MIAMI (CBS4) – A shoot out on an Allapattah street left one person dead and a Miami-Dade police officer lucky to be alive.

It began just after 9:30 Tuesday night when police say the officer, a detective with the department’s Robbery Intervention Detail, came across a car being driven erratically. A check turned out that vehicle had a license tag which had been reported as stolen.

Investigators say the officer, who was driving an unmarked vehicle, tried to stop the driver.

14-year-old Miguel Mateo Jr. who says he saw the entire incident play out right in front of him while he stood across the street from his home, recalls it a bit differently. He says the suspect was driving a Grand Prix and the detective was in an unmarked Dodge Charger.

He told CBS4’s Natalia Zea, he saw the officer’s car follow the suspect’s car through a stop sign, and he said suddenly “When the Grand Prix is getting here he opens the door of the car, and he points an A-K at the black Charger, and right before he could shoot, he was still in the car, and right before he could shoot the (officer’s gun) hit him and he fell out of the car.”

Police say the two men then shot at each other in the middle of the street and the suspect’s car and a police officer’s car rolled right into neighbors’ fences.

Mateo’s mother, Maria Garcia ran outside after hearing the shots.

“I heard bang fired real loud, then I heard little ones than I heard big ones again…The shots could’ve hit the house, my kid that was out there. It all happened too fast.”

The suspect has been identified as 24-year-old Jamal Singletary. He was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center where he died.

“This was someone who certainly appears from everything we know was willing to use the ultimate force in order to effect the ultimate escape,” said Miami-Dade Police Director James Loftus.

“From everything we got from the whole broad spectrum of witnesses is as he was exiting the vehicle, he was firing from the vehicle with the rifle before the vehicle came to a stop,” said Loftus.

Mateo’s father, Miguel Mateo Sr. said it was wild.

“I was worried about my kid. He was across the street with his friend and they had to run,” said Mateo.

“There are people in the neighborhood who have said that the officer is very lucky to be alive based on what happened out here,” said Loftus.

Police said Singletary has an extensive criminal history dating back to 2004, mostly for drug possession.  His last arrest was in June of last year for aggravated assault with a firearm.

Singletary’s friend who identified herself only as “Missy” told CBS4 News Singletary’s girlfriend is pregnant with his baby. She says she believes Singletary shot out of self-defense, not realizing it was an undercover detective.

“He was trying to defend himself, he didn’t know that was the police, they didn’t have no type of sirens on their car.”

Miami Dade Police Director James Loftus says there is no doubt Singletary knew he was attacking a police officer and he says this incident shows the dangers his officers face every day.

The Miami-Dade Detective involved in the shooting is now on paid administrative leave as police continue to investigate.



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  1. Money says:

    Your comment has no relevance on the quote which you to time to post . This officer was shot at with a automatic rifle and is lucky to be alive and went home to his or her family . What does Denny’s have to do with this ? How do you know if the officer has even been to a Denny’s ? Cmon grow up !! Plus this officer is part of a specialized unit , so I think he probably patrol specifically for situations like this !

    1. Rob says:

      Nothing stating that it was an automatic weapon. Just an assault rifle which is really just a dressed up gun. In this case I’m glad the cop made it out alive, It was a legit firefight with an armed suspect who apparently has bad aiming lol.

    2. Steve Rodriguez says:

      Where are you getting your information dummy? Where does it say that a automatic rifle was used? Your english is horrible. I think you need to go back to first grade before you start typing away. For example…which you to time to post??? Huh??? You think he probably patrol specifically for situations like this..This idiot is lacking common sense. Another brain surgeon that miami has to offer.

      1. Money says:

        I’m not at cop , but if I were one , I’ve be proud to say it !!! Luis once again rambling with no relevance ?!?! What does a traffic accident have to do with thus incident ? Getting shot at with a assault rifle seems far more serious than a accident . Additionally , the story clearly states this officer is part of a specialized unit . Therefore , I doubt he deals with vehicle accidents ? Grow up , your either a criminal or a police wanna be , judging from you senseless rants!!!

  2. KC says:

    We are lucky to have mwn like this on the pilice squads

  3. Luis Bonilla says:


    You are probably a cop yourself. Ive seen these parasites hanging out at La Carreta on 88 st and SW 117th Ave drinking cuban coffee while on the clock. Then before their shifts end they hit up one last accident to automatically recieve 4 hours of overtime even if they were there for 10 minutes not doing anything. People whenever you see more than one officer at an accident scene, they are scamming the tax payer. C’mon how many of these parasites does it take to investgate a simple accident.

    1. Money says:

      I’m not at cop , but if I were one , I’ve be proud to say it !!! Luis once again rambling with no relevance ?!?! What does a traffic accident have to do with thus incident ? Getting shot at with a assault rifle seems far more serious than a accident . Additionally , the story clearly states this officer is part of a specialized unit . Therefore , I doubt he deals with vehicle accidents ? Grow up , your either a criminal or a police wanna be , judging from you senseless rants!!!

