KEY BISCAYNE – ( – Two men were stabbed while docked at a popular sandbar off Key Biscayne Sunday evening, said Miami Fire Rescue Spokesman Iggy Carroll.

Miami Police were investigating the events that led to the injuries. The two men were brought in from a sandbar near Marine Stadium and transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.

“I was just trying to help my friends,” said Karen Guzman who only suffered a scratch on her arm when an argument out on a sandbar turned into a major fight sometime after 8 p.m. Her friend had been stabbed.

She said her friend was bleeding so badly, she couldn’t think.

“When I sunk in the water, I got up and he was stabbed,” Guzman told CBS4’s Gio Benitez. “What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking nothing. I was just trying to get him out of the water.”

She and her friends raced over to the Rickenbacker Marina. She called police.

Guzman said she believes the stabber may have been aiming for her.

“When I got back up, the guy went to stab me, because I hit him twice. And the guy was behind me and he got stabbed,” she said.

Guzman said she doesn’t know why the fight began, but she says she saw who may be responsible and plans to tell police.

The stabbing victims’ identities were not immediately released.

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Comments (58)
  1. irish kevin says:

    Boat Rage? I thought that only happened in Third-World countries!

    1. frank cates says:

      You are in a third world country.

      1. banana republic says:

        Yea, the third world country called……mi-jami!!

  2. sals says:

    miami has turned into a third world country

    1. Florida USA says:

      People who visit Miami often make that comment. Although I have visited Third World countries, and even lived in one, I can honestly say that Miami is not quite that bad overall. However, it is quite violent. In the aspects of crime, Miami is almost as dangerous as Third World countries, unfortunately. I don’t see a lot of incentive to make Miami safer. It’s one of those things that people accept and shrug their shoulders.

      1. frank cates says:

        Who you gonna call? The city of Miami police dept, Good luck with that.

  3. Chris says:

    Miami is not in America! i moved here a few months ago and 3 out of 5 people i meet can not speak English!

    1. Doug says:

      Who r u hanging out with?

    2. Florida USA says:

      Well, remember that Florida was a Spanish Crown Colony for 288 years, and part of the USA for just 190 years. Of course people in Florida will speak Spanish. It was meant to be.

      1. Mike says:

        I understand that Miami is the “Northern most Latin city in the world”, but it is still the United States that is an English speaking country. This country was build by immigrants who all came here and learned ENGLISH. The Hispanics of Miami don’t even try to learn English and they are all rude, arrogant, Cuban macho, etc. I don’t even go out because I don’t feel like putting up with the rude, brainless drivers and ignorant people. Oh, and violence. If you tell me to move then, I accept personal checks, or better yet, cash.

      2. Dania says:

        You are right Mike,i live in Miami since 1999 and i’ve traveled the world and i assure you that cubans are a plague. This animals are just plain neanderthal and the orse thing about them is that they are delusional thinking that they are good. I have never seen a mass case of esquizofrenia like the one cuibans have. They are plain sick. That’s why Castro treated them like what they really are; DOG POOP.

      3. Mike says:

        “This animals are just plain neanderthal and the orse thing about them is that they are delusional thinking that they are good.”

        Wow. Someone thinks the same way I do. I am not alone.

      4. Rob says:

        I wonder if mike and dania is not the same person posting with diferent names… ahahhaa same frazes being used…ahahaha …., now i know for sure you need help…

      5. yokolee says:

        hahahahaha! true!

      6. banana republic says:

        Oh yes, they think they are the best people in world when they can’t even speak english and have manners what so ever. Trust me there are a large number of people that think the way you do, we are here!!

      7. Josh says:

        Dania… you have traveled the world….. ahahahhaha… the world is not from miami to Hialeah…….. ahahaha… world travelers have an open mind that you lack…. by having seen the diferences in people and how harsh it is out there… you have it out for cuban .. why??? . … people like you with that mind set … is the reason why this country … has been slow to advance and why the rest of the world is catching up to us…. and by the way im not cuban.. but you surely show your vigotry and not presenting a truely valid point to this blog

      8. Dania says:

        Spanish colony centuries ago spoke real spanish unlike the cubans and also spanish had some class and education,unlike the uneducated neanderthal cubans that live here in Miami. Castro sent the garbage here…that’s what destroyed Miami. Spanish language was not the cause,cubans are the real cause. They destroyed their own country and they have being destroying Miami ever since they first got here.

