MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Miami Beach was alive Saturday during the 3rd annual Miami Beach Gay PRIDE parade and festival. It was billed as a celebration of the strength, beauty, and contributions of South Florida’s LGBT Community.

Starting at noon, the length of Ocean Drive along the Art Deco district was closed to traffic and open to South Florida’s proud lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender families. Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower, along with Pride sponsor organizations, groups and businesses, were also in attendance.

The parade route ran from 5th to 15th Street on Ocean Drive, ending at the Miami Beach Pride Festival and Expo.

The event also gave the LGBT community in South Florida a chance to showcase some of the couples who have been giving strength and inspiration to generations of LGBT South Floridians.

Tony Fernandez and Bob Truax have been together for nearly 6 decades and Saturday, they will be one of 42 couples in this year’s parade. They will be in the “Legacy” group made up of couples who have been together more than 20 years.

“57 years…wonderful years,” said Tony as he gently stroked Bob’s face.

They began dating in 1953 when Tony was a young entertainer who just came over from Cuba and in a heartbeat; they knew it was meant to last.

“He had those beautiful eyes,” recalled Tony as he looked at an old picture of Bob. “That did it for me and the smile! I love it.”

And would you believe, during all their years together – they’ve only had one big quarrel – that’s all it took.

“He (Bob) went to his mother and I stayed in the apartment by myself, I was crying and carrying on,” remembers Tony. “The next morning, at 6 o’clock in the morning, he open the door and we saw each other and embrace(d) and we know that we could not be without each other.”

That’s when they learned the secret of a great relationship – one they share with a lot of young couples…both gay and straight.

“I said, ‘Hey, don’t sweat the small stuff, communicate, talk things over and don’t stay angry over night,’” said Bob.

Along with love and patience there’s also a lot to be said for a good sense of humor!.

“Do you still see the same guy today?” asked Scouten as Bob looked at Tony’s picture from 1953. “Hell no!” Bob laughed! “No comment!” said Tony, as he laughed too.

For more details about the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival and Parade, click here.

Comments (33)
  1. Tim Riley says:

    Disgusting garbage…

    1. Florida USA says:

      Tim Riley, if the parade is disgusting, please don’t look at it. Some of the participants do it to prove a point. If you react, then you encourage them to continue. If they displayed this “garbage” and nobody cared either way, tell me, would they continue doing it? Exactly. You fell into their trap. Mind your own business. It’s no rocket science.

  2. Cheryl says:

    One of the MOST shamful, disgusting displays of a DEVIANT behavior, that mankink has anything to do with ! ! ! ! ! !

    1. Poohbear says:

      What does “mankink” mean?

      1. John Brown says:

        I agree, let them enjoy themselves, they are not hurting anyone. We need to get past all of this homophobia and focus on REAL issues. Environmental destruction, illegal wars and our own crappy economy, to name a few…

      2. Florida USA says:

        I have no clue, but it sounds interesting

    2. Florida USA says:

      Cheryl, let’s not look into deviant behavior in others when you have failed to look into your own. Yes, you do deviant stuff without even realizing it, because nobody dares to call you on it, because of the way you always react. Think, Cheryl, think! Before you open your mouth. If you still don’t get it, then look up on the Internet’s phone book under “Mental Health Professionals”.

  3. Carolyn says:

    An inspiring story that belies so much prejudice against gay relationships. In this world one is truly fortunate to find someone to love and by loved by. All throughout nature there are same sex relationships. It’s time we recognized the same trait in humans.

    Good story!!!

    1. John Brown says:

      I agree. Let People enjoy themselves. We need to stop the homophobia and focus on REAL issues. Climate change, illegal wars and our own crappy economy….

  4. AJ says:

    You ignorant, intolerant freaks are the reason why the world is the way it is!!! If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all…

  5. PATRICK says:

    Shame on you Gay people, governament has to stop that parade …. it is against everybook and every religion in this universe.

    1. Florida USA says:

      The parade is done to elicit a response, and Patrick, you responded. Did you ever think that this is manipulation? If you disapprove of something, then you keep quiet and show the opposite. Lead by example, because there is simply no other way to lead that is as effective. When you acknowledge the parade, you give it the importance it seeks. Stop being so gullible.

  6. danny says:

    Well i say whatever I please and you are going to like it. I think its disgusting you sick perverts.

    1. Florida USA says:

      Danny, by “Disgusting sick perverts” – are you talking about yourself? You know, it takes one to know one…think about it…how else would you know for sure?? You just gave yourself away. My mother always said “keep your mouth shut” and boi that was the wisest advice I ever got in my life…didn’t your mother tell you the same thing??

  7. Hatotodo says:

    When fire and brimstone reigned down on Sodom and Gomorrah it was nothing compared to what God has for those who don’t repent of their sins. Miami Beach is a meca for ilicit sex, drunkendness and all sorts of evil doing. It used to be a family gathering place, a place where you could walk anytime of day and night in the safety and peace of God. Nowdays tourist are running away! This out of hell festival of perversion will not help in any way, but will further deteriorate business. Stand up Miami!! call your representatives, do not allow your land to be invaded with this type of curse. I will be doing so… and will be praying for hail and storms of rain to come down today in the disfamous parade!

