Guide: How To Escape From A Rip Current Reminds Everyone Of What To Do If They Find Themselves Caught In A Rip Current

Don’t Fight The Current
Swim Out Of The Current, Then To Shore
If You Can’t Escape, Float Or Tread Water
If You Need Help, Call Or Wave For Assistance also recommends the following tips to avoid getting caught in rip currents

Swim in a supervised area
Heed warning flags
Never swim alone
Don’t fight the current
Swim sober; no beer or alcohol is allowed on the beach
Leash your surfboard
Don’t use floats where you can’t swim

Yellow and purple warning flags have been put up at lifeguard stands to warn those of the hazardous conditions in the water. Besides the rip currents, there’s a man o’ war danger. The tentacles contain thousands of cells that can deliver a pretty nasty sting if touched.

For more information on rip currents, and how to escape if you find yourself caught in one Click Here.


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