      9. Claire says:

        Spain lost Florida, and it became part of the U.S. Louisiana was once French. It also is a U.S. state. California was part of Mexico, and it is part of the U.S. What exactly is your point, reminding us that Florida was once part of Spain. It no longer is, and you can look it up if you don’t believe me. Moving to someone else’s country and not learning their language is rude and wrong! Only we Americans would tolerate such a travesty. But as many have commented here, Cubans are RUDE.

    3. Miamithumper says:

      Looks like you moved to the wrong town Chris…..

  4. says:

    Miami has become the ghetto of the nation.

    1. Rob says:

      you are idiot Dania.. get some help

    2. AnaH1526 says:

      How do you know it is a Cuban. Miami is full of different cultures. You are ignorant Dania.

    3. Ann says:

      I agree Dania!!!! You got that right on the dot!

  5. Jason White says:

    that area is just super riff raff !

    1. Rob says:

      why dose it have to be a Cuban

  6. sirock says:

    Don’t worry the Dems will determine boats are hazardous to you health. They will soon be outlawed just like soda in Mass.

    1. Thomas says:

      Just like everyone thought the “dems” sere gonna take your guns away – never planned, never happened, never will. Just more GOP fear-mongering…Yours was the most pathetic, out of context reply to a post I have seen – stick to running your mouth on Craigslist R&R ‘lil boy…

    2. Florida USA says:

      Your negativity and cynicism will get you heart trouble and an early grave. Maybe that is a good thing, as the world doesn’t need this kind of attitude. It is already threatened.

      1. Dania says:

        And i guess that you will have a long life…with your stupid comments.

      2. Rob says:

        Dania is for sure a bigot… get some help for your problem…

  7. Vilma Gutierrez says:

    That are is not riff raff. In fact, there is a very nice caf’e and restaurant just by that Marina, and a spectacular view over Downtown Miami.

  8. Rob says:

    wow Dania … you have to look at yourself .. deeply in the mirror…and i know you will see the answers to you failures in life and it has nothing to do with cuban….

  9. Miriam says:

    Ignorance is a disease, and generalizing any group of people only confirms your ignorance. Yes there are some Cubans that make the rest of us look bad. However, that doesn’t mean we all are. Last time I checked this country was made up of people from all over the world. There are many areas in the US were different nationalities are concentrated in some areas more than others, and this includes Miami. I do agree that people should learn the language of the country they live in, and those whom are natives should learn how to spell the native language too. (Dania, and Mike)! Miami is made up of Latinos from all over, not just Cuba. Dania, unless you’ve lived in communism your opinion is null and void. You have no clue what it’s like to live that way. It’s very simple for both of you, Dania and Mike. If you hate Miami so much than get the F!!! out of here. Ignorance can be bliss in some cases, but for those whom express themselves the way so many of you have, it is truly a disease!

  10. Silvia says:

    I live in Miami and compared to MUCH of USA it is a 3rd world country on to itself.

    Mucho violence here which is why many tourist stopped coming here even with the insane amount of guns in this NRA failed state the violence is staggering.

    So much for “guns keep us safe” stupidity. Most of Miami-dade Cuban politicians seem not to give a damn from Mayors to senate/Congress.

  11. Carlos Urquijo says:


  12. Xabi Tubau says:

    I live in Barcelona, and can honestly say, Cubans and the trash here from the caribbean and central American area don’t speak Spanish. They ravaged that language into something ridiculous. They did the same thing to Miami- they destroyed it.

  13. david poole says:

    Diana is an Anglo-saxon racist !!!!

    1. banana republic says:

      Diana is not a racist, she’s telling the TRUTH!! If you can’t handle it maybe you should get the hell out of here…

      1. AnaH1526 says:

        you get the hell out of here. I was born in Cuba and have lived here all my life. For 49 years. I consider myself more American than Cuban, but I do not forget my heritage. You people are SOOOO ignorant. Go travel the world. Broaden your horizons.

      2. Rocky Ricardo says:

        Why don’t you travel back to Kuba. They are going to start flights at MIA. Also, can you give some rubber rafts to exiles in Domino Park I would prefer if they left. I am sure they consider themselves American, but they are a disgrace because the majority of them have live in Little Cubana and don’t even care to learn the American English language. Si, senor.

      3. banana republic says:

        I couldn’t agree more with Rocky!! These ingrates that we have here don’t even bother to learn the language or abide by any of the laws. We don’t want any of the dried out churros or day old tomatoes that they are selling on the street corner, go back to Kuba and do that nonsense there.