    1. Indhira says:

      If you don’t like South Beach/Miami Beach it’s easy… STAY AWAY FROM IT AND STOP HATING! Geez!! People like you are the reason there is no acceptance and tolerance to go around!

    2. Muhamed says:

      Really? 21 century get a life:)

  8. tim3500 says:

    Let them have their day in the sun,but I know where I wont be going today…

    1. Fed Up with Idiots says:

      Glad you didn’t show up. The parade was mainly for really good-looking people to attend.

    1. Florida USA says:

      Jesus was not gay or straight. I think he loved everyone the same way that God loves. It wasn’t a sexual thing with Jesus. When we were told that “man was created to the image and similarity to God” it meant that we humans are able to love as much as God loves us. It doesn’t mean that God has two eyes, one nose, one mouth and four limbs. It is not a material or physical similarity. God is Love, and so are we if we are open to it. Yes, God loves everyone even if they dress in drag and parade in public. God looks in your heart, not at your Prada look.

  9. John Brown says:

    Why are my comments being deleted??? Oh yes, we should also be focusing on the censoring of our viewpoints and opinions….

  10. Tim Riley says:

    The only freaks are the monsters hijacking civil rights struggles to justify their filthy and disgusting lifestyle.

    1. Fed Up with Idiots says:

      Tim, your words “freaks”, “monsters”, “filthy” and “disgusting”…they are meaningless because your “convictions” are not based on thought. You simply repeat what others have said. If it bothers you that much, then it can only mean that you are fighting those feelings, the ones that the people in the parade have stopped supressing. Please make an appointment to see a shrink ASAP,.

  11. carmen says:

    LOL John, my comments are also deleted frequently.

  12. Luziferrrr says:

    Hatotodo, Get a life…..

  13. Antonio says:

    This is America, if you don’t like it GET OUT!!! Our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. EQUAL!!!! Do you understand !!! We are all equal!!!! Who are you to judge !!

  14. Dionysus says:

    I would say the only reason why your comments are getting deleted is because you are giving derogatory comments rather than constructive ones. Take Hatotodo for example, he/she gave neither a derogatory or constructive comment but rather a very stupid comment… so its null. Everyone is entitled to their comment but do not make disgusting comments towards human beings that do not deserve it. Yea their lifestyle is very different (I personally do not see eye to eye with gay and lesbian but I tolerate it) but that does not mean they deserve any less than we do. I have become friends with plenty of different gay, lesbian and bi. I always state before I even meet them that I do not affiliate myself with those kinds of feelings but I am always willing to be friends. People in America are such animals 😦

  15. Crysta says:

    I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful event… Marched with PFLAG, last year, this year, and as long as I’m able to get there.

    What is REALLY shameful are the ignorant people who feel its their job to torture, threaten, and attack someone, purely on how they are BORN! (I’m gay, and god made me this way)

    Worse, are the sick perverts who force their own children to live a lie, and hide behind a mask of shame and humiliation in an attempt to conform to what they are told is “how they should be.” Let your kids be who they really are, not what you feel they should be!

    Shame on all you hateful parents, siblings, “friends”, coworkers, etc. Shame on all of you for trying to “convert” us to your sinful ways. (BTW, do you celebrate Christmas? Easter? Welcome to Paganism :p)

    It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, brown, yellow, male, female, transgender, Straight, Bi, Gay, Asexual, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Wiccan, Pagan, WE ARE ALL HUMAN!!!

  16. Florida USA says:

    “Judge not lest you be judged”

  17. Adrian says:

    I knew at the age of 6 I was different but didn’t fully realize why I felt this way until I was about 10. Only then did I realize I was gay. It was not that I did not like girls, it’s that I was not sexually attracted to them. I tried very hard to like girls and prayed about it every night, but my feelings never changed. Raised in a family who was extremely prejudice against gays, I chose to hide this part of myself from everyone of my friends and family members. After being outed by my father at the age of 18, I decided to not live my life in the closet. I embraced who I was because I knew I was born this way. (BTW, My brother who is a year older than me, was raised in the same identical environment and turned out straight). When I was 19 I found my best friend and life partner. I thought I would never find love, but I was very wrong. We have now been together for five years and I can’t imagine my life with out him. My family now embraces and loves him (even though at first they refused to accept me being gay). So to anyone out there reading this and feels the way I did when I was younger, ignore all those who hate and know that one day you will find someone who will love you unconditionally and will not judge you like others on here are doing. ❤ Adrian

    1. Fed Up with Idiots says:

      Sexual attraction is just a matter of taste. It’s not a “gay gene” or a “perversion”. You like what you like and nobody can tell you not to like it. Sexual relations between consenting parties is nobody’s business except those involved. If anyone else cares about people’s sexual lives, then that is kinky.

  18. Mr Dude says:

    It is sick and perverted to care about, or be interested in, other people’s sexual activities.

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