MIAMI (CBS4) – At the Claude Pepper Federal Building in downtown Miami Friday citizens and federal employees expressed anxiety and anger over the prospect of a shutdown of government at midnight if Congress can’t reach agreement on a budget.

“My big concern is if it actually does shut down, then we’re going to have a big crash in the stock market Monday morning,” said Miami-Dade resident Richa Sadana.

“You expect the money to go out to the government and for them to do their jobs,” said David Lavelle.  “This is one of those very frustrating things taking place in our society.”

Federal employees told CBS4 News they were worried and confused.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Maryanne Ford, a supervisor in the I.R.S.  office.  “My employees are nervous, but I just don’t know.”

Maria Lopez, an I.R.S. employee, said she was under a “shadow” of confusion and worry.

“I’m concerned, just like everybody else, that we’ll all be out of a job,” said Lopez.  “We have expenses and bills to pay and we don’t know what’s happening.”

Esther Guzman went to the federal building seeking help with her income taxes Friday, but she faces a delay in getting her refund check if the government closes.

“It’s a terrible situation,” said Guzman.  “With all the unemployment and everything, it’ a terrible situation right now for everybody.

Attorney Tamara McKeown was angry as she considered the deeply scaled-back services that will be available in federal courts if the shutdown occurs.

“I think it’s a travesty that we’re going to have people denied access to the courts because of the political partisanship, the maneuvering, the gamesmanship that’s going on in Washington right now,” McKeown said.

At the People’ Barbecue Restaurant Friday, many people were angry.

“They could do a better job of coming together,” said George Lewis of the gridlock in the Capitol.  “This is not right.  This is going to hurt a lot of people.”

Political pollster and analyst Fernand Amandi of Bendixen and Associates said politicians on both sides of the aisles in Washington should beware of potential backlash, as polls show increasing voter disapproval with government in general.  Bendixen noted the recall of Miami-Dade’s mayor and a county commissioner as evidence of a potent discontent.

Commenting on the gridlock in Washington, Amandi said, “There are no winners here.  I think neither side stands to benefit from a government shutdown.  That’s why you see the negotiations so intense leading up to the final hours.”

Comments (4)
  1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Winners, we have not had any winners for at least 30 years..

    USA is the laughing stock of the World, and the GOP is at fault with their Tea Party Tacticst

    Floridians are Suffering from Crooks IN Office, Governor Scott is the Best Example…

    This is no longer a Country under God, but, A country under Satan’s Angels

    1. beckw says:

      It takes 2 to make the decision, a Republican and a Democrap. Don’t just blame one, blame both.

  2. Oscar says:

    This situation seems to be the same all over the world.All the countries where unions got strong and got inordinate benefits for their members are in trouble.French union workers work 32 hours a week.They have like 2 months in vacations and other time out.The same in Greece,Ireland,Spain,etc…Just like in the USA unions everywhere try to equate union membership with middle class.In reality union members are middle class,high middle class and are the most disgusting when it comes to other workers.Union workers have not changed in their outlooks since the 1930’s when they went to other workers with baseball bats and lead pipes.They think that union membership should be mandatory and that union members are sacred when it comes to layoffs.It doesn’t matter whether one is qualified for a job,if one is a union member,one is entitled to the job.BS.I worked for a corporation for 25 years and got promoted and salary increases because of my work and personal growth and I would not change it for nothing.Unions are caustic things and they promote mediocrity.They are great for people that are lazy and that d not want to get ahead by their merits.They are the paramount example of Socialism and are so set that ehey prefer to have the business close than to give consecions.Disgusting.

  3. frag says:

    be fair onq and all all party look like little boy that did not get ther way

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