MIAMI (CBS4) – City of Miami Police are desperate to find a mother and her five children after she allegedly beat up a Department of Children & Families case worker coming to take away the kids.

Authorities say DCF worker Lovern Alleyne-Babb, along with another co-worker, went to the home on the 400 block of Northwest 6th Street on April 8 with orders to remove the children from the home.

Once inside, police say the children’s mother, Caneema Atkins, lunged at Alleyne-Babb punching her in the nose and stomping on her eyeglasses.

“Unfortunately, this is something that our investigators face every day. They walk into these houses, they don’t have a badge, they don’t have a gun, they have their ID. They come in there into situations which may be dangerous,” said Lissette Valdes-Valle, a spokesperson for DCF.

After the attack, police say Atkins grabbed the children and fled the home in an unknown direction. She is considered to be dangerous.

The missing children are twins Brooklyn & Kaitlyn Dennis, 2, Saniya Eliott, 4, and Tre’Mari Dennis, 3. An infant of unknown age is also missing.

“We need to know where they are to make sure that they are safe, so we ask the community to please call Crime Stoppers and make a difference in the lives of these children and of this mother,” said Valdes-Valle.

Anyone with information is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

Comments (29)
  1. rachel says:

    your mother should have been sterilized before having you. what heck do you mean these people.. racist

    1. fedup says:

      What makes you think the comment is of a racial nature?? Sounds to me like you’re the racist babe…

  2. Harriett says:

    Republicans do not want abortions or birth control. So this lady is doing what they want in having lots of children.

    1. PhoneBill says:

      You really ought to do your homework about the intent of the proponents of abortion. I’ll hive you a few search terms: Margaret Sanger, eugenics, and Planned Parenthood.

      Some people respect life and some believe others should not reproduce.

      1. Nona says:


    2. South Beach Guy says:

      100% CORRECT!!!

    3. Rah says:

      so murdering her children is better?

  3. Mary says:

    there’s other options besides keeping kids that you can’t raise…what about adoption? There’s alot of “responsible” people out there waiting to adopt babies and children.

    1. GAIN AND AGAIN says:

      There are GREAT EXCUSES…..

      But, SOCIETY cannot afford to keep women whom cannot take care of their CHILDREN, nor their ADOPTED ONES…..

  4. Elliott says:

    I like women who keep their legs open. Nothing wrong with that… Birth control is also an option to keep open!!! Birth control is available at the same place you buy beer, lotto and cigarrettes….

    1. Nona says:

      If you mean condoms, sure. But the actual pills/shots/other types are not….

  5. CJ21 says:

    You All Missed the Point

    Those kids are her way of making money!!

    That them away and her money goes out the door

  6. Mike says:

    She did the right thing. What was DCF going to do put her kids with people that would murder them?

  7. Tami Pepperman says:

    It is maintained that this person is dangerous, but does not state a REASON, because they likely went there to LEGALLY KIDNAP her children…for ANY human, please please PROTECT THIS WOMAN AND HER CHILDREN FROM THE PREDATION of CHILD PROTECTION…Nancy Schaefer, a former Senator from Georgia, was murdered this past year, after doing a report to Congress, regarding the Corruption of Child Protection. Bill Bowen, is dead after doing a Documentary called Innocence Destroyed, regarding the children that are murdered while in the care of Child Protection. Please, wake up, and STAND UP before this ruins more lives.

  8. Jaye Wright says:

    I think she did the right thing. DCF tends to lose track of kids anyway, at least this way the mother actually knows where her kids are. And as far as the money comments, foster parents are paid by the state to take kids in so tax dollars are still going toward raising the kids, just to a different household. Seriously, if I came into your house and said I don’t like what you’re doing and I’m taking your kids, you’d probably want to beat the heck out of me. You have a right to raise your kids the way you want to so who am I (or the government or anyone else) to tell you otherwise. If money is such a big issue, don’t take people’s kids, slowly stop giving them money so they’d have to get it for themselves.

  9. South Beach Guy says:

    This lady has five kids she cant take care of

    Lets look at the situation: 5 kids, gets gov money for them, has no job (if she did they would know where she is at). Kids taken away for unknown reasons. the bottom line is 5 kids is usually to many for people that have a lot of money. Now she is a fellon on top of it. She will get jail time for this I’m sure.

    Good luck kids. Most of you will be in jail or worse in the next 15 years.

  10. Christopher House says:

    wow what igonance, well if figures what to expect from current American intelligence and education. The majority of you do not even realize that what they did to this women they can do to you! even if your white and middle class, your children are still worth 4,000 to 6,500 per child per CAPTA and Title 4 and 5.
    so the racist stupied and the other trash speaking types listen up its just a matter of time before you are on thier radar. it is abuse to drink, smike or over orunder feed your children, in most states its abuse to spank or touch your children in anger. You can not scream or shout at your children or even dress them with out inducing abusive situation. the state considers you the parent to be fualty and incapible of raising your children, exspeavially if you are under educated or make less then 100,000 a year!
    yes they well end up knocking on your door, if you send them to public school the suprime court has already ruled there is no expectation of parental rights once the child steps foot on to the school property!
    so ether fight for your rights and help get a parental rights admendment passed in your state or propair to just be breeders for the state institution!

