HOMESTEAD (CBS4) – A 7-year-old Homestead put himself between a 4-year-old relative and an angry dog Thursday night, police said, protecting the younger boy from being mauled.The older boy was hospitalized after he was injured by the dog.

Homestead police spokesperson Fernando Morales said the dog dug under the fence to escape from the property of a nearby business and find it’s way in to the backyard of the home where the children were playing.

“As the dog started barking at the children, and attempting to attack the children, the 7-year-old grabbed a 4-year-old little brother and another 4-year-old friend and threw them under a car,” Morales said. “The child threw himself under the 4-year-old, basically shielding him from the dog.”

Morales said the dog, a German shepherd, began to maul the older child.

The dog and the children were separated, and the dog was later taken away my Miami-Dade Animal Services.

The boy was airlifted to Miami Children’s Hospital, where staples were used to close wounds to his head and shoulder.

Morales said the two 4-year-old boys were unhurt thanks to the quick action of the older boy, and said that boy’s injuries were not severe.

Police said it;s not yet known what will be done with the dog, but the father of the injured boy told CBS4 News that wants the dog to be destroyed.

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  1. A Dog Owner says:

    Had this been a Pit Bull it would have been splashed all through the article, including the headline. Only once in the article is it mentioned that it’s a German Shepherd. Not only that, there would be 100 comments already criticizing the dog and owner, calling for both of them to be shot or something similar. Hypocrisy reigns supreme…

  2. Pit Bull owner says:

    It is really sad the bad wrap Pit Bulls get. There are so many other breeds you are allowed to own in Miami Dade county that are more aggresive than a Pit Bull. It is kind of like saying if you write with your left hand you can’t live in Miami Dade County. And a FYI Pit Bulls are not aggresive the owner has to make them that way

  3. Get off your soap box says:

    I think this story is about a brave little boy who became a hero and not a place for people to grandstand about dog ownership. Any dog can be dangerous…any dog. Luckily the boys injuries weren’t that severe. Speedy recovery young man.

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