      1. Ricardo Hill says:

        Great comment cop defender. This is not a senseless rant, it is just the truth. The hispanic cops think they are all macho, but in reality they are punks with a gun. These were people in high school that were bullies, and now they get paid for it. There are more accidents cops have spilling Cuban coffee on their lap, and then run red lights and kill innocent people. They are at La Carreta, Versalles and Sergios. I doubt these places ever get robbed.

      2. Jen says:

        Im sorry but why do you say hispanic cops? Some cops of different race think they’re all macho not just hispanic cops. Get your facts straight.

    2. P.O. says:

      Well I am a Police Officer and I assure you that the comment you made about overtime on accidents is FALSE. You are extremely ignorant. We do not get paid overtime for accidents, we get paid overtime to show up to court as a witness to the citation. Even if there were 15 officers at the scene, only the responding officer would go to court. Get your facts straight. I see you like to BASH cops, I guarantee you are rjust a hater who doesnt have the balls to do the job or maybe youre just mad because no police department will give you a chance. The fact of the matter is that being an officer is dangerous and it takes a special type of person to do this job. AND as far as drinking coffee on the clock goes, are we not entitled to breaks? Do you not receive breaks at your job? How is this different from people who smoke cigarettes on their breaks? We work 10 hour shifts, by law anyone who works shifts are entitled to breaks.
      You are just a loser!

      1. Kay says:

        I’m glad an officer was able to respond to that true parasite. Thank you for all you do and what you represent.

      2. Johnny Daily says:

        No, cops are loosers. Miami-Dade and City of Miami cops are special… punks that could not do anything else with their lives. You are a entitled to a break, not endless breaks. I like how you justify “oh do you take breaks are your job.” Dufus, you drive to court in your police car and use the county’s gas. Next, you pick up groceries with your county car at Navarro/Sedanos. After that you go to dinner in your county car. The police are very selective on who they choose. If you are honest don’t take a job as a cop in Miami-Dade.

  4. Kay says:

    Just to set the record straight, I’m not a police officer so my comment does not reflect on my personal life. But if it wasn’t for these “parasites” as you call them none of us would be safe. It’s a shame that there are people out there that would express themselves in that manner about people that are putting their lives in danger day in and day out so YOU and I can sleep at night.

  5. FYI says:

    What is disturbing is that fact that he was charged and did time for possession of a fire arm by a felon back in 2005 and was charged with aggrevated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in June of last year. His court date was scheduled for June 16th of this year.

  6. DB says:

    Let’s be honest folks. When was the last time a Denny’s or Dunkin donuts got robbed? If we want to cut crime we need to hire more officers to sit around and eat. Seriously though, police officers need breaks as well, nothing wrong with them getting a little chow while on duty.

    Glad the officer got the bad guy and escaped harm.

    1. FYI says:

      The Dunkin Donuts on Miami Gardens has had to call police regarding a crime being comitted. Denys had to an idiot shooting a gun in the parking lot in the morning.

      1. steve rodriguez says:

        Denys had to an idiot shooting a gun in the parking lot in the morning..Is this english or ebonbics??

  7. Joe says:

    You all should get together at Starbucks, DD or Denny’s and have a session.

    1. steve rodriguez says:

      I wouldn’t get within 100 feet of some of these parasites we have on this comment board. Would you? Good suggestion lol

  8. Virgil Runnels says:

    Yes, all the current cops should meet at Dunkin’ Dough-nuts and surrender their badges! People have no respect for “officers” that hide behind trees or light polls shooting their toy radar at passing cars. That takes about as much brains
    as aerospace engineer… not. Please, save your comments cop defenders saying they do this to protect they community. Go

    1. Kay says:

      Then you go do it!!!! If it’s so easy then why don’t you become a police officer??? All the idiots bashing cops here are probably all low lives that don’t know what it’s like. I encourage you to sign up in the nearest police station for a ride-along and see what POLICE OFFICERS have to put up with, most likely with people like you!

  9. Mayor regalado says:

    Incredible a hardened Miami career criminal steals a license plate drives erratically opens fire on an officer with an assault rifle and the cop is the bad guy. I think you people are ready to become Miami commissioners and mayors, your heads are all in the right place.

  10. Andy Carr says:

    Most of the time we deal with cops it is when they are ticketing us or something like that. Here is a cop, sees a stolen car, and acts like he should and all these ‘tards can do is complain about someone drinking coffee on the clock. Good job offcer. Have a cafecita on me. And I don’t usually like cops.

  11. The_Prince says:

    Mom……I am a mother therefore I am deeply sorry for your loss. I am also sorry that your son did not make better choices for himself. You said he was turning his life around and trying to do better. Sweetheart…riding around with a AK-47 in a car with a stolen license plate is not the way to do that. It is tough to face that our children are crooked criminals…I have a son believe I know what I am saying. But he was what he was…….hold your head up and move on. He made the choices he made for himself…unfortunately your heart will bear the scars of the consequences. Tough days ahead…but don’t let him take you to the grave with him.

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