  11. javel says:

    Have of yall dont even know the half of whats going on so how can you comment just on what you seen on the new very smart, its call being a leader.

  12. chi-chi says:

    i got something to say thats my cuzin and the comments thats are made right now r fail…..and thats not rite what if is was one of u guys kids and yall dont even know whats the story its 3 side to a story her side they side and the truth…smh people now days..ssmh

  13. jholderbaum says:

    One call to the hotline and they come to take the kids? Just like that? No investigation? No dialogue? Just take the kids. That sounds illegal. The reason she did what she did is because someone was coming to snatch her kids for no good reason. If Mom and the kids need help finding housing then why doesn’t DCF help the whole family find that housing. She wasn’t living on the street. People, you are too easy, too willing to let DCF take children away. You’re not thinking rationally. Help the family. This mother is not abusive to her children. She was protecting them against an unjust and unnecessary removal. We can do better in the way we treat our families and children. Help her find the tools she needs to make a better life for herself and her children with job skills, affordable housing, affordable daycare, etc. and you will help this family to stand proud and self-reliant. That’s what DCF should be doing instead of snatching our children and casting them into a lifetime of misery and suffering. They are the Department of Children and Families after all. After all is said and done, helping her to become self-sufficient will improve the lives of this mother and her children and save us taxpayers a lot of money. Think about it.

  14. R. L. Heeren says:

    Loojs like self-defense from a State sponsored kidnapper to me. To save her children from State sponsored slavery, she had to choices firght or flight. She chose a bit of both. The sorriest part of this diatribe, is we do not hear both sides of the story nor the history behind it. Poor little kidnapper got a bloody nose and her glasses stomped. Maybe she deserved it.

  15. michigan says:

    The article never gave a reason for the removal of these children, who is to say these dcf workers didn’t make up a bunch of lies, like they have done many times before. I say to the mother run hun and fight for what you believe is right. May God keep you and your children safe.

  16. Michigan for parental rights says:

    I do the same if cps came to my door. Like the woman in detroit did held them off for 10 hours. I commend this woman and anyone else that takes a stand against government corruption

  17. Sally says:

    So……THE EVIL ONES STRIKE AGAIN !! How come nothing is being said about what stupid reason they were there to take the children anyway. Probably the same ole thing….cause if it was really a bad situation that would be the headlines!! Just a way for CPS to make themselves more money, by stealing the children of a parent. Why not try to help her instead of removing her children, so the agency gets more money from the federal government out of our Social Security Title IV. People think it is the parents that are making money off the children……it is the agency……WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CORRUPTION!!

  18. GK says:

    It appears to me the radical conspiracy theory touting tea partiers of michigan have made a mess here. The article states the mere fact they went to the home to take the children. I am sure there was a reason. It was not given for privacy reasons. The story was just about how the woman struck the dcf personel. That is a good reason to put her in jail.

  19. Greg Fischer says:

    Unfortunately CPS/DSS/DCF does a lot of unjust and unsubstantiated removals. I have seen other poor parents pushed into a corner and fight back. It is time we hold the agencies and their staff FULLY accountable for every unjust removal and every child harmed in foster care — this will help put these agencies back into control. I was once indicated in a CPS report because my 3 year old daughter left crayons on the floor — of course I was running for NYS Senate versus a 35 year friend of the CPS/DSS commissioner.

  20. amy says:

    i didn’t see what it was she is accused of doing to the kids? I would beat their ass too if they came to my house and tried to take my kids. Especially since half these reports are false, made by a disgruntled person for revenge. However, the problem still exists that children services usually take the ones who aren’t in harm and leave the ones who are. It’s hard to form an opinion without knowing what she allegedly did to them.

  21. Hannah jane says:

    I also would like to know what exactly she did or didn’t do to be deemed unfit to care for her children. I have seen kids taken away for something as simple as not mowing the lawn, and you see on the news everyday someone killing or abusing kids… I would have done exactly that or more if someone came to take my babies… I don’t think people should come to the conclusion that because child protection is involved, she must be doing something wrong or can’t afford them anyway… As a member of the lower class, money isn’t all you need to raise a kid. And trust me, when you are poor enough to qualify for welfare, the government sticks their nose in everything you do. You can’t so much as sneeze too loud or they’ll threaten to take your kids. I know it because i’ve lived it. And i’m a damn good mama if i may say so myself… Some people are blessed to never have known poverty. Don’t soil that gift with judgement of others who have.

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