have a life since your spending all your time bashing the contestants and their loved ones… I feel sorry for you…
    Great job babe I’m so proud of you!!

  12. R. Gallowshields says:

    I agree with D. Lamont. There are a lot of people today who are sitting a block away from the AAA that are not going to win a ticket to a stupid b-ball game… they are HOMELESS! Millionaire b-ballerz give some assistance to the less fortunate. I saw Alonzo Morning giving out chickens one year… wow he should run for Pope. I am not from Cleveland brain surgeons just a realist that knows
    the HEAT b-ball players could not give a rats a– about you. Mi-jami is a town of fools.

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