      4. banana republic says:

        Well..congratulations!! Here’s your medal for living in miami for 49 yrs. Woohooo!! It’s not ignorance, it’s the truth, if you can’t handle the truth then don’t comment on this comment board, or better yet-don’t even turn on your computer!!

  14. Stan Moscat says:

    why are people so lound on their cell phones on the buses in dade the cell phones should be off and drivers are so rude they should lose their jobs and the people who run miami dade buses their loud dirty rude lets clean house and get some real smart people to run miami dade .

    1. banana republic says:

      The people in mi-jami are so loud on there cell phones because they think that there conversation is sooo important that they must carry on so everyone can hear them and try to persuade to everyone they are really important when there really not!!

  15. CubanToo says:

    Yes… Cubans may have achieved faster than other immigrants. However, this has been at the teat of the Federal Government (the American People) because of the handouts and favoritism, not because the Cuban immigrants took it upon themselves to pay for their own education, their own food, or their own medical services.

  16. AnaH1526 says:

    I guess a Cuban did a number on you. HaHaHa !!!! Ignoramus

  17. Ann says:

    ahahaha Dania, so true! Then you wonder why Castro treated them like the animals they are! He should have gotten rid of them all!

  18. Warren Newcomb says:

    when did WEST SIDE STORY go aquatic. the funniest line in the article is when they ran back to ricenbaker marina to get help… what a LATINA without a cell phone,

  19. banana republic says:

    Yes, good point!!

  20. Titina says:

    Why so jealous about Cubans? First generations of Cubans who arrived here at the 60’s , and 70’s were not able to study English because they came here to work, like many other people from many other countries, who have to work in farms, to make some money to send children to school. AT that time there were not all the goverment assistance families have now. That is why the second generation of Cubans went to school, and learn English, as the ones who were born here. Take the time to go to downtown Maimi and see homeless people there, where are they from? Where they were born? You will find only one or two Cubans, the rest …. ???? Cubans are not in the news every day, killing people, or robbering stores. Most Cubans are known to be hard workers, good students, proffesionals, friendly people. Of course I am aware of the exceptions , who are not only Cubans. There are exceptions in all nacionalities.
    For those who are not americans and want a change , just vote for your own people as Cuban’s did many years ago, and they still do it. These is the only way to obtain better oportunities and reforms.

    1. yokolee says:

      Thank you Tina!

  21. yokolee says:

    Did you got dump by a Cuban man?

    Get over and don’t forget to take your meds…….

  22. yokolee says:

    to panenque-ENNOF SAID!

    We are bless!

    God bless America my home sweete home!

  23. titina says:

    By the way, I paid my education, (very expensive) I pay my insurance, my children’s insurance, my car insurance, ……..I DO NOT HAVE Food Stamps, No Medicaid, no Golden Pass, NO STS, No SSI, No SSA, No LIHEAP, NO SAFELINK ( all benefits mentioned before are goverment benefits ) . I arrived to this country in my 20’s, I went to school, I learn English, I used to worked 11 hrs a day, (in Hialeah) while in School. I AM CUBAN….I am a friendly educated person, who has many friends from Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, USA, Spain, Honduras. And they are like me, normal people, who arrived to this country to have a better life, be positive and have support from different cultures to be able to live in this country. Avoid negative thinking about other people and try to make yur life full of good things , you will see how soon your negative side will dissapear.

  24. yokolee says:

    If any consolation to Dania Cubans are not the majority in Miami anymore
    but who’s know maybe she can still get lucky with one of those Cubans hunks…

    get in shape there’s a lot of competition out there……

    Good luck!

  25. Miamithumper says:

    Miriam!!!!!! I think I love you!!!!! There is a lot of haters on here. Like my “M” said, If you don’t like Miami so much, why in the heck are u here”? Obviously some people are to simple minded to appreciate culture and diversity. If thats you, as we would say….. Dale!!! There is plenty room for you in this country. Feel free to move about. YA TU SABES!!!!! I know someone is going to follow this up with a “but its so violent”. You can always move to a town were there is a population of 500 people if you prefer, but this is Miami. The cultural melting pot. With the population what it is and with the diversity that is here, its going to happen. I think you all should move out of town so that you only have to fear Miamiians when u come to visit. 🙂

    1. Randy Poffo says:

      The Kubans that have been in Mi-Jami for 50 years and don’t learn English are a disgrace. This is CBS4 Miami— what does YA TU SABES mean dude. I appreciate diversity, but Miami is too diverse with South American/Kuban trash.
      Go post your brainless comments on a spanish news stations message board.

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